Product Update - Valve

==> Adding a new map : « Mecklenburg ».
==> Adding a new game mode : « Conquest ». Seven maps will be available for this mode, including « Mecklenburg », which can be played both against humans or AI.
==> Adapting two more actual maps for the « Siege » mode : « Hold until relieved » & « None shall pass ».
==> New game lobby interface (multi & skirmish).
==> Better visibility of the number of people in the ranked games.
==> Major tuning patch (see below).


==> Fixing a bug causing a crash when a game host leave the lobby.
==> Fixing a bug causing a crash when using custom flares.
==> Fixing some rare bugs (when a command unit of the edge of a zone is forced to move into another, when loading infantry under fire into a transport, during some solo campaign’s briefings, …).
==> Fixing a graphic bug on map « Mlada Boleslav » (solo campaign) & « Open Range » / « Duel Field » (multi). Therefore the patch’s weight …



=> All flamethrowers are now restricted to direct fire. It means they need a LOS on target to fire.
=> All flamethrowers are now able to auto fire.
=> Aiming time for all flamethrowers decreased.

=> Aiming time for all ATGM decreased.
=> Fire range for all ATGM have been increased of +175m, except for both M47 Dragon.

• PACT :

=> 23mm ammunitions loadout for the Soviet ZSU-23-4V Shilka & NVA FlaKPz Shilka decreased from 4.000 to 2.000 rounds.
=> Fire range of the ZSU-23-4V Shilka increased from 1.575m to 1.750m.
=> Accuracy of the ZSU-23-4V Shilka increased from 3 to 4.

=> Fire range of the ZSU-23-4V1 Shilka increased from 1.575m to 1.750m.
=> Accuracy of the ZSU-23-4V1 Shilka increased from 4 to 5.

=> Fire range of the ZSU-23-4M2 Biryusa increased from 1.575m to 1.925m.

=> Replacing the actual (NATO ) rocket pods of the MI-2URN with a correct 16-rockets S-5 57mm pod.

=> Accuracy of the FJB-40’s Strela-2 increased from 4 to 8 (on par with the SAS & Rangers’ Redeyes).

=> Accuracy of the MT-LB Strela-10 increased from 4 to 6
=> Aiming time of the MT-LB Strela-10 decreased.

=> Price of the Soviet BRDM-2 Malyutka-M & NVA SPW-40P2 Malyutka-M decreased from $35 to $30.
=> Price of the Soviet BRDM-2 Malyutka-P & NVA SPW-40P2 Malyutka-P decreased from $45 to $40.

=> Price of the Soviet BM-21 Grad & NVA MFRW BM-21 decreased from $80 to $70.
=> Price of the CSLA RM-70 & NVA MFRW RM-70 decreased from $150 to $130.

=> Fire range of the obsolete 85mm gun of the Polish T-34/85M1 & NVA KPz T-34/85 decreased from 1.925 to 1.500m.

=> Fire range of the obsolete 76,2mm gun of the Soviet PT-76B & NVA SpPz PT-76B decreased from 1.925 to 1.500m.
=> Price of the Soviet PT-76B & NVA SpPz PT-76B decreased from 30$ to 25$.

=> Fire range of the obsolete 76,2mm gun of the Soviet PT-71 decreased from 1.925 to 1.500m.
=> Price of the Soviet PT-71 decreased from 35$ to 30$.

=> Fire range of the following MBT’s main gun increased from 1.925m to 2.100m :
* T-62M-V
* T-64A & T-64B
* T-72A

=> The following ATGMs' AP value is increased :
* Falanga from AP 10 to 12.
* Fleyta from AP 10 to 12.
* Malyutka from AP 10 to 11.
* Malyutka-M from AP 10 to 11.
* Malyutka-P from AP 10 to 12.
* Bastion from AP 10 to 12.
* Sheksna from AP 10 to 12.
* Kobra from AP 11 to 13.
* Svir from AP 11 to 14.
* Refleks from AP 11 to 15.
* Fagot from AP 10 to 11.
* Konkurs from AP 10 to 12.
* Konkurs-M from AP 11 to 14.
* Kokon from AP 11 to 14.
* Ataka V from AP 11 to 14.

• NATO :

=> Fire range of the US M109 decreased from 18.200m to 14.000m (does not affect the Bundeswehr variant).
=> Price of the US M109 decreased from $50 to $40 (does not affect the Bundeswehr variant).

