X3 Terran War Pack
X3 Terran War Pack

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What the X series is all about:

The X games hurl you into the most detailed universe ever created, right into the middle of an epic, intergalactic story filled with twists and turns at every jump gate. Become the hero once more as you TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, and THINK your way to victory.

Immerse yourself in a living, breathing universe where all your actions have consequences.

TRADE to make money or upgrade your ship, FIGHT epic battles or capture enemy ships, BUILD your own stations and produce goods in your own factories, and of course always THINK about the consequences of your actions in the realistic simulated universe and dynamic real-time economy.

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X3 Terran War Pack Satın Alın

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Başlık: X3 Terran War Pack
Tür: Aksiyon, Simülasyon, Strateji
Geliştirici: Egosoft
Yayımcı: Egosoft
Diller: İngilizce, Fransızca, Almanca, İtalyanca, Rusça, Lehçe, Basitleştirilmiş Çince, Geleneksel Çince, İspanyolca, Japonca, Çekçe
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