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Enjoy the Tale Premium Collection

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Enjoy the Tale Premium Collection offers unique 2D games made by a one man team, Saulo Rosart.

Primal Dungeon:
You are Gaia, a strong little guy who needs to unleash the spirit of the First Wolf. Survive and explore those forgotten lands covered by many creatures. Fight your way to find the wolf stones.

Shadow Walls:
What if the light no longer exists? What if that was the last time you saw her? Alone in the darkness, wandering in the walls that whispers in your ear all the time. Overcome your own demons and face the creatures of the Shadow Walls.

Kingslayer: The First Assassin:
Invade the royal castle and kill the corrupted king in this minimalist limited movement puzzle game.

Ghost Dimension:
A space pilot lost in the space needs to collect solar essence to stay alive while fighting to stay sane. A psychological journey about solitude with an original soundtrack.

Артикули, включени в този комплект

Ghost Dimension
  Приключенски, Неангажиращи, Независими
  Екшъни, Приключенски, Неангажиращи, Независими, Състезателни
Shadow Walls
  Приключенски, Неангажиращи, Независими
Kingslayer: The First Assassin
The Last King's Archer
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