=> Size of the British FV102 Striker changed from "Small" to "Normal".
=> Speed and maniability of the SwingFire increased.

=> Price of the French MILAN F2 team increased from $20 to $25.

=> Price of the German Panzergrenadiers decreased from 35$ to 30$.

=> Blindicide (German Jäger)’s caliber changed to 83mm (no gameplay effect, just a realistical change ).

=> Availability of the US M132 Zippo increased from 8 to 12.

=> Stabilizer of the US MBT-70 changed from "None" to "Bad".

=> Price of the German SPz 11-2 Kurz decreased from $35 to $30.

=> Speed of the British Saracen increased from 65km/h to 70km/h.

=> Price of the US V-150 90mm decreased from $50 to $45.

=> Speed of the British FV432 Rarden increased from 45km/h to 50km/h.

=> Replacing the Marder 1A3’s actual MILAN F1 with a MILAN F2.

=> Price of the US ATGM jeep M151A2 I-TOW increased from $25 to $30.

=> Price of the French ATGM team MILAN F1 increased from $15 to $20.
=> Price of the French ATGM team MILAN F2 increased from $20 to $25.

=> Price of the US ATGM team M47 Dragon decreased from $15 to $10.
=> Price of the US ATGM team M47 Dragon II decreased from $20 to $15.

=> Fire range of the following MBT’s main gun increased from 1.925m to 2.100m :
* Leopard 1A4 & Leopard 1A5
* Chieftain Mk.10
* M1 Abrams & IPM1 Abrams
* M8 AGS
* AMX-30B Valorisé & AMX-30B2
* M60A3 Patton & Super M60

=> The following ATGMs' AP value is increased :
* Shillelagh from AP 10 à 11.
* Shillelagh-C from AP 10 à 12.
* TOW from AP 10 à 12.
* I-TOW from AP 11 à 14.
* TOW 2 from AP 12 à 15.
* HOT 1 from AP 11 à 13.
* HOT 2 from AP 12 à 15.
* MILAN F1 from AP 10 à 12.
* MILAN F2 from AP 12 à 15.
* Swingfire from AP 11 à 13.
* SS-11 from AP 10 à 12.
* Hellfire from AP 13 à 16.
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.0.8
- Made deep cave truly deep and crazy hard. Try and reach the bottom and say hello to Sluggo. We couldn't.
- Added health bar to the Team Management screen.
- Decreased weapon damage on all weapons found in areas above threat level 7.
- Increased health on all enemies above threat level 7.
- Changed the drop rate of loot to better reflect the threat level it was dropped in.
- Fixed the timing on the Mutant Bruisers chop ability to better match the animation.
- Increased the radius of the Mutant Medikus's healing orb ability to better match the designated area.
- Increased the width of the Mutant Slayers Strike ability to better fit the effect.
- Decreased the duration and increased the cooldown on the Human Regulators Slow Field.
- Fixed some localization errors.
- Decreased the cool down on the Mutant Slayers open wound ability.
- Increased healing done by healing Gadgets.
Product Update - Valve
List of changes:

