Battle Mech Frontier is a turn-based artillery game where two teams face each-other over a fully-destructible terrain and try different strategies to knock each other out until only one side is standing.
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Hvorfor tidlig tilgang?

“Now that the game is playable and fun, we want to get the community involved in the development to help us polish and fine-tune what we've created. Most of the features and content we're working on now could greatly benefit from your feedback.”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i tidlig tilgang?

“Since we want the game to be very well polished and content-rich by the time it's released, the current goal is to launch sometime in 2020.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen skal være forskjellig fra versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“We intend to have many more features and much more content and a bug-free experience when we do finally release. The game should have both casual and competitive modes, a large amount of customization through skills, equipment, consumables and skins, many new maps with gameplay-changing features, and integrations with Steam, Discord, Razer and possibly others. Not only that, many other planned features might be released either before or after the official game launch, as time allows us.”

Hva er nåværende tilstand for versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“The game currently features all four classes to be played in five maps using up to four of seven different equipment with multiple levels, in addition to over ten skins and at least thirty skills. Some integration with Steam and Discord are also already available.”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter tidlig tilgang?

“The game is and shall remain Free-to-Play.”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“We want to get as close to the community as possible, through as many social platforms as we can manage. Our main communication channel is our Discord, but you can also find us on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Youtube.”
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Planlagt utgivelsesdato: Soon

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12. juli

Version 0.6.8

Version released on Default & Unstable branches

New Ultimates
  • Shooter's Napalm Strike will cause fire to rain down from the sky, greatly damaging mechs and foreground alike!
  • Digger's Plasma Beam will make a thin, long hole on the ground, designed to split terrain like nothing else!
  • Tank's Dome Shield will create a round barrier wherever it lands, which is only solid during enemy turns!
  • Healer's Resist Death will prevent a mech from dying for a few turns, but doesn't it work on itself!

New Mech Colliders
All mechs now have two separate colliders, a Body and a Capsule. The Body is very detailed and meant for projectiles and particles. The Capsule is what will interact with the ground. This greatly improves both hit detection and movement around the map.

Smaller Sky City
This map's huge size was preventing players in some positions from hitting some areas, specially from the lower platforms to the upper ones. This has now been fixed, we hope you like it!

Ambient Sounds
All maps now have background sounds, such as gears turning on the Steampunk Factory.

Minor Changes
  • Charging the shot to max power will now automatically release it.
  • Turn timer now stops when the player begins charging the shot.
  • Increased overtime tolerance from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Skills can now be selected with a mouse click!
  • Some UI changes were made to improve usability.
  • Saving a preset with none active will now activate it.

  • Fixed beam particle from Shield Generator on Snow Mountains.
  • Fixed projectiles not exploding in contact with dead mech parts.
  • Fixed landing animation triggering too often.
  • Fixed Digger's walk animation speed.
  • Fixed mechs getting stuck on irregular terrain.
  • Fixed mechs appearing in front of the Steampunk Factory's cogs.
  • Fixed RingShot collision detection.
  • Fixed zoom animation on first turn preventing zoom input.
  • Fixed last angle indicator updating every new turn.
  • Fixed allied bots spawning as if they were enemies.
  • Fixed submenu not reappearing after leaving an ongoing match.
  • Fixed player getting stuck when leaving a room by pressing Escape.
  • Fixed GuidedBarrage not always launching all 7 projectiles.
  • Fixed bots freezing the game if projectile path is blocked.
  • Fixed bots selecting enemy spawn points.
  • Fixed enemy spawn points being selectable at all.
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes exploding more than once.
  • Fixed mechs teleporting after turn ended.
  • Fixed skill descriptions coloring and text.
  • Fixed error when trying to save a preset while none was active.

