Community Announcements - Knuckle Cracker
First, Greenlight fell to the Creeper. Now the full Steam community will succumb. Prep your defenses and prepare for its arrival!
Mar 16, 2014
Community Announcements - R_Yell
- final Volcanic pistol skin by Paul68Rageous

- desperados: some slight geometry/cover related changes, different explosive barrel placement
- revenge: bonefires added, pro-tip: don't step over them

- notoriety awarded by high tier guns increased from 4 to 6, and some mid tier guns were upped from 6 to 7
- kill streak notoriety bonus multiplier also was increased
- sawed shotgun: +15% damage single, +10% double
- knife: normal damage +15%, thrown damage +30%, +20% throw speed
- fists: view punch effect on enemy gets stronger when player uses brass knuckles
Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
Today we stay true to covering the exciting matches that goes on in the Gladiator.WT Tournaments last stages.

Plus we do our weekly Golden Eagle Sunday Event! Meaning we give out Golden Eagles to you watching it! And after the matches we host Custom Battles in which you also win Golden Eagles!

We will keep running our "Tweet your paintjob competition"! Read the instructions below:

Tweet your best War Thunder paintjob to @WarThunderEN & @MetagamingTV with the

following hashtag: #WTPaintJob And we will pick our favorites on the stream which will win 400 Golden Eagles!

On top of all that! We have breached the 2000 Followers mark yesterday and will therefore give out 1 Mustang Pack & 1 Dora Pack after the Gladiator.WT Matches!

We hope to see there!

On the MetagamingTV channel over at twitch.

Every Sunday @ 5pm CET - For more timezones click this link, and watch the table


London, Sunday, 5 PM GMT
Berlin, Sunday, 6 PM CET
New York, Sunday, 12 PM EST
Los Angeles, Sunday, 9 AM PST
Sydney, Monday, 4 AM AEDT
Community Announcements - Instinct
We want to share some thoughts with you about the beta and the plans we have for the upcoming weeks. In this regard, I want to thank everyone who takes part in the beta and helps us providing a better game.

We have done some significant progress since Closed Beta, yet there are still issues that need to be solved. You might have noticed that the bug fixing lost a little bit of pace in the last 1-2 weeks. This is due to the fact that we were entirely reworking the internal error log system to support structured exception handling, which allows us to create minidumps of your crashes for much easier and faster bug fixing. On top of that we also support Steamworks Error Reporting that anonymously and automatically stores and uploads minidumps when a crash occurs. Even if no minidump was created, we still get a report every time a user crashes. This way we can clearly identify the biggest and most common issues and solve them more rapidly in the future, including rather rare issues.

Why have we experienced so many issues in first place? This is because many core aspects of the engine have been changed or updated to fit modern hardware requirements and technology. While the game looks similar to other MoW games, the backend is very different. Multi-core support, updated shader model, updated material rendering, Steamworks and many more things were admittedly too ambitious for the time we had. None the less, we think those changes were important as you deserve to finally get a serious engine upgrade. These improvements might not show off right now, but they definitely will be in the future.

We are rather pleased with the Singleplayer component, but the Multiplayer is undoubtedly not good enough, especially not the performance. Here we are working on a new thread manager to get the Multiplayer performance to a similar level like you have in Singleplayer. We should be able to present it to you later next week. We are also working on a new background resource loading/managing system which affects many parts of the engine and therefore it takes a while to complete. It should enable us to make better use of the new graphics features without such a hit on performance.

Also we have plans to update to DirectX10 and 64bit after the game has been released, which will allow us to further improve performance and stability. We also consider OpenGL and controller support for SteamOS. While quite likely, these are all subject to change.

Lastly, we will release the game when it reaches the quality standards we have. Should we need to further postpone the game, we will provide you additional content for the beta to make the waiting shorter. Again, we want to thank you for your support and we are working very hard to provide you the best possible Men of War experience to date! :)
Community Announcements - CyberDemon
New build 3075 is ready to download.
  • Added H264 NVidia Encoder hardware acceleration support (for Geforces 6xx / 7xx)
  • Changed H264 Intel QuickSync encoder settings, please check if you use it
  • Fixed OpenGL 4 games compatibility with GeForce video hardware
  • Fixed bug with little desync in MKV
  • Teamspeak 3 overlay plugins are updated to API 20
  • Fixed GPU overlay render bug after replacing Radeon with Geforce
  • Now current profile name is in main PlayClaw window caption
  • Fixed Elder Scrolls online crash
  • Now "draw cursor" option affects screenshots too

PLEASE, make sure you don't run when steam client will update it.
Community Announcements - ronma|oli4
Watch episode 9 of this weekly Awesomenauts show.

Ronimo's Olivier joins FourCourtJester and SlowWolf to talk about the upcoming new 'Naut Penny Fox and game metrics!
Community Announcements - SquidInABox
A new free game mode has been added called "Hold".

In "Hold" your weapons are only available while you are inside the lit area.

Also as part of this update "Crunch Time" has been updated with some more spawn events, ambushes and mini-bosses from the other game modes as has been often requested by you; the fans.
Community Announcements - mikez
If only the game becomes good enough, maybe Final Round senpai will notice it next year...

- Remove extraneous NPC from 2D River King.
- Training dummy will now properly reversal after a ground tech.
- Fix 2p bug with TubaTuba vs Val's Counter, thank you to...whoever in Japan posted this...

