Product Update - Valve
- Enabled equipped Pennants showing up in your base.

- Fixed Illuminate going 400 further than intended.
- Fixed Psi Blades being slightly too wide in its spill.

- Fixed range cursor always using the player's main hero instead of the currently casting unit.
- Fixed bug where connecting during CM pick stage resulted in a broken pick/ban view.
- Added control groups 7, 8, 9, and 10.
- Added team profile page, accessible from the profile page of any player in a team.
- Filtering live games by hero now matches on localized hero names and supports keyboard shortcuts.

- Added custom sounds when Tiny has an ultimate scepter equipped and is attacking with a tree.

- Added Luna bot.
- Added Dazzle bot.
- Only use suggested heroes if we have bot implementations for them.
- Lich bot will now use Frost Nova when laning to harass, if he has plenty of mana.
- Fixed bug that would cause Viper to use Poision Attack on creeps when laning.
- Bots will now sell TP scrolls if they need the inventory space to buy an item from the Secret Shop.
- Made Bane bot less likely to use abilities when doing a mild retreat.
- Fixed Razor's Plasma Field usage in-lane which was just completely broken. He should spam it less now.
- Tiny will now Avalanche at a slightly further distance when trying to do his combo.
- Windrunner will try to Shackleshot when retreating less now, and only when Windrun isn't active.
- Bots will no longer want to do Roshan when they aren't sufficiently tanky.
- When buying TP scrolls, bots will now try to purchase two of them since they tend to run around without any too often
- Fixed bug where bots wouldn't lower their farm desire when they reached enough money to make a big purchase, resulting in them farming forever.
- Fixed bug in Armlet toggling.
- Fixed bug that was causing bots to use Mekansm when no one needed healing.
- Fixed bug that was causing bots to incorrectly extrapolate movement positions (breaking abilities that need to lead their targets like Torrent or Light Strike Array).
Product Update - Valve
- Added Meepo!
- Added Meepo!
- Added Meepo!
- Added Meepo!
- Added Meepo!
- In the Test client, heroes will now randomly equip cosmetic items every time they spawn.

- Pugna: Fixed Nether Ward briefly registering the incorrect team right after casting.
- Wisp: Fixed being able to Teleport a Tethered creep to the enemy base.
- Lich: Fixed Chain Frost being dodge-able.

- The buyback button is no longer shown when the hero is reincarnating.
- Shift clicking a recipe now puts it in quickbuy.
- Fixed misaligned tooltips in the combine tree.
- Pennants now work for any game that's part of a tournament.
- New broadcaster select dialog.
- Added animated Firstblood, killstreaks and multikills notifications.
- Reduced opposing-team pause resume time down to 5 seconds (from 30 seconds). It remains 30 seconds if a player is disconnected.
- The top bar healthbars now show up any time a player is spectating.
- Fixed issues with the featured hero in the profile not showing the right hero, or not animating after toggling the dashboard.
- Stackable items now have their sellback time expired when they are stacked by a movement inside the inventory.
- The suggested items tab is now reloaded after a player swaps heroes with someone else.
- Added hero filter to live games list.

- Added a effect that plays the whole time Keeper's Mana Leak is active on a target, not just when the target moves.
- Player's chosen team pennant will display in the fountain area.

- Added Lich bot.
- Added Death Prophet bot.
- Added Viper bot.
- Bots will now select heroes their teammates have suggested in the hero picker.
- Increased the radius and strength of fountain avoidance.
- Tuned the strength of bots desire to place a ward, they should be somewhat more cautious about it now.
- Bots now wait 15 seconds after hero-picking to spring into action. This gives players the opportunity to buy their own couriers, if they want.
- Bots will no longer try to TP out of a fight if they're currently visible to the enemy team.
- Bots now try to path through FoWed areas when retreating.
- Bots now pay attention to multiple pings, and will use them to strengthen their desire to attack a hero, defend a lane, or push a lane.
- Bots that are disabled due to missing players on the opposing team are now also invulnerable so they cannot be farmed.
- Supports will now defer last-hitting to non-supports in their lane.
- Bots on easier difficulty levels will now be worse at retreating out of a gank.
- Fixed bug with the avoidance of Dark Seer's wall (only half the wall was being avoided).
- Slightly increased sticktoitiveness of bots overall, but moreso for medium and easy bots.
- Made Tiny bot less likely to Avalanche when retreating (so it's harder to harass him into using all his mana).
Product Update - Valve

- Fixed Captain's Mode Level 1 & 2 penalties reducing a bit more time than intended.
- Silencer: Fixed Invoke proccing Last Word.
- Juggernaut: Fixed a bug that was causing the first tick of Healing Ward to always heal the Radiant team.
- Tiny: Fixed Toss disabling allied Blink Daggers.
- Huskar: Fixed Life Break not hurting Huskar if he jumped on a magic immune unit.
- Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Essence Aura not proccing on items.


