Substance Indie Pack
Substance Indie Pack

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Pursuing our efforts to reach out to indie developers, our mission is not only to develop the most advanced and innovative texturing tools out there but also to democratize their use, by making them accessible to the wider community of artists and developers.

The Substance Indie Pack includes Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material and 30 PBR Substances, all in Indie versions.
You can use them for commercial purposes, as long as your company/entity doesn’t generate more than 10 000$ per year.

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Закупуване на Bitmap2Material


Излязла на 20 август 2013

Закупуване на Substance Designer

Substance Designer

Излязла на 6 юни 2013

Закупуване на Substance Indie Pack

Substance Indie Pack

Излязла на

Закупуване на Substance Painter

Substance Painter

Излязла на 6 март 2014

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Заглавие: Substance Indie Pack
Жанр: Дизайн и илюстрация, Инструменти, Анимиране и моделиране
Разработчик: Allegorithmic
Издател: Allegorithmic,
Езици: English
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