Play as a giant gorilla in VR and face off against your puny human friends in the ultimate couch party game.
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Jul 12, 2017

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Notice: Requires one of the following virtual reality headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index. See the VR Support section for more info.
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July 14

The Future of Late For Work

Hi friends,

We want to share a bit more detail about why we're moving on from Late For Work. We first wrote this post a bit defensively, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received since the 1.0 release makes us really appreciate the community around our game. Thank you for being so supportive. The positive reviews and feedback have been a joy to read for the entire team.

Why are we stopping work on Late For Work?

This game has been super satisfying to make. We think local asymmetric VR games is extremely under-served but unfortunately, after 2+ years on this project we understand a bit better why there aren’t more:
  • Making a stable VR game with local multiplayer is extremely hard. Like really technically hard, just recognizing and handling all the different input schemes and not crashing. Never mind all the gameplay balancing.
  • Most players play VR on their own. This means our target audience is a fraction of the VR market.

The frank reality is that LFW doesn't make enough for us to justify us continuing to work on it (or even the past year's worth of updates). All in all, as of July 13thth, we sold 2,417 units for a net income of $22,575. That's...actually not bad for a local multiplayer VR game. But it's not enough to justify even one person working on it full-time for 2+ years.

When we started this game, we didn't really think about this potential financial downside too much. We wanted to make a fun, social (in the classic sense) game that people could enjoy with their friends, that parents could enjoy with their kids. We're a small indie studio trying to make a mark in VR games. LFW was a fun idea and a way to deepen our skills in VR.

We haven't sold nearly enough copies to justify the investment we made developing this game, let alone continuing to support it. In order to keep operating as a studio, to keep making games, we need to start focusing on the financial side as well.

This is one reason our next game GrowRilla will be single player focused. We want to target the largest possible market. We hope you'll check it out and wishlist it.

Let's dig a little bit into the challenges we faced...

Local VR Multiplayer is Hard

We've observed the local multiplayer scene for the past two years. There are actually quite a few really great games. Check out this awesome list! But what we learned is that it's really hard to make a local multiplayer VR game, let alone a stable one with 4 player support, hot-swapping, keyboard + gamepad (and all sorts of gamepads). It's like making two separate games.

Testing alone took so much time. Check out our QA sheet. This represents just our official test list. A lot of multiplayer related bugs would only get caught after a lot of rounds of testing and trying to break things.

We're proud of where we stand in comparison to the other games out there, especially in terms of stability and fun. But oh man was it a hard and sustained challenge.

Our Codebase Got Complex

Late For Work first started out as a prototype and evolved from there. We're experienced dev but VR was a new area with unique challenges. Our codebase went through a LOT of evolutions as we figured out VR, physics issues, controller issues, player management, all the vehicle controls, the SteamVR plugin, the OculusVR plugin and so on.

Further, the nature of the game required a lot of experimentation to create new game modes. This all happened on the same codebase. Next to the 7 game modes live in the game today we also have half a dozen sitting around unfinished (including a gokart version, a tower defense-like, humans hoping in and out of vehicle and multi-stage missions). We also used the same codebase to prototype bigger experiments for future projects that haven't seen the light of day:
  • A single player story mode
  • A sandbox town simulator with giant gorilla doing odd jobs around town to make ends meet (this one was waaaaay too ambitious)
  • online sandboxes
  • an action game where you take revenge on your tormentors and you get bigger every time you eat. Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately this has become a big delicate mess of code (in spite of our best efforts to refactor and think ahead, and trust me, we spent a lot of time cleaning up). It's harder to make changes without breaking things. We're stuck on an outdated version of Unity without modern goodies like nested prefabs, too scared to upgrade because past experiences have shown us it takes so much work to fix up after.

So we want to start new and we have. We're working on a new project on a fresh codebase with all our learnings from LFW applied. It's a liberating experience for our team. We're so much more productive, possibly an order of magnitude more efficient.

Let's be clear, LFW is near and dear to us all. We love this game and enjoy firing it up on a Friday afternoon. We feel that with all the game modes and maps there's something for everyone. And we feel we've left it in a solid state. And, again, we will keep monitoring feedback for critical bugs.

So, the future of the game: this is a 1.0 release. For us, the game is mostly done. There's a ton more we would like to add, but then we will never be able to focus on the next game.

What about online?