* Corrected bugs when the login window may freeze under certain circumstances
* Optimized the login process in the game's launcher
* Optimized the way YUPLAY-client interracts with the launcher
* Improved aircraft textures
Product Update - Valve
Changelog v1.31:
• Added: Custom maps support: FGD and guidelines to create your own levels.
• Added: New NPC on Temple allowing to play custom maps.
• Added: New secondary and coop missions map: cm_wurstercorp (cc_tuto2).
• Added: New custom secondary and coop missions map: cm_cu_minos.
• Added: Keyboard shortcut for the slaves control action.
• Added: Additional player spawnpoints.
• Added: Possibility to use firearms while underwater.
• Added: The Cyber Sprint icon is now displayed while sprinting.
• Updated: Improvement of the slaves (clones, drones...).
• Updated: Decreased the ammunition weight.
• Updated: There is no more delay before being able to attack after a short sprint or after using the ironsight.
• Updated: New system of secondary and coop missions (cm_).
• Updated: Falling in pits does not restart the mission anymore.
• Updated: Latency optimization on cc_new_eden.
• Updated: New interface when speaking with the NPCs.
• Updated: Removed the possibility to answer with the keyboard during dialogues.
• Updated: The parry against firearms doesn't work anymore if the stamina level reaches 0.
• Updated: Improved the NPC navigation on Temple.
• Updated: New collision system for the players.
• Updated: The video tutorials do not automatically display anymore on cc_tuto.
• Updated: Increased the maximum avatar level from 230 to 250.
• Updated: Improved the hitboxes localization and added new hitboxes for players and for most of the NPCs.
• Updated: Modified the rat's walking animation.
• Updated: Removed the thrown car script on New Eden.
• Updated: The Scrabouillor armor has been increased and the armor shock has been decreased.
• Updated: Great decrease of the latency when using a blade.
• Updated: Possessed NPCs cannot target an invulnerable NPC anymore.
• Updated: Invulnerable NPCs cannot be possessed anymore.
• Updated: Access to the Character's Menu during death or while falling has been removed.
• Updated: Federal Special Forces now use plasma weapons instead of laser weapons in multiplayer.
Bug fixes:
• Fixed: Mission not saved in some cases on cc_forgotten.
• Fixed: Possible crash that could occur in coop campaign when players accomplished missions before a Master of Fate was in the game.
• Fixed: Possible crash while using the Excidium.
• Fixed: The PSI drain was too frequent and too deadly with the Dragon spell.
• Fixed: Possible melee issue after a maintenance.
• Fixed: Some weapons were not displayed correctly in third person when players were cloaked or using the EYE Vision or the Sound Triangulation.
• Fixed: Possible crash on cc_tuto.
• Fixed: The BK13 wasn't wall-piercing in all firemodes.
• Fixed: Clones could be created even when a player died from a PSI drain while using Polycloning.
• Fixed: The armor-piercing icon for the BK13 in the armory was missing.
• Fixed: Skinning issue with the Manduco when it's dismembered.
• Fixed: Skinning issue in first person with the left hand of the player holding a Caw Hammer.
• Fixed: Incorrect physbox on a tube on Electric Sheep.
• Fixed: Skinning issue on the light Jian's player model.
• Fixed: Bug on the character creation during a change level.
• Fixed: The medkit and grenades could be used during maintenance.
• Fixed: Dual weapons exploit.
• Fixed: Removed the console messages 'No special command for Cheater! LOL!' that could show up when players didn't cheat.
• Fixed: Invisible hackable transcom on cm_new_eden.
• Fixed: Relationship error between the punks on cc_forgotten.
• Fixed: Updated obsolete triggers on Temple.
• Fixed: Possibility to respawn in the pits on Temple.
• Fixed: Model overlap on Temple.
• Fixed: Movements weren't correctly displayed in third person view while leaning in some circumstances.
• Fixed: Endurance was incorrectly taken into account instead of Agility for the purchase of the Scrabouillor.
• Fixed: Hole under the arch model on noctis.
• Fixed: Holding some keyboard shortcut could prevent players from respawning or make players respawn faster.
• Fixed: Incorrect respawn situation when a player was killed in mid-air above a pit.
• Fixed: Incorrect tiling of some textures.
• Fixed: The Actions menu wasn't correctly refreshed after an avatar change without exiting the game.
• Fixed: Using Invocation on a target in a confined area could make the spawned creature stuck.
• Fixed: Farming exploit on Noctis.
• Fixed: Researches didn’t affect the Scrabouillor’s armor.
• Fixed: Model overlap on cc_tuto2.
• Fixed: Call of nonexistent gibs for the model bio_drone_01.
• Fixed: Incorrect relationship between Culters and Jians on cm_dreams.
• Fixed: Players could lean while jumping.
• Fixed: Lavalette could spawn infinite carnophages as long as he was alive on cc_ancient.
• Fixed: Balthazar could be killed by NPCs on cc_falling.
• Fixed: Incorrect alpha channel on the Cyberware seller’s icon.
• Fixed: Animation jerking in first person view when players switched weapons while looking up or down.
• Fixed: Lugger, the punk boss and his boys were present on cm_forgotten.
• Fixed: The apostrophe cannot be used in the avatar’s name anymore. It could reset the avatar if it was renamed with a name containing an apostrophe.
• Fixed: Missing node graph on cc_end.
• Fixed: Various typo errors in texts.
Product Update - Valve
Source Filmmaker version has been released. This update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • now restricting render resolutions to allowable sizes to prevent most common crash

Product Update - Valve
Endless Space Out Now!