Beta Experiments List
- Can't burst during invincibility in hitstun, fixes some burst OS's.
- All Lv1 supers have 1f active frames that are unblockable post-flash...didn't like always-blockable versions, but I do like the shorter hitstop. Air Scalpels still reaction-blockable and counterable even point-blank. Sing->Opera is reaction blockable if not doing anything, but not counterable.
- She is able to reflect projectiles from the 1st frame of Diamond Deflector, rather than having 4f at the start where she can't.
- Airball on block -5 -> -9.
NEW - Can cancel Zoom or Headbutt into head's Cat Call recall, only if not blocked. The cancel adds 75f of cooldown (same as Sneeze/Nom add) if the head is not actually recovered by the body.
NEW - You all can shut up about the Fiber Upper change. Thank you.
- Headless Fiber Upper is only throw-invincible, not hit-invincible; assist version keeps full invincibility even if headless. HK Fiber makes opponent land slightly sooner if airblocked.
- j.HP -2f startup, back to 775 dmg, updated knockback and hitstun, knocks downward again; still combos into MK El Gato, but not Cat Spike. See what you think now, Fortune people.
- s.HP -2f startup, +2f recovery, dmg 1100->1000 dmg, new hitspark.
- Feline Allergies active time +4f.
- Head-on Cat Scratch Fever can't be comboed off with normals, can be cancelled into Cat Strike on hit. Adding 2.5k for having one hit left after CSF is a BIT too much.
- Head now always has 15f of cooldown after being hit by the opponent at any time. No more, no less.
- Longer period where she can't move the head after Feral Edge on whiff/block.
- Can't cancel Headbutt/Zoom into Nom or Sneeze on block. Can still cancel on hit/whiff.
- Cat Strike (take off head) +1 on block -> -2 on block.
- Can unfly by pressing PP while flying; she maintains her forward momentum on unfly, and keeps half momentum backward.
- Fly cancels from Buers (and Buer super) count as 2x flying, so they allow one less fly afterward until you land; flying out of normals and Stingers is unaffected.
- Hatred Install hitstop 1f, recovery 5f longer on DHC only.
- Silent Scope active time 4f->7f, no longer possible to just-frame dodge it with certain moves.
- Argus Agony startup invincibility reduced.
- Lenny will not explode in the middle of an Argus Agony, he will wait until the end.
- H Seria Draugen Punch is invincible.
NEW - Mortuary Drop startup 6f faster, no longer super-cancellable on or after the active frames on whiff. Still super-cancellable on hit.
- 24f cooldown on Dead Cross once it hits the floor, hits the opponent, or goes offscreen.

Resigned to a Final-Round and CEO-less life, Skullgirls eventually accepts a job in a foundry where it excels, earning the respect and admiration of its co-workers while building a physique that is the envy of every un-patched fighting game. It lives an exciting and eventful life after learning to not base its self-worth on the opinions of others. And one day, far in the future, Skullgirls comes upon another downtrodden once-popular fighting game in an alley and spots it a fiver for some beer. No hard feelings.
Community Announcements - mikez
Git a lil'a tha ol' thee sixteeeeee~

- Remove extraneous NPC from 2D River King.
- Training dummy will now properly reversal after a ground tech.
- Fix 2p bug with TubaTuba vs Val's Counter, thank you to...whoever in Japan posted this...
Community Announcements - Josh "Spikey00" Y. / ;-;
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This one carries a number of rather significant econ-related changes that have been brewing for a while:

Now that hacking has been around long enough and seems to be welcome, we've moved ahead with the combination of metal and crystal (into just metal) so that hacking can move up into the main resource bar. Crystal as a separate mechanic had some impact on the game, <a href=",12812.msg153264.html#msg153264">but ultimately we could do better.</a>

The other main thrust was to nibble at both ends of <a href=",14227.0.html">the refleeting problem.</a> To a large extent there's no problem if a major player fleet wipe takes a long time to recover from. Actions should have consequences. But if it _only_ takes time (specifically, the player's real wall-clock time), then that crosses the line from "reduced player ability" to "reduced player interest", which is not cool. So now the AI can "take the ball and throw it back" proportional to your offensive casualties. That nibbles at one side (making post-fleet-wipe more interesting, possibly terminally so). On the other side, when the AI takes casualties in your territory you get bonus metal-per-second while your command stations gather up the salvage. That nibbles at the other side (speeding up the refleet, if you survive).

Along with that, the resource cap (aside from updating for the m+c combination) now increases a bit with each command station and thus keeps up better as the scale of the conflict increases throughout the game.

Finally, there are a few bugfixes including a rather important one to the core timing of the simulation. Previously (as many of you noticed) the sim actually ran faster when you moved the mouse around like a crazy person. No longer :) But now the + and - speed settings have a more pronounced impact and the +10 speed (renamed to "+!!!") has been repurposed as a genuine "go as fast as you can" (while still drawing a few frames per second) setting. In the early game (before the sim load gets serious) that can let you pass a tremendous amount of sim-time very quickly if you want to.

7.012 hotfix for some unhandled errors on the Economy tab of the Stats window. Apparently it was still in denial about crystal.

<i>The <b></b> Winter 2013 <a href="">AI War Sortie Bulletin</a> topic at the community hub is a place to find other players.</i>

<i>This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 6.000 or later. When you launch the game, you'll see the notice of the update having been found if you're connected to the Internet at the time. If you don't have 6.000 or later, you can download that <a href="">here.</a></i>