Many players have requested this. And we agree, it would be genuinely fun. We would love to have added online but it's such a time and cost commitment without a guarantee it will pay off even if we produce something great. Getting that critical mass of players and/or really convincing bot behaviors is not a trivial effort. Online is an area we really want to focus on in future projects, but shoehorning it to LFW would have been a massive project.

We've observed other similar games introduce online and be forced to remove it due to the instabilities it introduced and the backlash from the players (both for instability and for removal).

Online is something we're continuously experimenting with, also for our next projects, but we're not going to release anything until we're confident it's going to be a net positive for everyone (stable, fun, sustainable).

How To Support Us
So those were some of the technical challenges we faced making Late For Work. We’re now focusing on our new game GrowRilla (and a few other prototypes). Late For Work has been a long and incredible journey but we are relieved to put it behind us and focus on fresh ideas on a fresh codebase.

If you've read this far it means you've probably bought one of our games and enjoy it, so first of all: thank you, we can't really ask you for more. But if you want to help us keep making games, then the best way:
  • Leave us a review
  • Buy and wishlist our other games
  • Tell other people about our games

Thank you for reading!
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June 28

1.0 Release! New Game Mode, Bug Fixes, Polish, Map Improvement

Dear Friends,

Today we are super excited to announce the 1.0 release of Late For Work and our exit from Early Access. After 23 months and 13 major updates, we are proud to release the biggest update to Late For Work yet. We also want to share our plans for the future, for Late For Work and for our next VR games but first let's go over what's in our 1.0 release!

1.0 Content Update: Polish, Polish, Polish!

Our 1.0 update is focused first and foremost on providing a stable and polished core experience. We invested a lot of effort testing the game and fixing bugs. Most (all?) of the recent player-spawning weirdness from the last updates are gone now. We've also fixed a number of other annoyances, please see the full changelist at the bottom for details.

We’ve improved and polished the UI in every game mode to better convey the score and relevant information for each game. We also updated all the visual UI assets.

We spent time going over each map. The town and seaport maps have been pretty good and balanced for a while but the valley and the snow map needed some love. Both maps are more fleshed out, with a bigger play area, more content, and more places to hide and explore. We also did a full visual color grading pass on the game.

New Game Mode: Ape Escape

We added another whole new game mode! Finally, the gorilla has been cut down to size and the tables have been turned. The now normal-sized gorilla has to evade capture from the mad scientists (non-VR players), who are hunting the gorilla and trying to capture the gorilla in their special oversized nets. Slam down your net and secure the gorilla to win. We call this beautiful game mode… Ape Escape!

Here's a funny GIF of the game mode we wish we could directly embed in this post:

Gorilla Body 2.0
The gorilla has a body, finally! We've also redone the model to be more...gorilla-esque and consistent with the overall art style. The new gorilla chest is also a hit box and more easily hit from plane and tank shots. It also makes it much easier to spot the gorilla from a distance. We also experimented with a dynamic chest inclining algorithm. We think it works pretty well, we hope you like it too.

What’s Next?

With this 1.0 release, we will scale down our efforts on Late For Work. While there are tons of ideas we would still love to implement, we have decided to focus on new VR games projects to have a better shot at supporting ourselves financially. Late For Work has been an incredibly fun project to work on, but unfortunately it’s not very financially viable.

We will be monitoring feedback on the game and we will of course fix any annoying bugs but please don't expect major new content for the game (unless the sales numbers drastically spike or say, this post gets 500 upvotes or maybe we get to a hundred reviews? That would really motivate us).

In the meantime, we have started working on a new game called GrowRilla and it would mean a lot to us if you add it to your wishlist. For all of you who own a copy of Late For Work, we’re working on setting up an exclusive discount on GrowRilla as a small thank you for your support of our studio.

Stay tuned in the coming days for another update where we dig a bit more into our plans for the future, discussing our sales numbers and why we’re moving on from Late For Work.

How To Support Us
If you're reading this far it means you've probably bought one of our games and enjoy it, so first of all: *thank you*, we can't really ask you for more. But if you want to help us keep making fun VR games, then the best ways to support us are:
  • Leave us a review
  • Buy our other games
  • Tell people about our games

Thank you as always. It’s been a fun ride.

