Product Update - Valve
Patch 3 notes
• Second Wave addition (gameplay details in the press release)
o If a player has beaten the game, they can access a variety of gameplay toggles upon starting a new game. The Second Wave option will be available on the New Game menu.
• AI teleport bug fix
o Minimizes the bug where aliens teleport into the middle of a player’s squad
• Defeat screen when beating the game
o Minimizes a bug that displays a Defeat screen after winning the game
• Chris Kluwe as XCOM Hero unlock

Product Update - Valve
Nuclear Dawn update 6.9.1

- Fixed issue causing all players to be one rank higher than they should be.
- Fixed Advanced Kits not being selectable in UI when only unlocked via player upgrades.
- Player upgrades panel now caps available points displayed at number of upgrades available.
- Fixed some player upgrades triggering others to unlock.
- Added missing files causing player upgrade notification to not display.
- Severely reduced delay in round xp updates.
- Fixed Hammer startup issue.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Snowballs/Coals/Campfires proccing some passive abilities like Aftershock
- Fixed RoB, RoA and Radiance proccing Essence Aura
- Fixed a Roshan exploit with Clockerk
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a crash that would occur in Other Side of the Coin and Dungeons & Daemons when NPC’s attempted to cast magicks.

Product Update - Valve
- Added Nightstalker darkness graphic to day/night clock.
- When calculating Net Worth, we no longer include the inventory value of the other Meepos.

- Roshan is no longer pushed by Clockwerk's cogs.

- Added Announcer previewing.
- Fixed backwards day/night indicator.

- Added Australia server region.
- Failed chunks are now retried when downloading replays. This should address the issue with Error 206.

- Bots will now wake up if they're attacked during their initial 15 second slumber.
- Improved decision-making of who should buy wards on a team.
- Fixed Lich bot trolling teammates by using Dark Ritual on creeps that a teammate teleporting to.
- Swapped around Jugg bot's item build (he goes for ring of health and battlefury faster now).
- Carry bots are now allowed to move further from their base laning location when going for last hits.
Jan 2, 2013
Product Update - Valve
F1 Race Stars Patch notes
• Fixed voice chat muting not functioning correctly
• Fixed Gold medals not being awarded for equalling target time
• Fixed Big Bubbles not being displayed to players who joined after the gift was awarded
• Fixed issues accepting a game invite whilst signing in to RaceNet
• Fixed several issues related to losing whilst loading a race
• Fixed issue where it was possible for player to gift themselves a gift in an online championship
Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 12/24/2012

[ MISC ]
* Added the ability to commend and report players from the player details view that can be accessed in the scoreboard.
* Number of competitive wins, and unique commendations are now shown in the main menu along with skill group.
* Competitive scoreboard will show number of competitive wins needed to display your skill group if you have not displayed it yet.
* Fixed movement on ladders ignoring the walk button. Now climbing ladders while holding walk is slow and silent, which fixes previous exploit of being able to climb ladders at fullspeed without making sound.
* Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading).
* Whitelisted tv_password convar to set GOTV password.
* Reduced fps in main menu when not connected to a server from 300 fps to 120 fps to help with laptops and desktop video cards doing excessive work. Exposed fps_max_menu convar to control fps in main menu.
* Added one more minute of grace period for players to reconnect to their competitive match before a cooldown for failing to reconnect is assigned. Cooldown for failing to reconnect is now assigned after player has remained disconnected for at least 4 minutes, not counting the round of disconnection and not counting the round in which 4 minutes grace period elapses.
* Fixed Hammer crash on exit.
* Added some holiday cheer.
Product Update - Valve
Patch Notes 1.4.1
(!) Fixed frequent crash on some hardware configurations.
* Fixed bug with disappearance of some game news after long game session.
* Fixed crash with hero resurrected after he died in a boat.
* Fixed crash with perks after enemy capital surrender.
* Fixed bug when side units got more damage from cleave attack then middle one.
* After Great Mage’s death all perks made by him should now disappear.
* Food bonus on life land tiles was decreased
* New hotkeys (actual buttons now are visible in hints):
**Rest: R
**Sentry: F
**Next city for building: Ctrl+Tab
**Prev city for building: Ctrl+Shift+Tab
** camera selection focus with “HOME” button
* Perks mechanics of “Frenzy” and “HitAndRun” was fixed
* Unit doublehealing bug fixed
* Conquered city name is now correctly reflected in the list
* AI became better with negotiating
* Minor bugs with unit info screen fixed
* Unit maximum cap increased
* Some new SFX added
Dec 24, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Fantasy Wars, a fantasy turn-based 3D wargame developed by Ino-Co and published by 1C Company, has been updated to the latest version and is now available in eight languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Czech.
Product Update - Valve
v1.01 of Triple Town on Steam is now live

v1.01 of Triple Town has been made public. Change log as follows:

* There were a bunch of minor bugfixes under the hood (and one major fix for the rarely-reported-but-scary corrupted save file bug).

* Additionally, in this version, we have changed the Capital City so that its rewards are dependent upon score instead of time. In other words, rather than waiting eight hours to receive your next farm tier reward, you must earn 40k points to earn your next reward. So if you're one of those people who plays Triple Town obsessively, well, you're going to earn a lot more rewards than you used to. If you don't play very much, you're going to earn less.

* Lastly, the prices of several items in the main game store and in the capital city store have been slashed. The most important of these are the capital city expansion tiles, which now cost just 50% of what they used to. This should make it a lot easier to grow and enjoy your capital city. In the main store, all of the specialized items (like the time machine) have also had their prices slashed.

We're glad we were able to get this out before the holidays were over! :-) Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Your friendly neighborhood foxes.