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Battlerite Royale is Free to Play Now!

Battlerite Royale is Free to Play NOW!

Grab a friend and get in on the action now - everyone's invited!
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Battlerite Patch 2.0

The Big Patch™ hits servers one day before the free to play launch of Battlerite Royale, on February 18th at 9:00 AM CET. Downtime is scheduled to last up to 2 hours. Both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale will be offline during this time.

There are lots of large changes coming to Battlerite with this patch. You can read up on the thought process behind these changes in our Dev Update.

Battle Season 1

Unlock unique rewards every Battle Season with the new Battle Pass feature! Battle Pass progress is shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, giving players the freedom to progress their Pass however they choose.

With the introduction of the Battle Pass come the Battle Seasons, starting with Battle Season 1. We're restarting the season counter to make it clear when the Battle Pass and its related changes was introduced and that the Season is shared between both games.

The Battle Pass

Progress your Battle Pass by leveling your Tier level, with each Tier level having new rewards to potentially unlock. Advancing to the next Tier level requires 10 Battle Stars, which can be earned by leveling up your Season Level, completing Daily Quests, or completing Season Quests.

The Free Pass

Everyone has access to the Free Battle Pass, which gives rewards at Tier levels 2, 5, 7, 11, 13, 16, 19, 23, 27, 31, and 36. These rewards include:
  • 6x Silver Chests
  • 2x Avatars
  • 2x Rare Weapons
  • 1x Rare Pose

The Premium Pass

Upgrade your Battle Pass to the Premium Pass to unlock rewards at every Tier level. Pre-purchase the Premium Pass here or purchase it in-game for 950 Gems.

Players also have the option to upgrade to the Premium Pass and purchase an additional 15 Tiers for 2500 Gems in game (unless already pre-purchased).

Premium Pass owners can unlock all the Free Pass rewards, as well as potentially:
  • 1x Legendary Mount
  • 2x Legendary Outfits
  • 2x Legendary Weapons
  • 1x Epic Mount
  • 9x Epic Pets, including variations (27 total)
  • 2x Epic Poses
  • 2x Epic Emotes, including variations (4 total)
  • 3x Epic Weapons
  • 1x Rare Mount
  • 6x 100 Gems or Diamonds (players can choose which currency)
  • 5x 10% Season XP Boosts (Season XP Boosts stack additively)
  • 8x Avatars
  • 1x Legendary Chest
  • 2x Dragon Chests
  • 1x Arctic Chests
  • 1x Creepy Chest
  • 1x Ancient Chest
  • 1x Gold Chest
Purchasing Tiers

Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass can purchase Tiers directly for
  • 1 Tier for 150 Gems
  • 5 Tiers + 1 Extra for 750 Gems
  • 10 Tiers + 4 Extra for 1,500 Gems
Tiers purchased after the max Tier of 50 will be converted into Season XP. All Battle Star progress is kept and applied to your new Tier level.

Season Level

The Season Level is a new type of Account Level that resets every Season. Gain 2 Battle Stars every time you level up, and 5 Battle Stars every 5th level. Once a player has reached a max Tier level of 50, any Battle Stars earned will be converted into Season XP, which increases a player's Season Level. Season Level history will be shown in the profile from Battle Season 2 onward.

Account Level

Account Levels are still around! Account Levels now represent your total accumulated level from previous and current Seasons in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. No legacy Account Levels have been lost. Account Level is displayed in the profile, above your current Season Level, and in the Friends List.

New Season Quests

Every Battle Season now brings new quests that unlock each week for ten weeks! Season Quests are not shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale and can only be progressed in their respective game client. However, both will contribute to the same Battle Pass progress. Season quests can only be progressed in Casual and League. There are Free and Premium Quests - Free Quests can be progressed by all players, but Premium Quests require upgrading the Battle Pass to progress. In Battlerite there are:
  • 1 Free Quest per week
  • 1 Premium Quest per week
  • Total of 20 Quests per Season
  • 8 Battle Stars rewarded per completed Quest (Free and Premium)
Daily Quests

Daily Quests have been reworked and are now shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. Each completed Daily Quest rewards 150 Battle Coins and 3 Battle Stars. Daily Quests can be progressed in Vs AI, Casual, and League. Don't forget that Daily Quests still progress signed Sponsors!Additionally, some old Daily Quests have been removed and new ones added. The new Daily Quest pool consists of the following quests:
  • Play 6 Matches
  • Play 4 Matches as a Ranged Champion
  • Play 4 Matches as a Melee Champion
  • Strike a Killing Blow in 2 different games
  • Deal 5000 Damage
  • Heal or Absorb 2000 Damage
  • Deal 300 Damage with Ultimate Abilities
  • Play a match in a Party
  • Collect 1000 Season XP
  • Gather 2000 Energy
  • Hit 5 projectiles in a row in 4 matches
  • Hit 5 melee attacks in a row in 4 matches


Sponsors are still around with the introduction of the Battle Pass, and can still be progressed by completing Daily Quests. They are now shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale.