As always you can read all about those changes in far deeper details on our bugtracker

See you on the Battle Frontier! :steamhappy:
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3. juli

Version 0.6.7

Version released on Default & Unstable branches

Improved Bot AI
The bots have finally been more properly implemented! They can now use all 4 skill slots, have a target decision making, and will even start with low accuracy and increase it as it plays. The idea is that they feel like a player, so test them out and share your thoughts with us!

Maps Functionality
All maps now have their gameplay-changing features implemented! Check them out:

  • Steampunk Factory: This enclosed map has all of its wind coming from the huge fans on the background. Deactivating them by breaking some of the foreground gears will shift the wind direction, or even stop the wind entirely!
  • Snow Mountains: A Mountain Freeze debuff makes movement much slower. Activating the pad in the center of the map will cause all your energy to be drained, but your team will be immune to the debuff for the rest of the match!
  • Sky City: The flying structures can't be destroyed like regular foreground. Instead, they take damage from the stamps. If their health reaches zero, they fall from the sky!
  • Ancient Temple: Positioning is key in this map, as the ground will shift in height every few turns. Be careful not to get too exposed, or even worse, to touch the death line!
  • Atlas Tower: Turrets are available on the far ends of this map. Landing on them allow any Mech to use them to shoot their enemies instead of their regular skills. They have large, powerful explosions, but beware of the risks!

In addition to all of these, all maps now also have different Terrain Resistances, which means explosions will have varying effect on the ground, which greatly helps smaller maps last longer.

Sound Effects
The game feels a lot more alive with all our new sound effects, both on the menu and in-game. Doesn't that sound great?

New Skills
  • Healer's DamageUp buff will increase the damage dealt by a mech for a few turns. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Healer's ResistanceUp buff will decrease the damage received by a mech for a few turns. Stacks up to 3 times.

Skill Changes
  • Tank's ShockArrow now inflicts stacks based on slot, and takes 3 stacks to activate. When active, now lasts for 3 turns.
  • Tank's IceArrow now inflicts stacks based on slot, and has a progressive effect with the stacks (max 3). Now lasts for 3 turns.
  • Healer's AcidArrow now inflicts stacks based on slot, and has a progressive effect with the stacks (max 3). Now lasts for 3 turns.

Other Changes
  • Wind now has a base chance of 2% of big changes, with an increase of additional 2% for every turn since the last change. Previously, it was a flat 5% chance.
  • Greatly reduced internet and processor usage during turn changes.
  • Skills now display an Area of effect, instead of a Radius.
  • Increased grenades area from 150 to 300.

  • Fixed projectiles being launched instantly on new turns sometimes.
  • Fixed skill damage display not scaling with equip.
  • Fixed Guided Barrage not always launching all projectiles.
  • Fixed right-click menu not always working on the Lobby.
  • Fixed Fire damage type text color.
  • Fixed movement debuffs not working.
  • Fixed Sky City platforms not taking any damage.
  • Fixed Atlas Tower foreground parts not falling properly.
  • Fixed Atlas Tower fans not falling when terrain is destroyed.
  • Fixed an infrequent desync on turn change.
  • Fixed Chronometer not always updating.
  • Fixed skills stamps not scaling properly with slot.
  • Fixed Tank's jetpack moving out of position.
  • Fixed name text on Customize.
  • Fixed some particles freezing the game for a split second.
  • Fixed skill descriptions not showing up.
  • Fixed not all skills having a description.
  • Fixed Customize not working for the same mech after playing a match.
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Om dette spillet

Battle Mech Frontier is a turn-based artillery game where two teams face each-other over a fully-destructible terrain and try to knock each other out (either by damaging or by overthrowing) until only one side is standing. To do that, they must aim their shots accurately by calculating the initial speed and angle the projectile needs in order for its trajectory to hit nothing but their target, all that while accounting for the wind, gravity, and other player’s abilities. Strategy is key, communication is essential, and explosions are a lot of fun. So, do you have what it takes to rule the Battle Frontier?

An ever-exponentially-growing number of different loadouts will ensure not only that your gameplay feels right to you, and that you don’t always know what to expect from your enemies!

