I Would Play An Entire Game Of Mario and Limbo Put TogetherIt's not a full, real game yet, but Newgrounds user executive11 is working on it. For now, you can bounce around in the pretty half-Limbo, half-Mario world.

Limbo Mario [Newgrounds via Dorkly]


FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 2 Goals: Everything You Need to KnowFarmVille's Mistletoe Lane expansion won't be available for free until November 19, but if you've already made your way into Zynga's second holiday farm, you'll find a second series of goals available for a limited time. Mistletoe Lane's Chapter 2 contains six goals to finish over the next week, but again, only players that have purchased a ticket into Mistletoe Lane early can complete them. Here's our look at the goals and prizes in Chapter 2 of Mistletoe Lane, thanks to Zynga.

An Elfing Hand
• Get 6 Elfalfas
• Harvest 20 Cider Apples
• Harvest Animal Workshop 2 Times

For this Elfalfas task, and all others that ask you gather a specific collectible, you'll need to post a general news item to your wall asking all of your friends for help. For the Cider Apples, these can be planted for 72 coins per square and harvested after 16 hours. Finally, if you've just arrived in Mistletoe Lane, you'll have some work to do before collecting from your Holiday Animal Workshop, as it's incomplete when you first arrive. (Check out our guide to the Holiday Animal Workshop to get started.) You'll receive 150 XP, a Dwarf Ox and 3,000 coins for completing this goal.

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 2 Goals: Everything You Need to KnowFour-Legged Friend Cheers
• Get 8 Warming Chips
• Harvest 30 Wax Beans
• Make Holiday Pudding 1 Time

The Wax Beans take another 16 hours to grow, so plant those as soon as you're done with the Cider Apples, even if you haven't finished the first goal. That way, when you do make it this far, the crops will hopefully already be grown, saving you time. As for the Holiday Pudding, it's completed in the Patisserie using one Winter Squash, two Cider Apple and two Coffee Bushels. You'll receive 200 XP, an Oak Hot Tub and 3,500 coins when you complete this goal.

Lighting Up Landmarks
• Get 8 Garlands
• Harvest 40 Winter Grain
• Make Apple Cider 1 Time

The Winter Grain takes one day to grow, while Apple Cider is another dish that must be crafted in your Patisserie. It requires two Cider Apples, one Holiday Poinsettia and two Rye Bushels to create. When you finish these tasks, you'll receive a Holiday Water Tower (complete with holiday lights), 250 XP and 4,000 coins.

Hear the Cheer
• Get 8 Holly Horns
• Harvest 50 Winter Squash
• Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times

The Winter Squash is another crop new to Mistletoe Lane, and it can be harvested after two days. Since this is such a long time, it's worth repeating that you'll want to plant these crops ASAP, even if you're not ready for this particular goal, just so that they can be growing "in the background," saving you time later on. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, a White Holiday Buffalo and 4,500 coins.

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 2 Goals: Everything You Need to KnowBrightening Bark
• Get 9 Moonlight Lights
• Harvest 60 Potatornaments
• Make Benne Cake 2 Times

These ornament-shaped potatoes can be planted for 60 coins each, and are ready to harvest after 12 hours. Since there are no crop growth limits on your Mistletoe Lane farm, we suggest planting as many crops as you can at once to fulfill these tasks. (But don't forget about wither timers.) Regardless of when you harvest these crops, you'll need to make the Benne Cakes in the Patisserie using three Honey Ginger, two Wax Bean and one Lavender Bushel each. Your rewards for finishing this particular goal are 350 XP, a Moonlit Holiday Tree and 5,000 coins.

Twinkling Holidays
• Get 10 Night Sky Dusts
• Harvest 70 Flint Corn
• Make Holiday Stew 2 Times

If you've just arrived in Mistletoe Lane, this final goal might offer a bit of a challenge, because of Holiday Stew, which is only available in a 2-Star Patisserie. That being the case, craft even more than these goals require you to, so that you can level up your Patisserie with enough time left over to actually make the Stews. A single Stew requires two Potatornament, two Flint Corn and two Tomato Bushels to cook. The Flint Corn itself is another lengthy growth-time crop, taking a full day. When you complete this final goal in the series, you'll earn 400 XP, a Borealis Horse and 5,500 coins.

