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Vehicles are a new thing in Dying Light: The Following, and these buggies are expert zombie killing machines. The only downsides to driving around the massive countryside is you’re going to need to keep your parts repaired, as well as maintain a decent fuel level in the buggy if you want to be able to outrun those zombie hordes. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping your buggy on the road.

First things first, let’s tackle fuel. This is the most basic commodity you’re going to need to keep your buggy up and running. Even if the buggy’s parts get obliterated, you’ll still be able to drive around, albeit not very well, with a tank full of premium Haran fuel. The easiest places to find fuel are gas stations. There are several of these premium oil stations scattered around the countryside, but sometimes you might not be able to make it to one of them in time.

The most plentiful way to gain fuel is to siphon it from abandoned vehicles along the road. This can be done by approaching the vehicle’s fuel tank and holding down the Search button. You’ll get one unit of fuel for each search, and even if the tank is full on your buggy, you’ll still be able to hold on to any extra fuel you find lying around.

The second most important aspect of taking care of your vehicle is maintenance and new parts. To find repair parts you’ll want to search everywhere, including under the hood of each and every abandoned car you come across. You can find all kinds of useful items here like Lubrication, Screws, and even Steel Tubing.

Now, if you want to supe up your ride and really get the engine revving, you’re going to have to be willing to look a little deeper. Head up to the Silas truck Safe Zone, which you find during your first quest for Bilal. Here you can purchase upgraded parts like Brakes, Turbo, Suspension, Engine, and Traction. Just remember that all these higher upgraded parts also have an amount of times that they can be repaired, so you’ll want to minimize the amount of zombie ramming you do until you get your roll cage upgraded.

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Shacknews - Josh Hawkins

We’ve all been there. You check out the vendor at Bilal’s station only to see that he’s selling a shiny new shotgun or crossbow that you really, and I mean REALLY, want. But you don’t have the cash for it. This guide will teach you the quickest way to find money in Dying Light’s newest expansion, The Following.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have the Car Alarm upgrade for Kyle Crane’s vehicle. Once you have it, and it is installed, make your way around the countryside until you spot a large group of zombies in one of the roads or fields. Now activate the car alarm and drive through the horde to attract them. Drive slowly, until you reach a building you can climb onto, and then hop out of your car and climb onto the building.

Now shoot the zombies, or crouch and melee attack them, until you’ve cleared them all out. The noise will probably attract some virals, but that’s no big deal. Just kill those guys with a finisher when they try to climb up onto the building. Once they are all dead, drop down and start looting their bodies to find cash and valuable items. Now rinse and repeat until you have the amount of cash you need. This method also works well if you have the electric cage trap activate too. Zap those zombies away quickly for extra money and items!

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The Warcraft movie is scheduled to release in Summer 2016, and if you’re planning on watching the film, you might want to hold onto your ticket stub as Blizzard might be planning an inevitable tie-in between World of Warcraft and its major motion picture counterpart.

A player survey is being sent out by Blizzard for consideration for a product called The World of Warcraft “Ultimate Movie Edition.” The special edition contains digital copies of World of Warcraft itself and all previously-released expansions, one month of free game time, and an exclusive in-game item. The Ultimate Movie Edition will be free with the purchase of a ticket to see the Warcraft film in theaters.

The special edition of World of Warcraft won’t include a copy of its upcoming Legion expansion, although we’re sure that’s more than just a coincidence considering it’s expected to launch around the time the film premieres.

Hopefully Blizzard follows through with this offer as we think it’d be a great idea to offer a free copy of the game and expansions for moviegoers. We can’t think of a better way to pull in more players after they’ve just finished watching the Warcraft movie.

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We previously highlighted GoatZ, which we felt is the perfect combination of goat simulator and zombie-survival simulator. Today, we have another great combination of a goat simulator mixed with the quest-hunting and fireball-throwing of MMORPGs in Goat Simulator MMO Simulator.

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator features all of the hijinks you expect from the standard Goat Simulator experience, but now allows your goat to choose one of five different classes: Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Hunter, and the extremely fearsome Microwave. You’ll be able to complete dozens of quests and level up to level 101, although whether or not your goat will actually be powerful at that level is certainly up for debate.

The game will have your goat hunting exotic animals, battling evil monsters, and amazing everyone with your magic abilities. If you enjoy Goat Simulator and MMORPGs, then you shouldn’t hesitate to check out Goat Simulator MMO Simulator.

