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Sicier's Zweck + Original Soundract

Sicier's Zweck - this game is about how the AI named Zweck is trying to go the hard way from a small and weak virus program to a huge and invincible network to control humanity. And on this path he will have almost no help from those who created him and sent him to this goal.


In the game you have to deal with the device of various utilities that you will meet on the way of development. And this can be done only if you find a way to solve the puzzles that will be contained in these utilities.

So you get in the game:

  • 7 unique levels-puzzles or tests. Each of which will try to create for you an entourage of genuine "hacking".
  • inter-Level stages in which you will become the AI itself and look at the world through its eyes.
  • Several additional tests that do not affect the passage of the game, but can entice you with its complexity. (They are scattered around the game and are not always easy to find)

Good luck! And listen carefully not only atmospheric music from NineteenIQ, but also instructions and tasks - each of them certainly has an answer to the solution of the puzzle you need. Also, at each of the main levels you will be guided by a faithful assistant who will try to establish communication with you, be kind to him. However, if even with it you can not solve any of the puzzles, remember that you can always choose a simple alternative to the level.

Sicier's Zweck - Original Soundtrack by NineteenIQ:

  • NineteenIQ - Alert
  • NineteenIQ - Ashot
  • NineteenIQ - Epic-disco
  • NineteenIQ - Ignore
  • NineteenIQ - Lonely night
  • NineteenIQ - Noname
  • NineteenIQ - Orangerie
  • NineteenIQ - Ping-pong
  • NineteenIQ - Raid
  • NineteenIQ - Raw-light bit
  • NineteenIQ - Retro
  • NineteenIQ - Retry
  • NineteenIQ - Rise
  • NineteenIQ - Surrealistic disco
  • NineteenIQ - Wires

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