Next week, Mistletoe Lane should roll out to all players for free, allowing all players to jump into Mistletoe Lane's Chapter 3 and beyond. If you're still on the fence about early access, check out our coverage of the farm below.

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It's not uncommon for a game to have bugs and glitches, just ask Bethesda. But especially when multiplayer is involved, people will dig up or stumble on some hilarious (and sometimes useful) glitches.

Here are a few that people have already been uploading to YouTube, not even a full day after Black Ops II has been released.

The top video is during Black Ops II's Zombies mode, where a zombie's body stretches across a building, leaving but a tiny hand at the end of that awkward, skin-filled rainbow. I hope the imagery of that made your Tuesday better.

This one got coined the "Jesus glitch." For obvious, non-resurrection related reasons.

Here's another one from the Zombie mode. A sneaky little glitch that gives you invincibility. But where's the fun in that if you're not getting up and fighting? I don't know about you, but I like using my guns.

I like to think the care package in this video came down, saw all the enemies with guns and was like, "NOPE. BUHBYE."

Yet another Zombies glitch, I imagine the zombie here is thinking, "Maybe if I stand really, really still he won't see me." Either that or he's been practicing his ballet lunges so much he froze that way. That's how it works, right? Like making faces?

And then of course there's the Samuel L. Jackson glitch that Luke pointed out last night.

Find any others? Let us know. And make use of Theater!


Black Ops II''s Zombies Is Amazing... And It's Killing MeDon't try to solo the extraordinary Zombies mode in the new Call of Duty. You won't last long.

The new zombies mode should probably be its own game and is definitely designed for co-op. I learned this after wrapping up the campaign and trying to play the new TranZit part of Zombies on my own. Possible, but also impossible!

Zombies in Black Ops II continues the story from the Rezurrection zombie-mode expansion to the first Black Ops. We begin in a wrecked small town in the middle of America. We're not soldiers, just survivors. The TranZit mode lets us take a tour through this town (and maybe beyond? I don't know). You start in a bus station and immediately have to shoot zombies. Every shot earns you points that you can spend, as before, on unlocking weapons and items that you'll be able to use during your run. You lose everything if you die.

You start TranZit with just a pistol and very little ammo. You're weak. The zombies are coming through the windows. Things are bad. You can board up the windows, earning some points in the process, but those boards won't hold.

From outside, you will hear the honk of a bus horn.

In the twisted world of Zombies, you had to pay in-game points to open doors, but in Tranzit you can also build stuff. One makeshift contraption will open doors for nothing. You should make it. You should grab a mannequin, a fan, and an item from a pay phone. They're all in the bus station. Craft them on the workbench and you get a device you can deploy near doors. It literally blows them open.

Smart survivors scramble to any idling nearby vehicles. That bus will do. It's driven by an automaton and seems, like the rest of Zombies mode, like something out of Fallout. Shut the bus doors and the driver will get a move on. Slowly, you'll drive to the next area. Zombies enjoy bus rides, too, so out the back window you'll see a few zombies that are on fire. They're running after the bus. Recommendation: shoot them. Others will climb on top of the bus or even jump inside.

The next stop was foggy. I'm not sure what was there. Eventually I reached a diner, maybe after another bus ride? My memory blurs.

I noticed that the bus is upgradeable. I added a ladder to it so I could ride on its roof. I'm hoping I can put some guns on this local.

The zombies come in waves. Each wave is tougher, which is why you really, really should be playing this with other people. The diner hid more items I could use for crafting, but I died before I could use them.

I'm very eager to play more of this.

TranZit is a quest, really. It has goals. The first is to turn on the power. I didn't manage to do that. The folks at Gamefront did, so please watch their video here for a tip about that.

And that's not all... TranZit is just one part of Zombies. There are many standalone maps that can be played as four gamers against zombie waves or as four gamers against four other gamers against zombie waves.

I did try to solo the small town map in Survival mode. I lasted six waves, hiding in the pool hall, shotgunning a bottlenecked bunch of zombies in the bank. I used some revive power-ups to keep death from being a Game Over. I didn't have enough.

