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Imagine the free-form digging and construction of Minecraft on an alien planet, where you can build up into space, with physics-simulated movement, vehicles, guns, alien wildlife, and laser turrets, and you're coming close to the ideas indie developer CodeHatch is playing with in StarForge. If you're excited, and you should be, you can have a bash in a playable "very early alpha" version. It's rough, certainly, but well worth your attention.

As well as the ubiquitous survival mode, where you must, well, survive on the hostile planet, CodeHatch is planning 'Fort Wars.' The team-based mode will have players gathering resources, building forts, and laying defenses, with the goal of smashing the other team's all-important vats. Sure, you could simply build big guns and smash into them, but you could also tunnel in.

Download the survival mode alpha build here from Shacknews. It may run slowly, and is glitchy and unpolished. The current build also presents you with a white screen for a worrying length of time while it generates the world, but there's enough to be excited about the possibilities.

StarForge will be free-to-play, selling new skins, classes and items which CodeHatch insists will merely offer players more options, rather than make them outright more powerful.

The official site is heavily overloaded right now, but has more information for the patient. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for pointing out this one. Now, do watch this splendid trailer:

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Update: The publisher has announced Dead Space 3.

Although Electronic Arts hasn't officially announced Dead Space 3 yet, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect thanks to ongoing leaks surrounding the title. As expected, the horror franchise's "next chapter" takes place on an ice planet Uxor and introduces John Carver--Isaac Clarke's new co-op partner.

The rumors are pretty much confirmed with screens of the as-of-yet announced game leaking onto the Korean forum Ruliweb (via Joystiq).

Army of Two vs. Necromorphs

EA will be holding an E3 press conference on Monday. "We're excited to unveil Dead Space 3 to the world at the EA press conference next week," an EA representative told IGN. Expect much more then.

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If you've been suffering indie game bundle fatigue, now that a new one launches almost every week, the latest Humble Bundle should perk you right back up. The 'pay what you want' Humble Indie Bundle V packs Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo, Psychonauts, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, plus, if you pay more than the average price, you get Bastion too.

Head on over to Humble Bundle to slap down whatever you fancy paying, dividing it up as you please between the developers, charities, and organizer. As ever, the games come for PC, Mac and Linux, and are available as DRM-free direct downloads with bonus Steam keys. Oh, and you get their soundtracks too.

Now, sadly the customary Humble Bundle rapping is absent from HIB V's trailer, but maybe the Bastion narrator and Tim Schafer will make up for that:

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Although Gears of War 3 finished the adventures of Delta Squad, it appears Epic Games is not yet ready to leave the world of Sera. Hence, today's announcement: a new Gears of War game for Xbox 360.

Game Informer will feature the game as its cover story for its upcoming July issue. However, we can expect much more on the game at E3, which begins on Monday next week.

Could this be the return of Gears of War Exile, a Kinect spinoff for the franchise that was canceled earlier this year? We won't know until Monday's reveal--but you can scan the full cover image to look for any clues.

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The DC comic book universe is giving the fighting genre another go, with Injustice: Gods Among Us. Warner Bros announced today that NetherRealm, the studio behind the recent hit Mortal Kombat, is working on a fighting game featuring DC heroes and villains with an original story. It's targeting 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The announcement mentions Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Solomon Grundy, and Harley Quinn among its name-drops, but the full cast has plenty more to choose from. The story focuses on some force turning the various DC heroes into a threat, and then getting into a big old fighting game brawl. As far as fighting game plots go, we at least know that NetherRealm can pull off narrative hooks.

For many on the team, this will be the second shot at DC characters. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was developed by Midway, before that team was rolled into the new NetherRealm Studios. That game received mixed reviews, but it was seen more as a Mortal Kombat game than a DC one.

"We can't wait to reveal Injustice: Gods Among Us because it will give our fans and gamers an epic experience as they battle like gods as their favorite DC Comics villains and heroes," said creative director Ed Boon, in the announcement. "Our team is excited to make a fighting game that is filled with fast-paced action, incredible story-telling and iconic DC Comics characters."

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The Diablo III experience has gradually gotten better after a rocky launch, with Blizzard working diligently to fix in-game issues, stabilize servers and improve the experience. But the company is in hot water in South Korea over those same issues because of its refund policy.

Blizzard's Seoul offices were raided by Korean authorities this week because of complaints to the country's Fair Trade Commission that the company would not issue refunds to players unhappy with the game, according to The Korea Times. The FTC said it is investigating whether Blizzard was "ill-prepared" for the crush of players, and looking into whether the company's no-return policy violates Korean law on electronic commerce and commercial contracts.

A spokesman for the FTC told The Times that it had received enough complaints from Diablo III players to launch an investigation. Blizzard Korea has doubled its servers and has promised to improve its service to avoid further problems, but it hasn't been enough to staunch the complaints and assuage disgruntled players.

If the FTC finds that Blizzard violated the law, it could force the company to issue refunds to those requesting them. All of Blizzard's franchises--World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo--have a huge fan base in Korea, perhaps prompting the added government scrutiny.

The highly anticipated sequel has sold incredibly well, and has been a rather engrossing experience for me.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been teasing its Dawnguard downloadable content, but short of a name and a teaser image we haven't had much to judge for the add-on. That all changes today, with the release of a rather long trailer for Dawnguard, giving hints at the story and some of the enemies you'll be facing.

Dawnguard will center around creatures of the night, apparently attempting to take the Elder Scrolls by force so they can blot out the sun permanently. This would presumably kill everything they need to eat, but no one ever said it was a particularly good plan. As with all supervillains, the one thing standing in the vampires' way is an elite group of do-gooders called the Dawnguard.

The DLC will hit sometime this summer, coming to Xbox 360 first and then PC and PlayStation 3 at least 30 days later. No specific date has been given yet for any platform.

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If you like droll, inane comedy (which I do), then you probably are familiar with The Naked Gun series of movies in the late '80s and early '90s, starring Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin. The movies were fun in that they never took themselves too seriously. Now, you can play as part of the police squad.

In that same vein, DNA Interactive has released the spiritual successor to the Paramount Pictures films as an old-school adventure game. The Naked Gun I.C.U.P. for iOS devices stars Drebin's son as the same dull-witted police detective as his father. The police squad is manned by a similar band of misfits who somehow manage to get the job done. The trailer offers much of the same style of dialogue that made you laugh at the movies, in spite of yourself.

The game is now available on the App Store for $4.99.

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The deathly and dastardly extra content coming with the PC edition of Dark Souls will also be released for consoles as DLC, publisher Namco Bandai has confirmed. The 'Artorias of the Abyss' expansion will arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this winter, priced at $15.

Namco Bandai broke the news to IGN. Artorias of the Abyss will add new areas, enemies, bosses, weapons, armour, and other gubbins you'd expect from DLC.

The PC edition, unashamedly named Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, is slated for release on Aug. 24. Unfortunately, it's not the fanciest of ports, running at 30fps and possibly using Games for Windows Live. Still, at least it's getting a PC release, thanks to the fan campaign.

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Far Cry 3

Of Orcs and Men

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