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Movie studios and video game publishers are still looking for a way to profit off of some cross-media synergy. According to a new report, Electronic Arts has been shopping one of its more recognizable franchises for a Hollywood adaptation: Need for Speed.

A movie adaptation of the game would be able to compete with Universal's still-popular Fast and the Furious series. Paramount is supposedly the frontrunner in the bid, but all major studios minus Universal.

Variety (via Joystiq) reports that George and John Gatins are attached to pen the adaptation. They previously worked on Real Steel.

EA's last entry in the franchise, The Run (pictured above), could give us an idea on what the movie will be like. The Run featured the most detailed story in the franchise, and featured Sean Faris and Christina Hendricks in starring roles. An adaptation of The Run would be an easy sell for a Hollywood adaptation.

Apr 13, 2012
Shacknews - Steve Watts

Guacamelee is difficult to describe; it's not so much a singular, vital concept as it is a pastiche of various gameplay mechanics and influences. This approach could easily make for a hot mess, but a brief look at the game shows plenty of potential in the ideas coalescing into a whole game that is both fun and funny.

The plot focuses on Juan Aguacate, a luchador who sets out to save the daughter of El Presidente from the evil El Charro. The focus on Mexican wrestling means it's often a melee brawler in the style of classic beat-em-ups. Slathered on top of that like a fine 7-layer dip is the so-called "Metroidvania" elements. My time with the game at PAX East 2012 was a fairly straight-forward set of introductory areas, but I was assured that the full game will feature a larger map with more emphasis on exploration and opening new pathways.

"Luchador meets Metroid" is a novel enough concept, but the game isn't finished mixing in disparate elements just yet. Beating enemies grants XP for upgrades. At the moment, that manifests itself as health boosts, but Drinkbox is considering purchasable upgrade paths. The game features 2-player offline co-op, and XP is shared among the players so one isn't left behind if they join the drop-in play midway through.

Finally, Juan and his co-op partner can switch between dimensions -- an enemy might be an invincible white shadow in one plane, but vulnerable in the other. When enemies from more than one plane appear at once, the game becomes more complex as the player is forced to dodge both enemies while swapping between the two dimensions to deal damage.

What may be most impressive about this hodge-podge of concepts is how Guacamelee feels like it owns them all. It's openly borrowing from various sources, but it puts its own stamp on the proceedings so well that it doesn't ever feel derivative or forced. The writing was genuinely funny, the cheeky references were well-placed, and the combat system is easy to pick up and intuitive. Drinkbox hasn't given release details yet, but it's certainly one wrestling match to watch.

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The Darkness II for a paltry $12.49 leads another cracking weekend of sales at PC digital distributors. You'll also find Crysis 2 for $7.49, L.A. Noire for $4.99, Serious Sam 3 for $12, Alan Wake for $20.07, Might & Magic Heroes VI for $24.99, and Interplay classics including Fallout, Freespace, and Shogo for $2.99 apiece.

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Amazon's holding a huge sale, which you really should root around in yourself, but here are some highlights:



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Good Old Games

Bags of Interplay games are going cheap, including these nice things:

Green Man Gaming

Some decent daily deals and regular sales are in effect this weekend.



  • Mount & Blade + M&B: Warband + M&B: Fire and Sword (Steamworks) - $7.49 (75% off)

  • Red Orchestra (Steamworks) - $3.99 (60% off)

  • Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai (Steamworks) - $20.10 (33% off) with the voucher code COLLA-PSEOF-NINJA


Indie Gala

Pay what you want for a bundle of Future Wars, Greed: Black Border and Trapped Dead. Pay above the average price to also get Flatout, Grotesque Tactics, and Twin Sector.


As well as being on sale, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is free to play until 1pm Pacific on Sunday. Click here to install it if you have Steam.

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Crytek has released an update to their CryEngine 3 SDK. Now at 3.4, the latest version of the middleware engine promises a number of updates that promises to "increase the creative power at developers' fingertips." For us gamers, though? It promises to make games just a tad bit better.

The main highlights of the 3.4 update include revamped DirectX 11 tessellation, advanced character rendering options, and an improved AI system.

For more details on the SDK update, you can visit Crytek's official website. You can also download the free SDK from us right here if you want to check out the new features for yourself.

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Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 carry the dubious distinction of being the first main series Pokemon games to carry a numbered sequel. The announcement even called them "Version 2," so it's fair to wonder how much new content will be included. Some new details from a Japanese magazine shed more light on that subject.

Coro Coro Comics (via Andriasang) reveals that character Akuroma, a mysterious Pokemon researcher. The game will also introduce new gym leaders, two of which were detailed in the magazine. Homika will focus on poison-type Pokemon, while Shizui is a water-type master.

The game features a new area called Hiougi City, to the south of the Isshu region. The game will be set in that region like the original Black and White, so we may see some locations repeat. The game is due on June 23 in Japan, and later this fall in North America.

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United Front's Sleeping Dogs, the open-world crime 'em up formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong, has been dated for August 14. As ever, there are a variety of retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses to thrill, confound, and irritate.

Pre-order bonuses for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions include exclusive outfits, vehicles, missions, and, oddly, clobber and moves inspired by MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre. Check out the Sleeping Dogs site for more on what you get where.