All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:

- Changed the save file system. The previous files are not compatible.
- Added the custom faction screen.
- Added a free camera mode in the battle view.
+ Arrow keys: move the view
+ Mouse wheel: changes the camera field of view (angle)
+ Mouse right click + pan: rotates the camera view
+ Ctrl: sticks / unsticks the camera on your fleet
- You can continue to play after a victory condition is achieved.
- Added a state to the player, to know if he's in a battle or not.
- Added an animatic for each faction, which will be displayed for a new game.
- Added narrative & random events illustrations.
- Changed the illustration for the selection of "Random Faction".
- Changed the Pirates 3D fleet icon.
- Added several outgame scenes, which will be displayed randomly.
- All technologies have a dedicated icon.
- Added 5 new music.
- Added new GUI sounds.
- Added an ES soundtrack directory (in the Steam install directory of Endless Space on your computer).
- Added the ES credits.
- Texture, video, memory & AI optimization.
- Added one new difficulty mode - Endless.
- Food consumption by population will vary with game speed.
- Heroes will not be injured when retreating. Changed the 'Death before dishonor' faction trait.
- Ship levels increase HP, DamageMin, DamageMax, InterceptionAccuracy, DeflectionPerTurn and Absorption.
- Changed the ship leveling, which now requires more XP (6 to 45 -> 4 to 100)
- Decreased the defense mods' cost (3 to 75 -> 2 to 58).
- Decreased the defense mods' weight (7 to 20 -> 5 to 16).
- Antimissile and Shield mods are now more powerful than their Weapon counterpart.
- Deflectors bonuses were only slightly increased.
- Halved Defense MP (8 to 210 -> 4 to 125) but not their efficiency in general.
- Defense MP is less effective during invasions than weapons.
- Added an extra bonus on the armor mods (25 to 304 -> 25 to 220+12%).
- Modified the Bluecap mold monopoly bonus (Dust -> Approval).
- Reduced the difficulty of diplomatic victory ( 1000 + 10*(players)*(planets) -> 2000 + 15*(players)*(planets) ).
- Decreases the malus of the random event "SUPERNOVA DISRUPTS NAVIGATION MAPS" (-80% -> -30%)
- When playing sower, the player knows the actual FIDS of a planet before colonizing it.
- Decreased the Alliance bonus multiplier (Alliance : * 2 -> Alliance : * 1,6).

- Fixed an issue where the leech hero ability will not stop upon conquering the star system.
- Fixed an issue where an assert is received when a system is conquered by the AI and the user is in System view on the same system.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where assert is received when joining an in-progress session.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where opening the war notification as host will cause an assert.
- Fixed an issue where pressing ESC after quitting a game will cause an assert.
- Fixed an issue where the game crashes 100% after loading a specific save game.
- Fixed an issue where loading a saved game from another Steam account causes an assert.

- Fixed several text issues.
- Fixed several localized text issues.
- Fixed an issue where the browsing arrows become unresponsive in planet view in a 2 planet system.
- Fixed an issue where the moon orbiting a planet will not adjust size properly in planet view.
- Fixed an issue where the heal button is not functional on the Assign to system screen.
- Fixed an issue where a graphical corruption can be seen when entering the star system.
- Fixed an issue where the Permanent Perennials star system improvement is not working.
- Fixed an issue where the resolution will not change to 1600x900 when in windowed mode.
- Fixed an issue where the user will have the buyout option active for a ship that cannot be completed normally (strategic prerequisite or obsolete ship design).
- Fixed an issue where the amount of military power is displayed using decimals on the battle report.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where ships are displayed as being in hangar on other player`s system.
- Fixed an issue where the name of the empire is not replaced in the current deals with button.
- Fixed an issue where cease fire are not spread to allies.
- Fixed an issue where the initial starting population decreases right after the first turn at slow game speed.
- Fixed an issue where disband/create fleet does not refresh movement points.
- Fixed an issue where the race names are seen in the language of the other player.
- Fixed an issue where the Hissho Affinity tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the United Empire Affinity tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the "Industry to Science" conversion tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the user is able to select guard action on an enemy`s fleet.
- Fixed an issue where technologies do not affect the deal approval.
- Fixed an issue where actual faction names were not updated in the Diplomatic Negotiations Screen when choosing random factions.
Product Update - Valve
2012-07-04: v1.06b

