Product Update - Valve
• Gunner’s Grapple Skill now turns into a throw at level 2.
• Altered how grapple victims are found making it easier for larger classes to have a successful grapple
• added separate audio volume sliders for Voices, Music, and Effects
• Updated Server Browser layout and functionality
• Testing profile resets, all earnings and Protags will be reset.

Balance Changes
• Reduced damage of Assassin’s Dagger and Sword versus Turrets
• Reduced damage of Tank’s Jet Gun versus Turrets
• Increased health of Shave Ice Turrets
• Decreased juice gain from damage done by Assassin’s Dagger and Sword
• Increased damage done by Gunner’s Grapple at level 3

• Fixed Server Browser refresh hitch
• Fixed Show Full and Show Empty filters in Server Browser
• Fixed players kicked from game when Steam connection is lost

Product Update - Valve
• Fixed class limits for servers
• Fixed passwords not working for servers
• Fixed crash when creating turrets
• Fixed some mascot pathing issues
• Fixed some minor bot firing issues
• Fixed profile wipes when playing in Offline Mode
• Fixed server passwords getting reset

• Removed Clan Tags. Players can still change their name through Steam to reflect a Clan Tag
• Increased the number of bots in each Crossfire wave to help evaluate performance
• Scoreboard no longer blocks game input
• Disabled lobby buttons while loading into a game

New Features
• Added buy confirmation pop up for Highlights and Career ProTags
• Added more Mascot animations
• Added a cooldown bar in the HUD to reflect the status of Gunner or Tank thrusters
• Added “New!” mascot head icon to Career Milestones when there is an unseen ProTag in that milestone
• Colored death UI to match the player’s team
• Added support for multiple dedicated servers on a single computer
• Added an autobalance option for Crossfire matches
• Added message for when players are auto balanced
• Added ServerInstance cmdline option to support multiple dedicated servers on one machine. -ServerInstance[0-14] will automatically offset ports so that all instances show in the serverbrowser. There is no need to change the base port(7777)as it is auto offset by ServerInstance.

Product Update - Valve
• Fixed a crash occurring when clicking on player buttons in the Blitz lobby
• Create Class:
  • fixed classes not saving
  • fixed page not updating with new class info
  • fixed incorrect endorsements displayed if you didn’t make any endorsement changes
  • fixed selection reverting to Assault if you only chose new endorsements
• Skill/Turret purchase: fixed display issue in 1280 x 1024
• fixed Moneyball Crash end of Blitz and Crossfire
• fixed first player join server freeze
• fixed game password functionality
• Fixed missing HUD wheny dying during a taunt
• fixed performance issues on listen and dedicated servers
• fixed crash on selecting player in Blitz Pre-Game Lobby

• added cool-down on Jump Jets for Gunner and Tank
• Updated dedicated server command line

New Features
• decoupled Dedicated Server from Steam client
• added Team Selection to Pre-Game Lobby
• Auto-balance in Pre-Game Lobby based on Level

Product Update - Valve
Monday Night Combat Product Update 3

• Fixed zero mouse sensitivity issue.
• Fixed spawned bots rewarding bounty and assists when they explode via money ball, time out or buzzer attack.
• Fixed PhysX crash.

• Increased lifetime of console echos, chat text and team chat.

New Features
• Added Admin features for servers.
• Added command line support for dedicated servers.

Balance Changes
• Reduced the duration of Sniper Trap Freeze against players.
• Increased recovery time of level 2 and 3 Tank Charge
• Decreased damage done by level 3 Tank Charge, knockdown and stun is unchanged.
Product Update - Valve
Monday Night Combat Product Update 2

• Fixed scrollbars on all scrollable UIs.
• Fixed a display issue in the Playbook.
• Fixed game crash on non English languages
• Fixed sound for 7.1 audio devices
• Fixed not seeing Blitz servers in the server browser.

• Improved the chat and console font.
• Colorized team chat to match your team’s color.
• Increased the time to start a Blitz match in order to give more time for players to get on the server. Game can still by started earlier by toggling ready.
• Improved server lists and crashing associated with multiplayer.
• Reduced the overall number of bots in Crossfire.

Balance Changes
• Decreased the amount of damage a Firebase takes while it’s deploying.
• Decreased the recovery time of level 2 and 3 Airstrike.

Monday Night Combat Product Update 1

• Fixed sensitivity sliders so that the minimum value is no longer 0.
• Fixed the actions in the death scene to be rebindable.
• Fixed several crashes at the end of Blitz rounds.
• Fixed wrong Challenge Names showing up when browsing for a Blitz game.
• Fixed the Server Browser map filter and set the default to “All”.
• Fixed getting ‘cash on hand’ back after purchasing a custom class.
• Fixed a crash on dedicated servers.
• Fixed Chat and Team Chat

• Refactored the code that displays player counts in the Server Browser.
• Changed some UI text size for higher resolutions.
• Changed the Server Browser tabs to be more legible.
• Changed the Server Browser to default to ‘Internet’.

Balance Changes
• Increased the amount of bots spawn for some pros that purchase bots at a bot spawner.
• Reduced the amount of juice Lazer Blazer turrets give to deployed Tanks and taunting Pros.
• Increased clip size of Tank’s Rail Gun.