Goodies for the PC edition are to be announced "at a later date," publisher Square Enix says.

Here's a recent look at some vehicular Hong Kongfoolery:

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It's hard to find a current generation series with more goodwill than Portal. Anything even tenuously connected to Valve's first-person puzzler will probably have good vibes extended to it. In the case of Quantum Conundrum, a game from Portal designer Kim Swift with some striking similarities, that goodwill has resulted in plenty of attention. And while it seems to have all the pieces in place, a hands-on with the PAX East 2012 demo only scratched the surface of what this concept can accomplish.

The puzzle element in this particular first-person title comes from various dimensions, each with its own physical properties. The Fluffy dimension turns everything light and plush, the Heavy dimension does just the opposite, and so on. It's an easy idea to grasp at its core, and that simplicity could make for a staggering amount of puzzle applications.

This demo showed off three of the dimensions: Fluffy, Heavy, and Slow-Mo. An introductory puzzle had me blocking a deadly laser by picking up a Fluffy safe, and then turning it into a Heavy safe. From there, I had to time the Heavy/Fluffy change to allow a laser to destroy some safes in a stack, but not others, in order to make a staircase. This was the most difficult part of the demo, but that was due to its precision timing, not figuring out what to do. Finally, the demo played with some Slow-Mo, as machines spit out furniture haphazardly and various "bubbles" of the slow-motion effect made them mountable as platforms.

A look at the game provided a nice breadth of the dimensions, but it only provided the basics of each of them. I would have liked to see hints of more complex iterations for one or two dimensions, rather than the absolute basics of three. It's possible that developer Airtight Games didn't want to overwhelm the player, which is understandable. Still, this is a game that will live and breathe on brain-teasers. I'm confident that Swift and her team can pull it off, but I'd like to have seen more of it on display here.

The world is well-realized and funny, thanks in no small part to the sharp dialogue and delivery by John de Lancie. The spirit is more chipper and animated than the darkly humorous Portal, so I can imagine it being a good fit for younger players as well -- especially since the protagonist is 12 years old himself. I also noticed that the furniture looked large as a matter of perspective, which was a nice touch for seeing the world through the eyes of a kid.

In many ways, Quantum Conundrum feels like Portal's little brother. It's cuter, more colorful, relies on broader comedy, and judging by the demo, it may be a bit easier as well. This simple taste may have wanted to ease us in for more complex puzzles. If not, an easier, kid-friendly puzzle experience with this much personality can't hurt.

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Andrea, the two Jeff's, and Garnett waste no time getting right to all the new info on Resident Evil 6, Lost Planet 3, and Devil May Cry coming out of Capcom's recent press event. They also have a few quick updates from a similar event held by Namco that unveiled a PC version of Dark Souls and provided an update on the status of a western release for Ni No Kuni. We also get a first look at FEZ and Andrea shares some of what she saw at PAX East, including the awesome-sounding indie, Super T.I.M.E. Force. There's much more along the way as well before putting the Finishing Moves on this episode.

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Deckard Cain has always been available in the Diablo games to offer sage advice, words of wisdom and tell of Sanctuary's involvement in the eternal fight between good and evil. The Book of Cain puts this wealth of knowledge in one place, and now Blizzard has revealed a small portion of that tome.

The Archangel Tyrael is the focus of the unveiled portion of the tome, a carrot offered by Blizzard to fans as a way to tell more people about Diablo 3 and interact with the "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" web site. With every 10 percent (Blizzard calculates through some obscure method), a new item is revealed. This portion of Cain's book was the 20 percent reveal.

Cain offers a few insights into the Archangel of Justice and his growing conflict with the Angiris Council because of Tyrael's insistence on interfering in mortal affairs and even fighting on their behalf. The excerpt talk of Cain's admiration for the angel, but colors it with the caveat that people should judge for themselves.

The 10 percent reveal was a chat with three of the key developers on Diablo 3, although the video was made more than a year ago based on comments that it was spring and they were looking to release the game later in 2011. But you can pull a few tidbits from it below.

It shouldn't be long before Blizzard unveils a new class video, as they already did with the Demon Hunter and Barbarian.

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Valve Software's esoteric research has spread to making hardware, with a job listing seeking an electronics engineer to work with its team on designing and producing actual physical things. "We're not talking about me-too mice and gamepads here," Valve says, "help us invent whole new gaming experiences."

The lucky engineer's job will be, the listing (via VG247) says, to "Work with the hardware team to conceive, design, evaluate, and produce new types of input, output, and platform hardware."

One potential avenue is biometrics, which Valve has been interested in for several years. In 2008, co-founder Gabe Newell mused about measuring players' brain activity with EEG scans, to see how they react to games. Dota 2 can track the pulse rate of players hooked up to the appropriate gizmo, too.

It had been rumoured in March that Valve was working on a 'Steam Box' standardised PC, but the company has denied that, saying it's simply building test PCs for Steam's Big Picture mode.

"We're also doing a bunch of different experiments with biometric feedback and stuff like that, which we've talked about a fair amount," Valve's Doug Lombardi said at that time. "All of that is stuff that we're working on, but it's a long way from Valve shipping any sort of hardware."

Or they could be hiring for something entirely new and wonderful.