  • Classes

    4 completely different roles can be played strategically to ensure victory upon even the toughest enemies. Be you a Shooter, Digger, Tank or Healer, your team will be relying upon you to be as awesome as we know you are! Each class also comes with their own skills and abilities and different damage types, creating even more possibilities!
  • Skills

    There are 3 skill slots plus 1 special ability slot. You can put whichever combination of skills you want in them! Furthermore, higher slot numbers cause your shots to have more power and higher costs. Pick them wisely, use them effectively!
  • Equipment

    Changing your base stats can be a highly effective way to make your unique playstyle work best and ensure victory over your enemies. However, be aware that you can never increase any stat without decreasing another in return. This balanced system ensures NO PAY-TO-WIN will ever be possible! Since no player can be directly stronger than another, may the best team win!
  • Consumables

    6 slots, endless possibilities. In need of healing, some extra damage, or even greater mobility? Consumable Items are what you’re looking for! Picking the right combination to fit the situations you are expecting will make the game a lot more fun and rewarding. Not only that, some items will even have different versions with higher effect at the cost of more slots! There’s no telling how powerful you’re going to be on the battlefield!
  • Cosmetic Skins

    Change the way you look every time you feel like it, simply by selecting a new and awesome skin! Even those expensive skins you don’t want to spend money on can be obtained in-game through events, drop boxes or even player-to-player trading!

  • Fully-Destructible

    The environment responds to the laws of physics like no other game of this kind. If you break the ground and a piece is disconnected, it will fall, along with any players standing on top of it. Furthermore, Fall Damage will be applied not only to falling players but also to players who were hit by falling objects!
  • Interactive

    Every single one of our maps interacts with the player and/or environment in unique and interesting ways. Be it a clock on the background that you have stopped by breaking one of its gears, or a windshield that will now make the game way harder for your enemies, using the map is not only fun but also highly strategic!
  • Satellites

    One of your team’s most valuable resources. Manipulating the wind, affecting gravity or even causing a blast on your opponent’s terrain can greatly shift the odds in your favor! Their availability is however very limited and also varies according to each map, preventing them from becoming “overpowered”.

  • Anti-Cheat

    Our system was built from the ground-up to ensure minimal possibilities for cheating. Players are simply not allowed to issue commands that aren’t expected in our very strict protocol. We expect this to make any game-breaking kind of cheating not possible. And if that’s not enough, reporting a player during a match will flag it for recording and analysis (including network activity), ensuring we can protect the game from cheaters as fast and effectively as possible. And of course, VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) will also be active and giving you the extra layer of protection you’ve grown to trust.
  • Community

    Friends and Guilds will be available at launch for you to either play with your old friends or find new ones! Every game is a lot more fun with nice people to play with!
  • Competitive Mode

    Ranked Matches will provide our more experienced players a way to prove themselves in a more strictly controlled environment, with even more focus on balancing and cheating prevention. Some bonuses will also be rewarded as your rank progresses, such as badges and some boosts.
  • Matchmaking

    This will be implemented as an option on casual mode and mandatory on competitive games. For this game, we want more than wins, losses, and exp to count towards balancing players together, so we should also be tracking many other statistics of how everyone plays (such as accuracy, favorite loadouts, and so on) so we can match teams that have a better chance of working well together, and enemies that feel more like your level.

  • Steam Trading Cards

    The full package with backgrounds and emojis will be available at release for you and your friends to have more fun and rewards even outside of the game!
  • Steam Acvhievments

    Win ALL the things! Not too many to be undoable, not too few to be unchallenging, our achievements are meant for all players to be able to complete, while still giving them what to work for.


    • OS: Windows 7 or superior
    • Prosessor: TBA
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Any DirectX 11 or superior Card
    • DirectX: Versjon 11
    • Nettverk: Bredbåndstilkobling
    • Lagring: 4 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • Lydkort: any or none
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