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Barlock Games Complete features all current games developed by Barlock Games. The bundle includes Malfunction and Hectic. Both games give a different but fun experience. From solving puzzles and meeting new characters, to shooting hordes of aliens whilist collecting loot and weapons; Barlock Games is all about creating innovation and diversion. The following list below will detail each title available in this bundle.


Malfunction is a puzzle/action game that aims to bring many unique ideas to the table. Malfunction's story evolves around a planet that is being overtaken by a fierce virus known as the 'Plague'. Your objective is to end this corruption from spreading furthermore.

Malfunction will take you on a long riskful journey that'll introduce many friends and foes. With the different characters you play as, you'll be exploring the vastness of 'Khaugin' and it's environments while completing puzzles, gathering materials to survive and conquering the enemies that stand before you.
With these playable characters you'll have multiple modes to choose from, each having their own purpose for the right time.


Hectic Void is an arcade First Person Shooter that throws the player back into the roots of the classic FPS genre while also featuring a new experience. Grab a gun and mow through enemies while destroying bosses. But be careful! If you die, it's game over.

Hectic Void includes a huge arsenal of weapons and plenty of environments; filled with countless enemies and bosses; all of which are unqiue and act differently.

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  Action, Adventure, Indie
Hectic Void
  Action, Adventure, Indie
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