Keep your controller still while trying to jostle others, in this large local, no screen required, party game.
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Дата на излизане:
11 юни 2019

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Известие: JoustMania изисква контролер, с цел да се пусне. Играенето с мишка и клавиатура не се поддържа.

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Относно тази игра

JoustMania is a movement based party game based off of the Jostling mechanic introduced in Johann Sebastian Joust, players try to keep their controller still while jostling others, no screen required. JoustMania features thirteen different game modes, five different sensitivity levels, and a whole range of other features for you and your friends to enjoy. This is the first time this game is available on the Windows platform.

JoustMania supports up to seven players on Windows, and 18+ on the raspberry pi. Playstation move controllers are required to play this game.

Note: In order to sync Joustmania controllers you will need to run in administrator mode:
Go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Joustmania
right click piparty.exe
click properties
click the Compatibility tab
click Run this program as an administrator, and click Apply


  • Joust Free-for-All (2+ players)
  • Joust Teams (Minimum 3+ players, 4+ players recommended)
  • Joust Random Teams (3+ players)
  • Traitors (Minimum 6+ players, 9+ players recommended)
  • Werewolves (Minimum 3+ players, 6+ players recommended)
  • Zombies (Minimum 4+ players, 10+ players recommended)
  • Commander (Minimum 4+ players, 6+ players recommended)
  • Swapper (Minimum 3+ players, 4+ players recommended)
  • Fight Club (2+ Players)
  • Tournament (3+ players)
  • Non Stop Joust (2+ players)
  • Ninja Bomb (2+ players)
  • Random mode
To view rules for each game mode please visit JoustMania Extended Rules

Starting a game

To access different game modes, after pairing a playstation move controller press the select button on the side of the controlelrs. To start a game everyone needs to press the trigger buttons on their controllers.


To pair a PlayStation move controller, make sure you follow the above steps to run as an administrator, start JoustMania then plug the controller in and keep on pressing the PlayStation home button until the controller turns a color other than white, you should not have to remove the controller while pairing. If you are using the newer Playstation move controller (CECHZCM2) you will have to click the popup on the bottom right of the screen to allow it to be paired.

Admin Mode

You can become an Admin by pressing all four front buttons on any controller, this will allow you to modify the games settings from the four front buttons on the controller, After a game is played the Admin mode will be reset

(Cross) Add or remove a game from Random mode, your controller will be green if the game is added and Red if it is not, Custom Teams mode can not be added to Random mode
(Circle) Change sensitivity of the game. There are five settings, Ultra High, High, medium, Low, and Ultra low.
(Square) toggle the playback of instructions for each game
(Triangle) show battery level on all controllers

Browser UI

After starting Joustmania, in your web browser go to and you should see a GUI to change game modes and settings from your computer.

Credit to FamilyGamerRadio for the intro video.

Системни изисквания

    • Изисква 64 битов процесор и операционна система
    • ОС: Windows 10 64 bit
    • Допълнителни бележки: Bluetooth and playstation move controllers required
    • Изисква 64 битов процесор и операционна система

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