It was tough.

It is remarkable that this whole Zombies thing is tucked into a Black Ops II disc that is already stuffed with an ambitious, albeit short, campaign and a whole heap of competitive multiplayer content. Lots of bang for your buck.

Just don't play it alone.


Your Skylanders Are the Most Important Resource in Lost IslandsBuild things to harvest things to build more things—the resource management genre is huge on mobile, thanks to its simple click-based gameplay and the ability to play for minutes at a time and still get things done. Activision takes that winning formula and layers another one on top—the ability to transfer real-world collectible figures into the game.

Skylanders: Lost Islands uses the toys from the smash-hit Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and its sequel, Skylanders Giants, as resource gathering agents in a game of unlocking and decorating a series of floating islands. Using the codes included in the toys or the upcoming Bluetooth portal accessory, players transfer their purchased toys (or buy them using in-game currency) into the game world, where they appear as tiny little characters, wandering about the world.

The player grows energy, which is used to send Skylanders on timed non-interactive adventures. Once they return they bring money, used for buying decorations and buildings, as well as experience points that level up the characters, unlocking more fruitful ventures. While all of this is going on the player is also crafting buildings to populate the islands with ferret-like natives, which in turn power businesses which generate more money.

This goes on forever. It's an endless cycle, driving the player forward with the promise of revealing all eight of the element-themed lost islands and a free Skylander unlock every five levels. A bevy of quests constantly appearing on the left side of the screen helps move things along, but expect plenty of time spent just waiting for your energy crops to grow and your Skylanders to come home.

If it sounds tedious and somewhat mind-numbing, that's because it is. One does not seek out resource management sims for action and adventure—this is a relaxing exercise, and a damn entertaining way to play with those silly toys once the simple console platforming has lost its charm.

My only issue with Skylanders: Lost Islands is that there is no sort of account tie-in. I've been playing on my iPad Touch. When I start the game on my iPad, it's a fresh start. Perhaps the coming social features will fix that, but for now I am stuck on my Touch until further notice.

Still I'm having a lovely time with Skylanders: Lost Islands. It's nice to have my toy collection in my pocket where they can't get into any trouble.

Skylanders: Lost Islands - Free [iTunes]


PlayStation Plus—and Six Free Games—Come to the Vita Next WeekThe best thing about PlayStation Plus is the Instant Games Collection, a feature that offers up free, top-shelf titles to the online service's paying members. PS3 owners have been enjoying those perks for a while and now they're coming to Sony's gaming handheld.

Next week, six free games—including Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions—will be coming to the Vita when PlayStation Plus support comes to the handheld. If you're already a PlayStation Plus member via your PS3, there's no additional cost to the $50/year fee to access the service on Vita. PlayStation Plus on Vita goes live next week with the 2.0 system update.


Hey, n00b, You Can Help Pure Pwnage Become a Movie Back in 2004, way before Twitch.tv, The Guild or million-dollar e-sports purses, Pure Pwnage let gamers seee themselves represented with humor and a little bit of painful truth on the internet. The web series was successful enough to get turned into a TV show in its native Canada but things have been very quiet in Pwnage-land for years now.

That could all change soon, though. A crowdfunding campaign by series creators Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire on IndieGoGo aims to make a movie that reunites all the surviving cast members. We now live in a world that is basically FPS Doug's wet dream. Consider the storytelling possibilities. And then head over to the IndieGoGo page and do what your heart tells you.


This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star WarsA trend that began with last week's iPad charts and will continue until the Windows Phone charts on Thursday, the newly-released Angry Birds Star Wars force pushes its way to the top of this week's iPhone charts. Everybody look surprised!

You are not looking surprised. Look, this only works if we cooperate. Otherwise the news that a new Rovio game has debuted at the top of the charts will seem commonplace and boring, and that's just not the case.

Work with me here, folks.

Top Paid iPhone Games - 11/13/2012

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars1. Angry Birds Star Wars
Last Week's Position: N/A

Surprise! A new Angry Birds game makes it to the top of the charts! It's a revolution!