Champions that are rewarded through sponsors are now unlocked in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, though Champions no longer provide token compensation when the Champion is already owned.

There are five sponsors for Battle Season 1. Three Sponsors return from previous seasons and two new Sponsors join them. The Stewards of the Arena are available for all players to progress and will unlock Raigon and a unique Raigon weapon and outfit. The Halls of Triumph sponsor is only available for players who have upgraded to the Premium Battle Pass and contains a unique pose, outfit, and weapon for Jumong.

If you are still signed with a sponsor from Season 5 you will still be able to complete it. All sponsors from previous seasons will be marked with a star.


Due to the change to Season Levels and introduction of the Battle Pass, Boosts have much more value than previously. For this reason, Boosts now grant a 50% Season XP bonus instead of 100% Account Level XP bonus. Boosts will still grant 100% Champion XP and double the Battle Coins earned from matches as previously. You can purchase XP Boosts in your profile.10% Season XP Boosts can be earned by progressing through the Premium Battle Pass and stack additively.

General Updates

  • To be considered for leaderboard placement, you or your team must have at least 20 games played
  • Improved NEW Tag - you can now more clearly see which items were newly unlocked and clear all tags with the click of a button
  • See your Season XP progress and any related Battle Stars gained right after the match in the new in-game reward screen
  • Season End Dates changed to a timer format
  • Top Bar adjusted to display Season Level
  • Main menu navigation bar now has a blur behind it to improve legibility
  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Quest timer would sometimes display a highly inaccurate time until refresh
  • Fixed a bug where Emotes weren’t equipped correctly when entering a league match

In-Game Lobby

The lobby now shows your team members, including their equipped Outfit, Weapon, Pose, and Pet!


The number of emote slots has increased from 4 to 6. The UI will also now show which slot an Emote is equipped to with an icon indicator, and now shows the HUD Emote icon for easier recognition.

Gameplay Updates

  • Footstep sounds for Mounts and Champions have been added
  • Stealth Eye Indicator radius increased by 0.2 for all three indicator ranges
    • Red: 2.8 → 3
    • Orange: 5.3 → 5.5
    • Yellow: 7.8 → 8
  • Mount Up cast time decreased from 1s to 0.8s
The Armory
As we addressed in a previous Dev Update on the Big Patch™, we've been looking at ways to diversify player choices and repetitive nature of rounds. We've decided to add in a new system that will allow players to personalize and customize each and every round to their liking with the Armory.

Available before each new round, players can now pick a set of items (Equipment and Consumables) to bring with them into battle. These items are not persistent between rounds and the number of items you can choose to take into the fight increases by one each round, up to maximum of three.


Teldo's Quickblade
  • Every 15s, your primary ability deals 8 bonus damage and inflicts Fading Snare for 1s.

Heart of Boulder Pass
  • When you fall below 50% health, you become invulnerable for 3s. Only triggers once per round.
  • Bonus - Max Health: +20

Wind Walkers
  • When your Ultimate is ready, your movement speed is increased by 10%.
  • Bonus - Movement Speed +7%

Ahmrilas Ward
  • You receive +50% healing from Health Shards and +50% energy from Energy Shards.
  • Bonus - Healing Received: +12%

Champion's Blade
  • Every 15s, your primary ability heals you for 14 health. Excess healing is converted into a shield that lasts for up to 6s.

Crown of Power
  • Begin the round with a shield that absorbs up to 25 damage. You gain +15 % damage and healing output while the shield last.
  • Bonus - Damage and Healing Output: +5 %

Jolting Amulet
  • After using your Ultimate, regain 25% energy.
  • Bonus - Energy Gain from Abilities: +10%

Void Reaper
  • Whenever another player dies, you gain +20% damage output for 8s.
  • Bonus - Dealing damage to an enemy reduces their healing received by 15% for 2s.

Timestone Pendant
  • Every 15s, your current cooldowns are reduced by 1s each.
  • Bonus - Cooldown Reduction: +5%

Healing Salve
  • Apply a salve that heals you for 36 health over 6s. Taking any damage breaks the effect.
  • Stacks: 3
  • Cast time: 0.1s
  • Cooldown: 6s

  • Throw a rock. Hitting an enemy deals 5 damage, inflicts Fading Snare for 0.5s and knocks them back.
  • Stacks: 3
  • Cast time: 0.5s
  • Cooldown: 8s

Grappling Hook
  • Throw a grappling hook. Hitting a wall pulls you to that wall.
  • Stacks: 3
  • Cast time: 0.25s
  • Cooldown: 0.5s

  • Call down a meteor with 100 health at target location that knocks enemies back and blocks the path for 8s
  • Stacks: 2
  • Cast time: 0.4s
  • Cooldown: 15s

  • Activate to grant you nearby allies 75% Fading Haste for 3s
  • Stacks: 2
  • Cast time: 0.1s
  • Cooldown: 15s