- Save/Load system for private games is back online.
- Clicking on a hero portrait in the stats dropdown now queries that hero.
- Added stat dropdown category "net worth", the value of non-consumable items in their inventory and their current gold.
- Fixed world lines not being drawn properly when networked to other clients.
- Fixed Hero card movies not working if the hero selection was made while you had the dashboard up.
- Fixed the timeline being broken if you jumped back to the picking stage while viewing the Vs animation.
- Fixed Silenced state getting stuck on in the hud.
- When spectator fog of war hotkeys are pressed, the UI now updates to match.


- Added over 50 new items from the community.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed being able to request a swap with enemy heroes or yourself.
- Fixed Warlock missing his pants.
- Tournaments with live games in progress will sort first on the Tournament list.
- Added a Voice volume slider.
- Cleaned up voice thresholding and VU meter. It better represents the range of mic volume, and is more clear about when thresholding is kicking in.
- Cleaned up voice processing to improve quality.
- Fixed file open dialogs not refreshing the current directory's contents when opening.
- Fixed file open dialogs not clearing their substring filter when they're re-opened.
Product Update - Valve
- Added Swap Hero. This cannot be used after creeps spawn or in SD. Accessible via right click on heroes in the scoreboard.
- Spectators watching Dota TV can now access the dashboard chat channels.
- All broadcasters in a channel now transmit their voice to spectators that have selected that channel.

- Bloodseeker: Fixed Blood Bath not working on siege units.
- Bounty Hunter: Fixed Shadow Walk damaging buildings.
- Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash jumping to ancients.
- Juggernaut: Fixed Bladefury showing per target visual effect when hurting invis units.
- Lifestealer: Fixed Ensnare not going away after using Infest.
- Lone Druid: Fixed creep aggro behavior with Spirit Bear
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld when attacking Items.
- Undying: Fixed Tombstone spawning zombies against couriers.
- Undying: Fixed Tombstone receiving too much aggro from towers.
- Undying: Fixed Zombies not dying when their target becomes invisible.
- Fixed canceling TP scrolls causing projectiles to be dodged.
- Fixed gold lost on death being reduced too much when carrying Bloodstone.
- Fixed various bounce abilities malfunctioning if the targets die during it.

UI :
- Added Swap Hero. This cannot be used after creeps spawn or in SD. Accessible via right click on heroes in the scoreboard.
- Spectators watching Dota TV can now access the dashboard chat channels.
- Broadcasters will now see lines drawn by their cobroadcasters.
- Spectators will now see all lines drawn by any broadcaster in their selected broadcast channel.
- The Tournament Panel now fits 4 live games in preparation for The International.
- When the cursor is hidden due to inactivity, it no longer causes unit glows or other highlight shennanigans.
- Fixed a bug where hero icons were missing from chat lines occasionally.
- The Hero selector now allows instant spawn on public games with only 1 or 2 humans in them.
- Fixed the chat bubble display to work properly with open mic thresholding.
- Fixed timeline markers not updating correctly if you jumped around in a replay.
- Added a toggle-able chat window to the Hero Selection Spectator view.
- Various improvements to the readability of the Hero Selection Spectator view.
- Spectator view of Hero Selection now shows player's names under their selected heroes.
- Fixed spectators not being able to see item ownership on the courier.
- The buyback stat dropdown now shows if the hero will or won't be able to buyback if the hero dies now (and if they can't, it shows the remaining cooldown or the extra gold needed to be able to die and buyback).
- Fixed rogue selection rings in spectator mode.
- Added a console command for league admins to end the game (dota_ref_winner_radiant/dota_ref_winner_dire)

- Fixed bug where some heroes would not display any wearables when watching replays.

