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About this bundle

Buying the Founder's bundle, you get instant access to the game and a unique means to change the appearance of your tank:
1. Unique emblem "founder of the first colony"
2. Set of founder's emblems (6 pcs.)
3. 6 premium camouflage:
- L225 Storm (dark gold)
- R570 Cyborg (alligator)
- L225 Storm (gold)
- R570 Cyborg (white)
- D4 Diablo (sports)
- FS-189 Saboteur (celestial)
4. 6 unique camouflages:
- L225 Storm (veteran)
- FS189 Saboteur (veteran)
- R570 Cyborg (veteran)
- D4 Diablo (veteran)
- F20 Guardan (veteran);
- GND Dragon (veteran).
5. Unique portrait "The Founder"

You'll also get bonuses:
1. Instant access to all current and future tanks
2. 10000 Ares (premium currency)
3. The increased reward for the fight for a month. *
4. 4 additional keys of the game (activation through game website) *

Unique content is only available to owners of this package.

* Will be available in future updates

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  Action, Massively Multiplayer, Early Access
ExoTanks - Founder Pack
  Action, Massively Multiplayer
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Buy ExoTanks - Founder's Bundle BUNDLE (?)