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Get Button Tales together with its original soundtrack by Dmitry Trots.

Breathtaking and challenging Match 3 game with innovation mechanics - a fresh perspective on the genre.
Once upon a time, something terrible happened to a normally peaceful Buttonlands. Your wonderful little world is now in ruins and it's up to you to restore it!
Venture through over 100 unique levels and use power-ups to clear the obstacles. Play in Normal Mode or Relaxed Mode. For the ultimate challenge, unlock all of the achievements to gain access to the bonus levels!

Key Features

  • Innovation Match 3 mechanics
  • Original and captivating storyline with an unpredictable ending
  • Unique power-ups
  • Play in Relaxed Mode or Normal Mode
  • 100+ unique levels!

Original soundtrack of Button Tales.
Composed by: Dmitry Trots

Track list
  • Menu theme 03:12
  • Journey into a fairy tale 03:20
  • A little adventure 02:08
  • Buttonlands 02:06
  • Home sweet home 03:20
  • One beautiful day 01:58
  • The road to unraveling 03:06

Includes audio tracks in mp3 and lossless formats.
All tracks will be downloaded to the Button Tales\Soundtrack folder in your Steam folder.

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Button Tales
Button Tales - Original Soundtrack
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