- Added colored VU meter in the audio settings panel for evaluating and adjusting volume levels.
- Added "mute co-broadcasters" setting.
- All broadcasters in a channel now transmit their voice to spectators that have selected that channel.
- Broadcasters that are in the same channel can now hear each other when they talk.
- Hero ban sounds are now enabled when spectating Captain's Mode.

- Fixed a bug in Wearable Importing when using SMD files (fixes items not attaching correctly to the hero model)
Product Update - Valve
- Alchemist: Fixed Acid Spray negative armor not affecting Siege units.
- Dazzle: Fixed Shadow Wave not healing siege units.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Chakra Magic mana regen not transfering over Tether.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Illuminate dealing maximum damage instantly when killed by Nether Ward on cast attempt.
- Rubick: Fixed duration of spellsteal not refreshing when stealing an ability you already have.
- Nyx Assassin: Fixed Spiked Carapace triggering on HP removal.
- Spectre: Fixed being unable to Reality to a sleeping Haunt illusion.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld if the target dies while the attack projectile is airborn.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed HP Removal spells (like Heartstopper Aura & Urn) draining Refraction.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld debuff not disappearing properly when the attack is disjointed.
- Undying: Fixed Tombstone not spawning zombies near sleeping enemy units.
- Undying: Fixed a bug with Flesh Golem dropping the damage amplification too low outside of maximum distance.
- Visage: Fixed Soul Assumption gaining charges from enemy self inflicted damage.
- Visage: Fixed Familiars being counted considered as basic creeps for the purposes of extra duration spells (like Paralyzing Casks).
- Fixed Neutral's Ensnare getting dispelled when the enemy becomes Magic Immune.
- Fixed Hand of Midas triggering Last Will on Necronomicons and hurting you.

- Enabled new hero selection UI when spectating.
- Added time penalty options in the private lobby for Captain's Mode (deducts 20/50/90 seconds from the bonus buffer time).
- Illusions can now be remembered in control groups after respawning.
- Broadcasters can join shared channels in the lobby.
- Fixed a rare crash involving a stuck dragged inventory item across a level change.
- Tournament panel will show which games you have previously watched.
- Matches can now be rated by users via the new vote UI.

- Fixed a bug where a completely wiped/absent enemy team would cause a low desire to push.
- Fixed Kunkka being a dirty cheater when using Torrent.
- Improved bot courier usage. They will no longer try to use the courier when someone else's stuff is on it, and will recover if someone else messes with the courier when it's bringing them their stuff.
- Pinging towers now sets the overall bot desire to a flat value (modified by individual bot health and distance).
- When creating a cheats-enabled bot game, you no longer can control the bots.

- Keeper effects got some polish and bug fixes.
- Windrunner polished textures and updated hero selection portrait.

- Fixed Open Microphone Threshold value being incorrectly calculated. Broadcasters: Make sure you return to this and tweak this before casting your next game.
- Fixed bug that was causing the automatic gain adjuster to clip, resulting in poor quality voice audio.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed being able to miss Vendetta
- Fixed Meld sometimes not hitting if you moved quickly after attacking
- Fixed some FOW issues with Spirit Form Illuminate
- Fixed Soul Assumption gaining charges from Illusions
- Fixed some movement formation issues with Familiars
- Fixed Stone Form stun not going off if a Familiar died while casting it

- Fixed bots never using Cheese.
- Fixed bots never using TPs to get back to base.
- Bots will no longer figure out illusions based on the damage the potential illusion is doing.
- Lowered bot farm desire at low health.
- Lowered retreat desire just to pick up items.
- Added a mild distance factor to Roshan desire.
- Baseline push desire is now calculated using the opposing team's total offensive power rather than a constant value (so bots will want more power later in games).
- Bots now just want to equalize power when defending, rather than overwhelm.
- Capped maximum defend desire so that it doesn't trump their attack desire.
Product Update - Valve
- Added Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage to the Matchmaking Hero Roster and Captain's Mode!
- Added a cooldown to being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.
- Added notification for when a Tournament has a live game currently running.

- Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes working with Refresher.
- Beastmaster: Wild Axes no longer provide vision when they aren't flying.
- Naga Siren: Fixed Dust of Appearance not working against units slept by Song of the Siren.
- Naga Siren: Fixed Ice Blast debuff not getting added to units slept by Song of the Siren.
- Naga Siren: Fixed Weave not affecting units slept by Song of the Siren.
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed Doppelwalk illusions not correctly replicating their inventory item slots.
- Rubick: Fixed Wild Axes being left around when another ability is stolen.
- Sand King: Neutrals can now be damaged by Sandstorm.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld initial attack doing too much damage.
- Slardar: Fixed Bash working while doomed.
- Neutrals damaged by an invisible enemy will now try to run away.

- Multiple tweaks to director events and framing.
- Fixed particle effects sometimes not drawing while in Player Perspective mode.

- Added notification for when a Tournament has a live game currently running.
- The kill card now shows a randomly selected item that the killer is wearing. Also reduced its size.
- Fixed equipping an item in the backpack not jumping to the correct hero in the loadout
- Added Buyback to the spectating stats dropdown.
- Added a cooldown for being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.
- Fixed Storm Spirit Mega-Kill announcer having the incorrect equip slot.

- Fixed Rubick retaining incorrect skins from stolen abilities when returning to his normal model.
- Meld damage display is now only shown for successful hits.

- Significant revision of how bots determine their high-level desires
- Roshan desire has been significantly reworked. It's now based on how quickly Roshan can be killed given the available heroes and how quickly enemies can show up.
- Evasion desire is now more granular. Things like Blade Fury now cause a range of evasion desire based on the bot's current health.
- Fixed case where bots were trying to path to an invalid location when defending their base.
- Made bots more aggressive about attacking when defending a lane.
- Cleaned up inferred human modes for pushing and defending lanes.
- Made bots less concerned about distance when considering an attack on a pinged target.
- Fixed bug that made pinged towers less likely to attract allied bots that were doing other high-priority stuff.
- Tuned retreat desire values when hurt and close to the fountain.
- Made bots somewhat more likely to buy a flying courier.

- Added a new Import Wearable option to the Publish New Item section of the in-game workshop UI. It will compile, validate, and preview your model before you submit it. When submitting, it also packs the files into a format that makes it much easier for us to bring it into the game.
Product Update - Valve
- Added Naga Siren!
- Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!
- Enabled Naga Siren in Captain's Mode

- Added Naga Siren!
- Enabled Naga Siren in Captain's Mode.
- Beastmaster: Fixed the path that Wild Axes take. It should now work the way it was originally intended.
- Disruptor: Fixed Glimpse affecting Warlock's Golem and Spirit Bear.
- Rubick: Fixed Warlock's Shadow Word refreshing its debuff version when stolen and cast as a buff.
- Rubick: Fixed Dazzle's Weave refreshing its debuff version when stolen and cast as a buff.
- Rubick: Fixed restealing an ability (stealing another ability in-between) not restting its cooldown.
- Silencer: Fixed Curse of the Silent affecting Warlock's Golem and Spirit Bear.
- Storm Spirit: Fixed Static Remnant blocking creep camps.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Refraction being dispellable.
- Undying: Fixed a case where early game zombies could sometimes get stuck with an earlier or invalid level of Deathlust into the late game.
- Undying: Fixed Zombies being controllable when their target goes invisible.
- Wisp: Fixed Spirits detonating on non-hero units like Spirit Bear.
- Fixed Diffusal Blade stopping Force Staff movement.
- Fixed Templar Assassin's Refraction and Pipe causing Blink Dagger to not get disabled.
- Fixed illusion item locations not matching the source hero.

- The Director will now acknowledge all Ultimate usages not just the ones that damage, so you can no longer pretend that Echo Slam in the jungle by yourself didn't happen.
- Tweaks to Directed camera framing and movement.

- Added chat spam throttling.
- Players that have not purchased a Tournament Pass will no longer be able to watch that Tournament's replays.
- Sellback times no longer expire when moving items to the courier.
- Commendations are now only allowed from within games.
- Commendation totals are not incremented until the game is finished.
- Commendation totals are not incremented if the game was less than 10 minutes long.
- Fixed item stocks not restoring correctly when multiple items are sold back within the sellback time.
- Added a message when a player destroys the Aegis.
- Added confirmation dialog before starting a Tournament game with one or more teams not specified.
- Added client-side console variables allowing spectators to locally disable certain announcer lines. Especially useful for broadcasters. The cvars are:
- cl_dota_speech_spec_towerattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_towerfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_ancientattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_enemybasefalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_idles .
- Set any of them to '0' to prevent that line from playing. (Broadcasters will almost always want to set cl_dota_speech_spec_idles 0 ).
- Multiple players who have the same announcer equipped in the same game should now hear the same line being spoken.