- The date widget arrows in the lobby no longer stay gone after you've looked at your save games
- Added a separate set of Muslim feudal (Iqta) laws
- Added a separate Muslim invasion CB with longer truce and no taking of all occupied provinces
- The success chance for kill plots now increases drastically past 100% Plot Power
- MP: Fixed an OOS issue between people with and without SoI. (Unfortunately, this means modders with SoI cannot just script in any number of wives in other religions.)
- Fixed a serious but simple error messing up the Spanish localization text
- Corrected a load of German text using ';' in the localization, corrupting the text database
- Decadence revolter special troops now disband after the war
- The game will no longer crash if you have the African Unit Pack DLC but not the Sword of Islam
- Exported EMPIRE_CREATION_PIETY_COST to defines
- Fixed a bug with 'replace_path' in mods
- Empires now cost 400 Piety to create (up from 200)
- Fixed a bug that would not actually detract the empire creation Piety cost
- Fixed a problem with the event effects 'gain_settlements_under_title' and 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' where rebel or revolter occupied counties would not be taken in the peace
- Muslim vassals can no longer declare Holy Wars on rulers of their top liege's religion
- Corrected the English regnal numbers to exclude the Saxon Edwards
- Fixed a bug where breaking a truce would not actually cost Prestige
- Added 'creation_requires_capital' field to landed titles
- Added harsher creation conditions for the Latin Empire
- Added proper creation conditions for the Caliphates
- Fixed a bug with the event effect 'abdicate_to_most_liked_by' that could cause the new ruler of a non-feudal state to become independent when he should not
- Character modifiers now correctly recalculated when a timed character modifier expires
- No longer possible to revoke the last landed title off a ruler with significant vassals
- The chancellor in West African cultures is now called Grand Vizier
- The minor title 'title_ruler_consort' no longer has separate localization strings - it's now the other gender version of the spouse's ruler title
- Added 'title_female' custom holder title to landed titles
- Added separate law message for when muslims pass laws
- Added event effect 'disband_event_forces'
- Fixed some glitches with betrothals in the Muslim world
- Fixed a bug with Heavy Armor tech level 5
- Fixed a bug with the Ramadan events firing at once if war was declared
- Religion View: The portrait of the religious head should now age correctly
- Doubled the opinion penalty for revoking a kingdom
- Fixed a bug with the tooltip for usurping emperor tier titles
- Fixed some errors in the Welsh character database
- Women with 'immortal' flagged traits no longer grow infertile after 45, and the AI knows this
- Fixed an issue with 'immortal' marked traits added in the ruler designer or the history
- Should no longer be possible to get both the Sayyid and Mirza traits
- Fixed two bugs with a dynasty's Coat of Arms changing for no reason
- Scripted banned colors for Coats of Arms should now work
- Corrected event picture for event 75075
- Fixed some events using incorrect form 'only_capable'
- Removed some duplicate text entries
- Tech focuses can no longer change when you inherit someone's title
- Commander traits are now generated for characters created with the 'create_character' effect with a martial trait
- The Jizya tax modifier is now shown with an icon on Holdings
- Corrected the religion of Muhammad's ancestors
- Corrected lots of (harmless) errors in the gui files
- Fixed a bug with the tooltip for usurping emperor tier titles
- Fixed a bug with the NTechnology defines and REN_PROVINCE not being read
- Changed the name of the 'Empire of Spain' to 'Empire of Hispania'
- Can no longer transfer Duke or King rank vassals to anyone except their de jure liege
- Buffed the Christian states of Iberia by giving them more holdings, more initial building upgrades and slightly higher tech
- Invasion AI: Fixed some deadlock situations that could occur when armies were loaded on fleets belonging to the wrong agent
- Army AI: Fixed a glitch with attrition avoidance when having attached units
- When moving an army into a sea zone, it will now prefer loading onto the smallest possible fleet
- Attached units can no longer lead a siege if the unit they are attached to is also besieging
- Increased the max number of holdings in many counties in continental Europe, England and the Levantine coast
- Attached units now move at the same speed
- Can no longer select holy orders to play in the lobby
- Page 12 in the Ledger no longer crashes in "observer" mode
- When divorcing a spouse, the "matrilineal" marriage status is now correctly reset
- Vassals with a weak claim on the liege that they can't currently use no longer get an increased revolt risk
- Diplo AI: Tweaked "desires better alliance" factor for marriages
- Fixed a bug where armies containing Holy Order regiments could be disbanded when the Holy Order itself withdrew its forces for another conflict
- Fixed a bug preventing a host without The Sword of Islam from hosting MP games with those who do and have selected Muslim rulers
- Fixed a freeze bug in the lobby when stepping back through history from an advanced date
- Fixed a bug with historical scripted non-succession laws being overridden at start
- Fixed a bug where landless religion heads could be succeeded by ones of the wrong religion
- Added 'decadence' character history command
- The Seljuks now start at 0% Decadence
- Fixed a bug in some combat tactics that would immediately destroy all enemies of a certain unit type

