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A collection of critically-acclaimed eerie indie games, bundled together just in time for Halloween! This bundle features games that are spooky but not necessarily scary — perfect if you're looking for something theme-appropriate for this October, but aren't into horror games or jump scares.


• A Mortician's Tale — A narrative-driven death positive video game where you play as a mortician tasked with running a funeral home — preparing the bodies of the deceased (via embalming or cremation), attending their funerals and listening to their loved ones' stories, and running the business.

• Cultist Simulator — A game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Play as a seeker after unholy mysteries, in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories.

• Flipping Death — Possess the living, aid the dead and flip between the worlds of Flipping Death - a puzzling adventure platformer where you find yourself filling in for Death. Maybe your new powers will help you solve the mystery of your own demise?

•Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - Guacamelee! is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer set in a magical world inspired by traditional Mexican culture and folklore. The game features melee combat, parallel dimensions and same-screen 4-player co-op

• Oxenfree — A supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. You are Alex, and you’ve just brought your new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight island party gone horribly wrong.

• Speed Dating for Ghosts — Branching dialogue! Hard choices! A cemetery's worth of phantoms, wraiths, and poltergeists lookin' for love in all the blight places. Speed Dating for Ghosts is a weird dating sim made by a former BioWare dev and his indie rapper friend.

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  Action, Adventure, Indie
  Adventure, Indie
A Mortician's Tale
  Casual, Indie
Flipping Death
  Adventure, Indie
Speed Dating for Ghosts
  Casual, Indie, Simulation
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