- Enabled AFK and leaver penalties for co-op bot matches.
- Re-enabled rewards for co-op bot matches.- Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!
Product Update - Valve
- Added Templar Assassin!
- Enabled Templar Assassin, Disruptor and Undying in Captain's Mode.

- Bounty Hunter: Fixed Jinada proccing on Tombstone.
- Broodmother: Fixed Spiderling passive proccing on magic immune units (like zombies) and spawning mass spiderlings.
- Disruptor: Fixed Kinetic Field sometimes causing heroes to fail to attack a hero who is being trapped in the field.
- Earthshaker: Fixed Echo Slam inital damage not hitting units through magic immunity.
- Leshrac: Fixed Pulse Nova procing Essence Aura.
- Lone Druid: Fixed Spirit Bear not aggroing creeps when it attacks a hero
- Luna: Fixed Moon Glaive bouncing on ward type units
- Luna: Fixed Moon Glaive bounce order.
- Lycan: Fixed wolves having max speed for their duration after Shapeshift ends if summoned during Shapeshift.
- Necrolyte: Fixed Death Pulse not healing allied magic immune units
- Puck: Fixed Phase Shift proccing Essence Aura.
- Rubick: Fixed being able to steal spells from their being toggled off.
- Rubick: Fixed getting stuck in Flesh Golem form when respawning with the buff.
- Rubick: Fixed some abilities being broken when re-stealing them, now re-stealing an ability will have no effect on your currently stolen ability.
- Shadow Shaman: Fixed Ether Shock ignoring Linken's Sphere.
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greaterbash affecting Magic Immune units when procced via other abilities
- Undying: Fixed Tombstone interaction with Refresher Orb.
- Undying: Fixed Deathlust sometimes not working properly.
- Undying: Fixed a bug where Deathlust would sometimes not go away.
- Undying: Decay now makes the target lose exactly 76 health when cast and heal exactly 76 when it ends. Before the health scaling was causing the target not to lose then gain the correct amount of health.
- Wisp: Fixed Spirits exploding on illusions.
- Wisp: Fixed Relocate to not teleport Wisp while dead
- Improved AFK detection.
- Fixed Smoke of Deceit dodging incoming projectiles if there are nearby enemy heroes.
- Fixed Ethereal Blade and Black King Bar interaction.
- Fixed completely-avoided damage from triggering blink dagger's cooldown.

- Rich Presence now shows if you're casting a game.
- If you buy an Aghanim's Scepter on a hero with no upgrade, this is now shown in the ability.
- Battle point rate and any equipped bonuses are now shown in the inspect panel.
- Numerical battle points earned (split into base and bonus) are now shown on the game end screen.
- The play panel now shows matchmaking game modes and regions from the party when finding a match.
- Improved unpause countdown, added UI sound.
- Fixed case where we weren't properly crediting damage from summoned units/wards to their hero in the combatlog.
- Added an interface setting to prevent the camera from moving upon respawn
- Neutrals now have yellow healthbars when spectating.
- Roshan's healthbar is now slightly bigger.
- We now hide all match details until you reveal the winner.
- Team names and logos are now shown on match details panel.
- Fixed a handful of issues with the message and chat system when watching replays.
- The killcam card now flips over to show the full body portrait.

- Improved how bots manage their movement while doing evasive maneuvers -- they will now consider a range of escape directions and select the best one based on other nearby avoidance zones.
- Added avoidance to Disruptor's Kinetic Field (while it's forming) and Static Storm.
- Improved how bots request items from the stash via the courier. The courier will now only deliver items the hero has room for, and bots will take into account projected item combines.

- Added overhead messages when items or abilities cause unnatural mana gain or loss (such as Arcane Boots).

- A new chest with exclusive items has been spotted.
- Announcers, couriers and several rare items on sale.
- Added Storm Spirit announcer.
- Added over 50 new community created items.