Steam is now priced in Polish Zloty.

The entire Steam catalog is now priced in Polish Zloty for customers living in Poland.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happened to EUR in my Steam Wallet?
Polish accounts with Steam Wallets in EUR have automatically been converted to Polish Zloty, at a conversion rate dictated by market value at the time of conversion. To view your wallet balance and account details, go to
Can I continue to make purchases in EUR?
The Polish Zloty is the currency that is available for purchases made in Poland.
Has the availability of games on Steam changed with this?
No changes have been made to the contents of your library. All of the languages and features in the games that existed when the store was priced in EUR are still available. Most games previously available in EUR are now priced in PLN and are available for purchase in Poland, but an occasional product may be missing until it is priced in PLN.

Currently accepted payment methods:

International Credit Cards

Cash Transfer

Online Banking