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What Is Minimized? This first-person shooter with gameplay in the style of the 90s. In the game you will have to wait a huge variety of weapons and enemies, and super-fast gameplay!
My name is Vandal. More precisely - it's my nickname. Present, my name no one knows. I am a professional hacker. Hacker is whom everyone called "white hat". My goal was to find "holes" in the different systems and their elimination. But once - I was able to break the system. Not a conventional system, but a reality. As if some programmer wrote our world, and I found a bug in it. And no one would have thought that my life suddenly changed, and I'm stuck in an unknown world to me.

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  Бойовик, Інді
Minimized OST
  Бойовик, Інді
Minimized Ultimate
  Бойовик, Інді
Minimized II
  Бойовик, Пригодницька гра, Інді
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