Explosive Barrel
  • Roll a barrel that explodes on impact, dealing 24 damage to nearby enemies and igniting the area to deal an additional 30 damage over 4s
  • Stacks: 2
  • Cast time: 1.2s
  • Cooldown: 15s

Vampiric Potion
  • Drink to increase your damage output 20% and gain 50% life leech for 6s
  • Stacks: 1
  • Cast time: 0.1s

Rabbit Potion
  • Drink to break out of any negative effect and turn into a rabbit for 3s. While you are a rabbit, you gain 50% increased movement speed and can hop twice to knock enemies back.
  • Stacks: 1
  • Cast time: 0.1s

Rocket Booster
  • Dash forward and grab the first enemy hit, dealing 6 damage. Upon hitting a wall with a grabbed enemy, inflict Stun for 1.2s to that enemy.
  • Stacks: 1
  • Cast time: 1.2s

Overload was designed specifically to deal with boring endgame scenarios. On the winning side, having an additional player means you have time on your side and incentivizes you to play in a safe and drawn out way. The losing side can't win the long game against a team with reliable value like healing and more available abilities, so they have to take a risk to make a comeback happen. However, many players won't take the risk even if it's their only chance to win the round. Instead, they will run away hoping for their enemies to make a big mistake. It's not a fun or particularly skillful way to play the game for either side and the predictable way these scenarios play out makes it even less fun. This wait is doubly painful if you are dead and want the round to end.

Overload is meant to end rounds in way that is quick, fun, and fair. The damage amplification in both directions rewards aggressive play from both sides. The movement speed reduces cooldown reliance and allows the user to set the pace while the time limit forces them to take the initiative. We are increasing the comeback chances by making the game more volatile rather than giving the losing team an advantage. The winning team may need to play better to close out a round but they still have the advantage. Even if a user equalizes the game state through a kill, the remaining enemies have the option to overload if they too want to gamble on their skill.

For additional reading material on Overload, check out your latest Dev Update at the local blog.

The ability works as follows:
  • Default Keybind: T
  • You gain 1 Overload charge each time an ally dies
  • Heals self for 20% of your missing health and boosts damage and healing output, movement speed, and ability cooldown rate. You take 40% increased damage during the effect.
  • Damage Output increased by 40%
  • Healing Output increased by 40%
  • Movement Speed increased by 40%
  • Ability Cooldown Rate increased by 40%
  • Duration: 8s
  • Cast time: 0.1s
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Default Keybind: T
Arena Updates
As we mentioned in the Dev Update, we're adding some variety to our Arenas and adding some experimental new map objects. The follow maps have received updates:
  • Meriko Summit (Day and Night) now has Explosive Barrels
  • Blackstone Arena (Day and Night) now has Explosive Barrels
  • Daharin Battlegrounds (Day and Night) now has Jump Pads
  • Skyring (Day and Night) now has Jump Pads
Explosive Barrels
  • When damaged, the Explosive Barrel explodes after a 1.2 second delay. It deals 20 damage, and leaves a damaging fire area that deals 30 damage over 4 seconds.
Jump Pads
  • By stepping into the jump pad circle, you are blasted high into the air where you are unhittable. You rise and fall over a total of 4 seconds. After landing, you are stuck in a recovery animation for 1s and you inflict Incapacitate for 1.5s on nearby enemies.
  • Jump Pads have a cooldown period of 40 seconds and begin each round on cooldown.
Movement Speed Increases

As mentioned in the aforementioned Big Patch™ Dev Update, movement speed will be increasing across the board in this patch while Champion's health is also being lowered. The following changes to health and Champion movement speed will be implemented:

Champion Updates

Here's the part of the notes that we usually go over all of the individual Champion balance changes that are en route. HOWEVER we have a bit of a problem in that the inclusion of all the balance changes actually makes the Patch Notes for the Big Patch™ has too many characters to post as an announcement.

So the Big Patch™ Notes are too big for Steam.

So if you want to see the Champion Balance changes, you'll have to head over to our blog where we also post the Patch Notes! And you'll definitely want to do that before there is a LOT of stuff that's changing.

Click here for Patch Notes with Champion Updates
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“Battleriteは史上最高のチーム戦です" -PCゲーマー”
89% – PC Gamer

- Ten Ton Hammer

“Battlerite does a great job of taking a loved MOBA feature, and focusing on making it the best it can be.”
9/10 – Gamereactor


BattleriteはPvP系のアリーナ格闘ゲームで大好評のBloodline Championsの続編です。射撃ゲームと格闘ゲームの独特な組み合わせを体験し、2v2や3v3のバトルに参加できます。



爆発的戦闘を乗り越え、アリーナのマスターになろう。チャンピオンを選び、友達とチームを組んで、いざ戦闘へ ーー 勝利は追求する者のみぞ取得する。








    • OS: Windows XP 以降
    • プロセッサー: IntelのデュアルコアまたはAMDの2.8GHz以上
    • メモリー: 4 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: Intel HD 3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • ネットワーク: ブロードバンドインターネット接続
    • ストレージ: 3000 MB 利用可能
    • サウンドカード: DirectX対応


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