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** Speedball Arena **
Welcome to the Speedball Arena, where you can be the heroic athlete of the futuristic sports on a lightspeed hoverbike.

Get on the hoverbike to maneuver with the left hand and use the hook gun with your right hand to carry the ball to the opponent's goal to score.

Real time multi-player sports game, Speedball Arena will be a unique and fun experience for all ages to play with real friends online. Based on the fair gameplay sports rule, Speedball Arena could evolve as one of most popular skill-based eSports game in the future!

- Speedball Arena media reviews:
“I’ll admit that while I absolutely have not been a fan of many VR games, Speedball Arena does look like a lot of generic fun. It’s something that’s been missing from a ton of VR games: fun.”

“This is Rocket League in VR, with bikes and a grappling gun. If you’re not excited yet, then let me tell you more. The game offers fast 2 on 2 game play with skill based shooting.”

“Ever wanted to play Rocket League in VR? How about TRON? Speedball Arena is the closest we'll ever get to a competitive Virtual Reality game and to the other games.”

** Music Inside **

What would it feel like to jump inside the music? To see and feel the heartbeat of the music and to play along with it! Dream big, because no matter what is in your head, it will come true.

Just choose your favorite song and play. You can choose any song from either your own music library or the never-ending list on SoundCloud. The 10 different pads and four colors of notes will guide you to Music Inside.

Everyone knows that ‘the best way to enjoy the best’ is to share with your besties. With multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends next door or with any users anywhere: literally anyone from the big gigantic world!

So you in or not?

Come inside, and play the music!

- Music Inside media reviews:
"One of my favorite songs of all time is hammering away in the background and I’m swinging sticks, furiously accompanying the beat. I am feeling the music and my vision mostly glazes away to nothing but red and purple bursts of color. I guess I am inside the music, if only for a few seconds."

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Music Inside: A VR Rhythm Game
VR Only  Casual, Indie
Speedball Arena
VR Supported  Indie, Sports
RetroFighter VR
VR Only  Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Miniature TD - VR
VR Only  Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
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