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Update: In a statement submitted to Shacknews, Symantec clarified that it unintentionally displayed Hearthbuddy as a malicious add-on. The company only intended to display its image as an example, but says the software isn't inherently malicious. We've updated our story accordingly.

Original Story: While we wait for Blizzard to announce “What’s Next” for Hearthstone, it appears in a completely ironic twist, a new report has identified malware disguised as hacks, bots, and deck trackers for the game.

The report comes from security firm Symantec and even points out a number of particular applications, such as Hearthstone Hack Tool v2.1. The hack tool is being called a complete scam as it promises to give players more gold and dust, but it turns out, it carries a malware which steals a user's’ Bitcoin. 

If you’re using programs to cheat in Hearthstone and find yourself with a piece of malware, well, that’s pretty much on you. We recommend you play the game honestly, and if you need to use a hack, then you should maybe move on to another game as you’re completely missing the point of the fun of Hearthstone.

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At the Vision Summit today, Dr. Richard Marks, chief of PlayStation VR, held a conference on the importance of Sony's move into the VR market and why it would be worth developers' time to work on the platform.

Marks quoted the installed number of PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide, which is over 36 million, as being the primary reason Sony projects their PlayStation VR would be a success. With that many consoles in place, Sony could have the strongest launching point of any of the VR contenders coming to the market.

For the Oculus VR and the HTC Vive consumers will need a high-end PC gaming rig to run the headsets at the recommended specs. Including the $599 of the Oculus VR and the projected price point of the HTC Vive, which is around the same price, VR on PC could be a very costly endeavor. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 can be had for $349 brand new, and will support the PlayStation VR out-of-the-box on release day.

In any case, the VR arms race is shaping up to be one of the most interesting market cases in the gaming industry since the console wars of the 90's. Competition can be a good thing, but hopefully, we don't see one of these VR headsets going the way of HD-DVD and leaving people with pricey equipment they can't use.

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Shack’s Arcade Corner is going behind enemy lines this week to rescue as many hostages as possible without running out of ammo or killing any civilians in the process.

For this week’s Arcade Corner, Greg has us infiltrating a number of P.O.W. camps in Operation Wolf. Just keep an eye out for any random blondes running around.

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The Following is Dying Light’s newest expansion and with it comes a giant new open world area to explore with brand new vehicles, and quite a few new weapons. But before you can get started mowing zombies down with your new crossbow and buggy, you’re going to need to get the campaign started. This guide will teach you how to do just that.

Sadly The Following isn’t actually connected to the main game, meaning there isn’t a way to currently move between the two versions of the game without exiting back to the main menu. Many players have made the mistake of launching the campaign and trying to find a way out of Haran from there. But that won’t work. Instead you’ll need to go to the Main Menu.

Once at the Main Menu choose the Play option.

Now you’ll need to select The Following, which should be located right until Play Campaign if you have the expansion installed.

From there you’ll have to select the save file you want to use and then press Enter to get started.

We hope you enjoy killing zombies with your new buggy. If you’re looking to earn yourself some nice free weapons, check out these 42 docket codes for Dying Light.

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Today during Unity's Vision Summit earlier today in Hollywood, California, there was a pretty big announcement as far as Google goes.

Unity will be receiving native support for Google Cardboard, or that little flimsy phone holder you can buy that's literally made out of cardboard. You stick your phone in it, hold it over your eyes a la Viewmaster, and the power of VR apps is yours.

Unity support will be an obvious boon for developers looking to take their VR creations to Android and iOS mobile devices. This is huge, given the fact that to date, as revealed by the vice president of virtual reality for Google, 5 million Cardboard units have been shipped around the world. That equated to 30 million Cardboard-centric app downloads for Android users. That's a lot of downloads.

Google wants to make VR a platform for all those interested, and it's going a long way with its cheap viewer, Unity access for anyone to start creating Cardboard games, and a cadre of other news coming down the pipeline. Great news, especially if you dig Unity.

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If you're interested in game creation and are looking to pick up an Oculus Rift headset, you may want to sit up and pay attention.

Announced today during Unity's Vision VR/AR Summit in Hollywood, anyone who picks up the headset will also receive 4 months of the Unity Pro platform. That's actually a really great deal. Considering Unity Pro is about $75 a month, you've got a pretty big boost if you're interested in creating.

If you weren't already thinking of jumping into the Rift pool, this might help you make the decision.