Angry Birds Star Wars on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars2. Wreck-It Ralph
Last Week's Position: 1 (-1)

Seems like Disney made a wise move in grabbing the only property more popular than its current blockbuster film.

Wreck-It Ralph on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars3. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 2 (-1)

Rovio once again shifts its own game down a spot.

Bad Piggies on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars4. Flow Free Bridges
Last Week's Position: N/A

Flow Free just can't stand not being on the charts, so it built bridges.

Flow Free Bridges on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars5. Empires: World War
Last Week's Position: 3 (-2)

Knocked down a peg by Star Wars and Flow Free. Can the military strategists pull off a counterattack?

Empires: World War on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars6. Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 5 (-1)
Minecraft slowy moves down the chart, block by block.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars7. Plague Inc.
Last Week's Position: 4 (-3)

It takes time to cure these things.

Plague Inc. on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars8. Arms Cartel Global
Last Week's Position: 6 (-2)

Careful, Angry Birds Star Wars, you don't want to piss off the cartels.

Arms Cartel Global on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars9. Tetris
Last Week's Position: 9 (0)

Tetris clings to the nine spot, and...

Tetris on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars10. Fruit Ninja
Last Week's Position: 10 (0)

Fruit Ninja refuses to budge from the list, brandishing its katana menacingly at anyone that approaches.

Fruit Ninja on iTunes

Now that we've seen what havok Angry Birds Star Wars has wrought in the paid apps list, let's see what the free games are doing in the light of a blockbuster paid hit.

Top Free iPhone Games - 11/13/2012

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars1. Aerox
Last Week's Position: N/A

Debuting on last week's iPad charts, this pretty ball rolling adventure picks up speed on the iPhone.

Aerox on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars2. Gangnam Style Massacre
Last Week's Position: N/A

An iPhone game about shooting Psy in the head with arrows. Or avoiding that, but come on.

Gangnam Style Massacre on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars3. Hill Climb Racing
Last Week's Position: N/A

Racing uphill. Apparently that's a thing.

Hill Climb Racing on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars4. Pocket Climber

Pocket Climber goes free and climbs back up the charts.

Pocket Climber on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars5. Extreme Road Trip 2
Last Week's Position: 1 (-4)

I guess it's just not as extreme as we all thought it was.

Extreme Road Trip 2 on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars6. Flow Free
Last Week's Position: 4 (-2)

Flow Free's original free app makes for twice the Flow Free on the charts this week. Sheesh.

Flow Free on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars7. Fix-It Felix Jr.
Last Week's Position: 2 (-5)

Everyone's already gotten the free version and chart hotness begins to die for poor Felix.

Fix-It Felix Jr. on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars8 . Are You Quick Enough 2
Last Week's Position: N/A

The ultimate reaction test gets an ultimate reaction.

Are You Quick Enough 2 on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars9. Storm the Train
Last Week's Position: N/A

Note that Storm the Train takes the place of Subway Surfers, keeping train apps alive on the charts.

Storm the Train on iTunes

This Week's iPhone Charts: Oh Look, Angry Birds Star Wars10. WordSearch Unlimited Free
Last Week's Position: 3 (-7)

I can't find the words to express how disappointed I am.

WordSearch Unlimited Free on iTunes

Another week, another 20 gaming apps for you to keep your eyes on. You watch them, I'll be back in seven days. Nevermind where I am going, just watch them.


Call of Duty isn't exactly Skyrim, but it does include a sword. You can get it in a campaign mission (maybe more than one) to slice bad guys up.

The video above shows where we first found it. We captured this footage from "Old Wounds", the third level of the campaign. The sword is really easy to find but isn't a mandatory item. Grabbing it is one of a stunning amount of optional, tiny side quests that break off from the game's main campaign and encourage—get this—exploration. No, Black Ops II is not a normal Call of Duty!


The latest Call of Duty title has been out for less than a day, but people are already rampaging their way through the multiplayer and quick-scoping enemies to death.

Check out the montage above, courtesy of AmazingFilms247, where you'll see snipers and an ACOG-attached weapon shred the opposing team.

Black Ops 2 First Ever QUAD (Sniping 6 Feed, 7 Feed) [YouTube]