Product Update - Valve
Change Log:
• Lighting shader tweaks to improve lighting in battles throughout the game.
• A Multiplayer crash on host machine when searching for a 4v4 Set-up team siege battle has been fixed.
• Fixed crash when attempting to play Fall of the Samurai Historical Battles when players owns the stand alone Dragon War Battle Pack and not Total War: SHOGUN 2 Fall of the Samurai.
• Fix for players becoming stuck during the Avatar Multiplayer Tutorial after searching for a Match Made battle.
• The "Season" drop down list should now display correctly after changing map in a multiplayer Battle List battle.
• Wako pirates now have the correct banners in naval battles via the Campaign.
• Fix to prevent AI trade fleets grouped around occupied trade nodes in Campaign mode.
• Fix to prevent Mixed Avatars being able to join Battle List battles with 'Mixed Avatars' option turned off.
• Fix for bug in Avatar Conquest mode where players receiving a clan promotion were shown a message telling them they have been relegated.
• Desynchronisation (desync) message has been localised to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish.
• Fix for multiplayer campaign desynchronsiation (desync) when playing between German and Czech players.
• Improved compatibility with AMD Radeon HD 7 series graphics cards.
• Fixes to prevent desynchronisation (desync) in Multiplayer Campaign mode.
• Improved combat animation blending for cavalry.
• Added localisation to the multiplayer lobby for the status of TEd created maps when they are being shared.
• Fix for Sea of Japan naval battle map crash.
• Players can no longer delete the "Sea of Japan" Naval Battle map, and can delete their own maps (Created or shared through TEd) on the battle setup screen UI.
• Added localisation for battle setup screen UI in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Rock of Ages have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- New game mode: Obstacle Course. Race an opponent to the finish line avoiding enemy units while searching for powerups. Both players compete on the same course and the first to earn two points wins the match! Game mode is available for online play, split-screen versus and also against an AI opponent.
- Tweaked player respawn so it's harder to use as an exploit.
- Invites window menu is displaying properly.
- Fixed flyer bug that was causing some units to not fire when they should.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM, CS:S)
  • Fixed a problem that allowed spoofed IP addresses to make connections to the game server

Team Fortress 2
  • Teddy Roosebelt can now get assists in Pyrovision
  • Fixed Pyrovision sometimes activating in killcams for more than just weapons and cosmetics
  • Fixed exploit where the Scorch Shot could fire its short range kill pellet at the very beginning of the taunt
  • Fixed blood getting sprayed on the world in some cases in Low Violence and Pyrovision
  • Fixed decapitations creating head gibs in Low Violence and Pyrovision
  • Fixed Hitman’s Heatmaker headshot not properly getting counted on the scoreboard
  • Fixed tracers being fired for other weapons (SMGs) while in focus
  • Fixed Sydney Sleeper’s bonus not properly protecting against Decapitating Headshots
  • Added team color to rainbow-showered players in Pyrovision
  • Updated localization files

Counter-Strike: Source
  • Added ConVars sv_rcon_maxpacketsize and sv_rcon_maxpacketbans to allow server admins to control the maximum RCON packet size and whether or not users get banned for exceeding that limit. The defaults reflect the existing behavior.
  • Fixed not being able to import custom spray images on Macs
  • Fixed Macs cancelling http map downloads that take longer than 30 seconds
  • Updated the HTML renderer for displaying server MOTD