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Call of Duty: Elite Abandoning JapaneseThe much ballyhooed Call of Duty: Elite online service will not be available in Japan. Square Enix, Call of Duty's publisher in Japan, revealed that a Japanese version isn't happening due to localization issues.

According to Square Enix, the game's original publisher, Activision, worked hard to get localized versions of Elite released in different territories. The sticking point was that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is available as a dubbed as well as a subtitled game in Japan, complicating the Elite service in the region.

When Modern Warfare 2 was released in Japan, Japanese gamers were furious about the crummy localization. For Modern Warfare 3, Square Enix offered two versions: dubbed or subtitled.

Square Enix did mention that information regarding downloadable content released via Elite will be made in the future.

日本語版"Call of Duty ELITE"の提供について [Square Enix]


The game is real. So says Sony's Facebook.


Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This LadyThis isn't your father's Monkey Ball. Actually, maybe it is.

For a limited time, Sega is offering "Adult Map" download codes for those who purchase Super Monkey Ball: Tokumori Asobi-ta! for the PS Vita. In it, you can roll all over bikini model Yukie Kawamura. In some parts, the model's breasts protrude from the map and players must navigate them.

Kawamura recently featured in a clip that showed her playing the PS Vita title while bouncing around. This sounds less like Monkey Ball, and more like monkey business.

川村ゆきえさんが「スーパーモンキーボール 特盛あそビ~タ!」のステージになった体験版が本日配信。 [4Gamer]

Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady

Pixar's WALL-E Is Now Working at a Chinese RestaurantNothing quite says a home cooked meal like a droid cooked one. If you ever find yourself in Harbin, China, head over to "Summer Sky Ocean Robot", a restaurant staffed with robot waiters and robot cooks.

We don't serve their kind here? No, they serve you!

According to reports out of Asia, the restaurant has robots that carry dumplings to patrons, robots that boil dumplings, robots that prep food, robots that set the tables, robots that welcome customers—and more. The door-greeting robot is called "Transformer". Clever.

Hey, there are robot cops on the streets of China—very, very simple robots. So why not?

The restaurant, which can seat 100 customers, has 18 robots of various height (from 1.3 meters to 1.6 meters), able to utter simple phrases, and make ten different facial expressions.

Sensors on the robots apparently keep them from bumping into patrons while setting the table and carrying food. They also software to monitor system failures, and when things do go south, there are engineers on hand to repair the bots.

Pixar's WALL-E Is Now Working at a Chinese RestaurantAnd after the robots finish work, they have their own mealtime, which consists of recharging their batteries.

Sounds like...a pain in the ass. Ask any researcher who works with them, and they'll say robots are incredibly high maintenance. They break. A bunch. That's the last thing you want when trying to manage a restaurant.

Doing "simple" tasks, like shaking hands, can be incredibly complex. It's doubtful that these robots are completely automatous. The waiter bots are probably remote-controlled.

That isn't a dig on Chinese robotics, but rather, an honest assessment of what it's like to work with robots.

Unless these robots are doing very simple, very specific tasks, this story, which originated in China, sets off all sorts of b.s. alarms. It's just too good to be true. Baloney or not, glad to see WALL-E has found work. But surely he doesn't crush each meal into little blocks?

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Brave Man Turns Dead Aircraft Into Awesome Flight SimulatorJames Price, an air traffic controller at Oakland airport, owns a flight simulator. Not a "buy a joystick and plug it into your computer" flight simulator.

A "chop the nose of an actual giant airplane and turn it into a flight simulator" type of flight simulator.

Price has, stuffed in his garage, the actual nose section of a Boeing 737. Formerly belonging to a complete aircraft as part of Lufthansa's fleet, Price has updated the instrumentation, added screens and transformed it into the most badass DIY flight sim I've ever seen.

Video: Pleasanton man flies a Boeing 737 in his garage [Mercury News, via MAKE]


Stand in Awe of This Life-Sized Metroid Statue (Made of Paper!)I'm hesitant to call this papercraft, since that's a word we normally associate with little things that sit on a desk. Instead, I'm just going to call this 6'10″ model of Metroid's Samus Aran a masterpiece.

It's made entirely of paper. Her giant helmet, her giant arms, even her giant feet, all made from paper and bound by glue.

I'd be on my feet applauding if I wasn't ever so slightly terrified by the thing.

IAmThatOneGuy's photostream [Flickr, via TDW]

Stand in Awe of This Life-Sized Metroid Statue (Made of Paper!) Stand in Awe of This Life-Sized Metroid Statue (Made of Paper!) Stand in Awe of This Life-Sized Metroid Statue (Made of Paper!) Stand in Awe of This Life-Sized Metroid Statue (Made of Paper!)


And what's more, it looks awesome, because instead of just asking players to dance to pop music or sing like a teenage girl, it's asking you to pop, lock and boogaloo your way to awesomeness.

It's called WiiPop, and uses a combination of Wii Remotes (strapped to the player's body) and Kinect's camera to, well, let those with the requisite skills just cut loose.

I'm terrified as much by the game's design (even if it is just a concept) as the dancing required, but hey, that's what makes it so damn cool.

WiiPop Dancing Video Game [Site, via IndieGames]


A Fez Love Letter, Quite LiterallyReader John wrote a love letter to his lady friend Sara. To ensure it didn't end up straight in the bin, he turned it into an elaborate mural starring Gomez, of Fez fame.

John says of the work:

I'm a gamer, an art guy, and I love FEZ. Sara is my girlfriend, awesome, and loves the colors in FEZ (hell, so do I). With our powers combined, I made this construction paper cut-out for her.

In FEZ, you're a 2D character in an isometric, four-sided 3D world. You collect cubes to save the world. Here, Gomez (the one wearing the fez) and a Miss Gomez team up to collect a heart cube. Because, you know, heart cubes play off a mushy vibe better.

While it looks like a tiny little card, it's actually 20"x30". And on the back, a neat little surprise.

A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally A Fez Love Letter, Quite Literally