Upgrade to VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum

Upgrade to VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum 구매 꾸러미 (?)

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With precise motion tracking and comprehensive Bézier masking tool, you can add effects to highlight objects in your gaming video. Multicam editing and picture-in-picture tools allow you to combine facecam and gameplay for your Let's Plays like a pro. Turn your next video project into a captivating adventure with comprehensive color correction, image stabilization, and other professional-level special effects and filters. With VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum Steam Edition, you have the perfect creative companion for your Let's Plays.


  • Precise motion tracking
  • World-class video stabilization
  • Flexible Bézier masking
  • Complete 360° editing workflow
  • Unique interactive storyboard editing
  • Tons of video effects and transitions presented in a clear interface
  • Goodbye to long rendering times: Advanced hardware acceleration
  • Powerful picture-in-picture editing

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VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum Steam Edition
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VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum Steam Edition
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Upgrade to VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum 구매 꾸러미 (?)