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Patricians and Merchants
Patricians and Merchants

Patricians and Merchants vásárlása

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A collection of famous games, in which you will be able to establish your own trade empire as a medieval merchant in Europe, as a plantation owner in the early 20th century or as an adventurer in the distant future of mankind!

Patrician III

Become a fellow of the famous medieval Hanse trading association in the 13th century. Manage the politics, prestige and economic success in your city and the known parts of Europe!

The Great Art Race

The famous art collection of your family was stolen. By investing the profits of your coffee or tobacco plantations you might have the chance to save the heritage of your ancestors but only if you manage your colonial enterprise wisely.

Darkstar one

Darkstar One combines the popular elements of a business simulation, a role-playing game and an action game to an epic space experience! An exciting story, full of intrigue and inter-stellar conflict are the main pillars of a multiple number of missions to survive on Dark Star One!

  • Three famous games of the legendary game-makers Ascaron!
  • Unlimited fun and gameplay through the course of time
  • Trade and live as a medieval merchant, a colonial plantation owner or a space mercenary!

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Patricians and Merchants vásárlása

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Cím: Patricians and Merchants
Műfaj: Akció, Stratégia, Szerepjáték, Szimuláció
Fejlesztő: Ascaron Entertainment ltd.
Kiadó: Strategy First, Kalypso Media Digital
Megjelenés dátuma: 28 Okt 2009
Nyelvek: Angol
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