Changelog - Build 628

  • Gameplay: Valley and mountain map received a massive overhaul
  • Gameplay: new Ape Escape game mode
  • Gameplay: Single player missions health has been adjusted to be more generous
  • Gameplay: Tank shots now have a larger impact radius and more force behind them
  • Gameplay: Changed how spawning for non VR players work in the tutorial, so you are now able to always respawn as a car
  • Visuals: The gorilla now has a new head and body for you to shoot at
  • Visuals: All maps now have improved color grading
  • Visuals: Added sidewalks to all maps
  • Visuals: You can now switch seasons in the menu
  • Visuals: Updated the desktop icon
  • Visuals: All UI icons of the old gorilla head, tanks and planes have been updated with their new counterparts
  • Usability: Multiplayer tab is now more prominent and always the default activated tab on startup
  • Usability: Removed the experiments tab as most experiments were broken
  • Usability: The menu is now less likely to be blocked by ingame objects when you open it
  • Usability: Updated the result menu to display information better
  • Audio: Reduced the noise planes make
  • AI: Improved car AI, better at hiding from the gorilla
  • UI: Updated text for non-VR players when the gorilla is in the menu
  • UI: Non-VR player UI got updated (now in the top center and displays information better)
  • UI: In-game UI is now hidden while you are in the menu
  • UI: Removed the death counter in hide & seek as it served no purpose and was blocked partly by the timer
  • UI: Non-VR player UI now displays how many VIPs are left in bodyguard mode
  • UI: Non-VR player UI now displays numbers of targets collected as well as number of UFOs destroyed in UFO mode

  • The billboard in the “save the city” single-player mission displays the sustained damage correctly again
  • Fixed a bug where cars would drive off the road for no reason
  • You are no longer able to start a round of bodyguard when there are no other players
  • Fixed a bunch of broken disguises in last man standing
  • Fixed a bug where non VR players were assigned no unit in bodyguard mode
  • Fixed an issue where one player would control two vehicles in the tutorial
  • The font for the plane ammo no longer increases in size over the course of a match
  • Tanks no longer spawn inside of objects
  • Tanks no longer get stuck on lampposts lying on the ground
  • Fixed a bug where tanks would drop through the level on american city, but would still be able to drive around and hit the gorilla
  • The game no longer resets the gorilla’s height when you eat something while ducking
  • The menu text is no longer obstructed by the “back” button
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would display keyboard controls for controller players
  • The game mode descriptions are no longer missing when you start the game
  • Fixed a bug where two players would spawn with the same plane
  • Fixed a bug where you could boost yourself into the air in the victory screen, even if you weren’t being held by the gorilla
  • UFO mode no longer has out of season UFOs
  • The menu no longer clips into the ground and thus hides the “quit” and “tutorial” buttons
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t lose the bullrun gamemode as gorilla even if you ate too many innocent cows
  • The “restart” button no longer appears if you went back in the menu, even if you never started a game mode
  • Fixed some physics issues in the bodyguard game mode
  • Fixed a bug where no AI players would join in hide & seek mode
  • Fixed a bug where some humans would not count as collected in UFO mode
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“It was fun and the locomotion system is unique and works well for the game concept.”
Michael Glombicki -- Road To VR

“This local multiplayer game is definitely unique -- Very cute -- A fun family game”
Cas and Chary VR

“One of the most ideal VR party games”
Ben Plays VR

About This Game

In Late For Work, one player is a giant gorilla doing gorilla things. Up to 4 other players try to take down the gorilla in an epic local multiplayer VR party game. Work together to bring down the monster of immeasurable strength. Or run for your dear life. It’s an intense party game for your living room.

The game brings VR and non-VR players together into a shared experience. Swap out in-between rounds and see who can earn ultimate banana bragging rights in this crazy free for all.


  • Fast-paced intense rounds. Take turns under the headset. Plot your next takedown.
  • Local multiplayer party game: a great way to include all your friends in a VR experience.
  • Fun, over-the-top physics where every object is a potential weapon and shield.

Playable Game Modes

  • Classic Deathmatch - VR gorilla vs tanks and jets.
  • Hide & Seek - Your work items have been stolen! Find them before time runs out.
  • Last Man Standing - Find all the hidden enemies, but watch out for special disguises.
  • Bull Run - Normal cows, rebel cows, but which is which?
  • UFO Invaders - Protect your citizens and cattle from being abducted by aliens.
  • Bodyguard - Identify all hidden spies before they take out your VIPs.
  • Ape Escape: small-sized gorilla must evade capture from mad scientists with oversized nets.


Late For Work was in Early Access for 23 months (until June 2019) - for historical reference here is our old roadmap:

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with motion controllers required for VR play. Gamepad required for 2+ non-vr players - keyboard+mouse also supported.

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