Shacknews - Brian Leahy
The new weekly mutations for Left 4 Dead 2 are changing up the game in some creative ways. Through this framework, Valve can push live weekly gametypes that do not require additional assets to play, but change up the game in significant ways.

This week, players can try out "Bleed Out":

New Mutation

Bleed Out

Your health is a ticking away!

With constant mobs chasing you, there's no time for standing around. You have no permanent health, only temporary health that is continuously ticking away. You won't find any health packs to restore your health, only pills and adrenaline. This mutation is for Campaign mode.


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Shacknews - Chris Faylor

[Update - 12:15pm CST on May 11] Submissions for the art contest are now closed, but you still have until 11:59pm EST / 10:59pm on May 17, 2010 to leave a comment below for a chance to randomly win some other Left 4 Dead swag.

We'll announce the winners on May 18.

[Original] Want to win a custom-painted Left 4 Dead 2-styled Xbox 360 and some other swag? If you said (or thought) yes, then we've got a contest for you thanks to the fine folks at Valve and Shacknews parent company GameFly.

For a chance to win the custom-painted console, submit an image of your Left 4 Dead-inspired artwork to

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Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
With Left 4 Dead 2's downloadable content 'The Passing' out on Xbox 360 and hitting PC later today, Valve has released a trailer as well as a few more 'Mutation' details.

The Mutations are week-long events that offer new ways to play the game, such as this week's "Realism Versus" Mutation and the upcoming campaign-only "Chainsaw Massacre," which will give players chainsaws with unlimited gas--and nothing else.

Only one Mutation will be available at any given time, changing weekly. A monthly poll will allow players to vote on which Mutation they would like to return the following week.

Bringing three Left 4 Dead survivors together with their L4D2 counterparts in a new campaign along with new game modes, weapons and the 'Fallen Survivor' infected, The Passing costs $7 (560 Microsoft Points) on Xbox 360 but w...

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Shacknews - Chris Faylor
[Update - 2:00pm CST] Valve has now confirmed that "The Passing" will hit both Xbox 360 and PC on Thursday, April 22. As expected, the Xbox 360 download will be priced at 560 Microsoft Points / $7, while those playing on PC will get it for free.

The company also provided details on "Mutations," described as "a series of weekly game mode events" that " range from 'Realism Versus' mode to 'Chainsaw Massacre,' which gives all players chainsaws with an unlimited supply of gasoline."

[Original - 1:00pm CST] Following up on the flood of details, Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passi...

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Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
Left 4 Dead 2 developer Valve Software has revealed the achievements due to be added to the zombie apocalypse shooter by its upcoming downloadable content 'The Passing,' which neatly teases some of the multiple new game modes that it'll deliver.

One achievement involves "Cache Grab," which Valve describes as involving new foot lockers, while another is awarded for playing 6 mysterious "Mutations." Valve offers no explantation of what Mutations are, instead promising to reveal them tomorrow.

A ghoulish wedding and the new 'Fallen Survivor' spec...

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Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
The Left 4 Dead 2 downloadable content 'The Passing' is on track to be released this week, developer Valve Software has revealed on the official Left 4 Dead Blog.

The Passing brings Left 4 Dead 2's survivors together with three of the original gang--Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey--with multiple new game modes, weapons and infected plus a new power ballad from the Midnight Riders, "Save Me Some Sugar."

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Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
With the month almost over it's no surprise that to hear on Xbox Live's 'SentUAMessage' show that Left 4 Dead 2's downloadable content 'The Passing' will miss its "late March" release, as spotted by Kotaku, though the show does price the DLC on Xbox 360.

The Passing will cost 560 Microsoft Points ($7) on Xbox 360--the same price as the Left 4 Dead 'Crash Course' DLC--Valve apparently told the show, while we presume that, in true Valve style, PC users will once again receive the update for free.