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Expand your London-Faversham High Speed experience with this bumper collection of add-on multiple units. Each of the multiple units featured are all operationally relevant to this stunning route. Incorporate these add-on multiple units into your own scenarios, bringing rich and diverse traffic to your journey, or simply enjoy them in Quick Drive. Please note that additional purchases may be required to enjoy the included scenarios for each multiple unit.


If you already own some of the content featured in this collection, complete your collection and only pay for the content you do not already own. This collection offers a bundle discount of 35% off the total price of all the content included.

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Train Simulator: Southeastern Class 465 EMU Add-On
Train Simulator: Sheerness Branch Extension Route Add-On
Train Simulator: London-Faversham High Speed Route Add-On
TS Marketplace: Class 375 Southeastern Livery Pack Add-On
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