Escape an astonishing disaster in Ring of Elysium, a battle royale shooter developed by Aurora Studio.
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19 сен. 2018

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17 августа

Ring of Elysium is going to Gamescom 2019!

Dear Adventurers,

We're excited to announce that Ring of Elysium will have its exclusive booth at Gammescom 2019 at Cologne, Germany this August 20-24!

We will have lots of onsite events, competitions and a variety of gifts for you to win, come and say hello!

For those of you who can't make it to Cologne, don't worry, we got you covered with a in-game log-in reward event and a giveaway for you to get the Saki - Gamescom Exclusive Skin! Stay tuned for more information on our official social media channels below, cheers!

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16 августа

Official Release Patch Notes – Referral Event, Audio Changes and Bug Fixes (8.16.2019)

Dear Adventurers,

Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Exclusive Daily Log-in Rewards for Gamescom Week
  • To celebrate ROE’s attendance at Gamescom 2019 at Cologne, Germany during August 20-24, we’re giving away exclusive log-in rewards for next week! Make sure to log-in next week to claim the Gamescom exclusive portrait and accessory- the Beer Mug, cheers!
  • Event duration: August 20 – August 24, 2019
  • Reward details:
    • Aug 20- Glider appearance
    • Aug 21- BMX appearance
    • Aug 22- Grappling hook appearance
    • Aug 23- Exclusive portrait
    • Aug 24- Exclusive accessory

Inactive Players Invitation Event
  • Introducing a new event- Inactive Players Invitation! Invite friends back to Ring of Elysium and claim a variety of awesome rewards!
  • Event period: August 14 to October 22 (Pacific Time)
  • During the event, you can earn 100 E-Points per friend you successfully invite back to the game, you can earn up to 1000 E-Points
  • If you’re an active player in Ring of Elysium, you will have a unique referral code generated. Give your code to your friends that has left Europa Island to earn rewards!
  • Active player defined- players that has logged in to the game from July 31 to August 14, 2019, or new players registered after August 14
  • Inactive player defined- account registered before July 31, 2019, and haven't logged in to the game since July 31, 2019
  • Returning players must use your referral code in-game to count as a successful invitation

  • Slightly lowered the sound volume for SUV’s Scorpion Pulverizer Battlecar device
  • Optimized the issue of SUV’s Scorpion Pulverizer touching the ground and causing noise often
  • Slightly increased the sound volume for vehicle explosions and Battlecar components breaking off

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an incorrect helicopter landing zone
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect and certain animations were played repeatedly when reloading weapons on a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s posture was incorrect in lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the default female character’s models were displayed incorrectly when vaulting while holding the RPG-7
  • Fixed an issue where characters didn’t leave footprints when walking on beaches
  • Fixed several item/object collision issues
  • Fixed an issue where Friday’s arm models were incorrect when holding the M82A1
  • Fixed several item/object lighting issues
  • Fixed an incorrect loot point
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D map was inaccurate in certain areas
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles disappeared after upgrading to a Battlecar in some rare cases

Thanks for playing,
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Об этой игре

About Ring of Elysium

A sudden volcanic eruption has filled Europa Island with deadly volcanic ashes, and you will have to do whatever it takes to stay alive.

With the deadly ashes spreading across the island, the only way out is a rescue flight which arrives in around twenty minutes, the helicopter can only save up to four people, and will only stay for a short period of time.

So now, prepare yourself to survive this astonishing disaster and SURVIVE!

Classic mode

1.Regional Transformation
The map will be divided into different zones, and with time, the concentration of ashes will increase drastically.
2.Various Player Abilities
Gliders, BMX bikes, grappling hooks... Throwing extreme sports into the mix creates new playstyles limited only by imagination. While players fight their way through the disaster, how best to utilize these abilities often mean the difference between life and death.
3.Rescue Helicopter
Unlike the traditional winning condition, your ultimate goal is to board the rescue helicopter, which opens new strategic possibilities in the Battle Royale genre.
4.Convincing Natural Disaster
Highly detailed presentation of natural disaster- simulating surreal weather conditions: Sunny, Cloudy, Foggy, Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms...

Ashen Eye

1.No zone shrinking
There will be no "zone shrinking," the only safe haven from the deadly fumes will be the ever-moving "Ashen Eye". Being stranded in this volcanic apocalypse, this would be an unprecedented test of survival.

2.Oxygen is key
Time will be tight, and you will have to do whatever it takes to scavenge as much oxygen as you possibly could to survive. This breathtaking competition of survival is on the verge of breaking out!

The helicopter will only rescue the survivor with the most oxygen. However, with the arrival of the helicopter, your location will be revealed to all enemies on the map. Do you have what it takes to survive until the very end?

Описание контента для взрослых

Разработчики описывают контент так:

Includes intense violence and blood.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Процессор: Intel i3 8130U(2Cores, 2.3GHz) or equivalent
    • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 or equivalent
    • Сеть: Широкополосное подключение к интернету
    • Место на диске: 10 GB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectX-compatible using the latest drivers
    • ОС: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version)
    • Процессор: Intel i5 2500(4 Core, 3.3HGz) or equivalent
    • Оперативная память: 6 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent
    • Сеть: Широкополосное подключение к интернету
    • Место на диске: 10 GB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectX-compatible using the latest drivers

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