Super Meat Boy Teases New 360 Chapter, New PC CharacterMinecraft guy and Captain Viridian of VVVVVV are known to be two of three playable characters exclusive to Super Meat Boy's upcoming PC version. Team Meat teased the third today; looks like the guest star's game name rhymes with Shmachinarium.

There are three more characters to be revealed, and Team Meat dropped these hints: "One of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic."

As far as things we know that we know, a title update has been sent to Microsoft for approval "and should be up by the 21st (we hope)," saith Team Meat. "This update will fix all known bugs, erase all 0.0 times from the leaderboards and come with a totally new music track by Danny called Dr. Fetus's Castle. But the biggest addition to the update will be the 1st new set of 20 internets levels."

That first new level is "The Sewers of Dross," and in it, you'll be using Gish only to navigate 20 levels "that ramp in difficulty from medium to soul crushing." That means they adjust in difficulty from "very hard," to "Eli Eli lama sabachthani."

Super Update! [Team Meat]


You Got A Little Minecraft In My Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy makers Team Meat reveal Mr. Minecraft, the latest indie game star to make a guest appearance in the hard-as-nails platformer. The Minecraft-inspired cameo is exclusive to the PC version, says Team Meat, coming later this month.


Size Limit Spoils Super Meat Boy's November Release On WiiWareTeam Meat has crushed any hopes of its sadistic platformer Super Meat Boy making a November release on the Wii. The indie developer says squeezing the game down to WiiWare size is responsible for delaying the game's release.

Addressing the "internets," Team Meat says that a November release on WiiWare is "impossible," saying it has not yet compressed the full game below the 50 MB mark. The developer is aiming for something even leaner, 39 MB, according to the game's official Twitter account.

Super Meat Boy features more than 300 levels, multiple playable characters and numerous art styles, resulting in a game the developer's weigh in at a hefty 750 MB.

On a more positive note, Team Meat says the PC version released through Steam will be available the last week of November. The Mac version will be released "later" and the PlayStation 3 version "never."

OK, so that last bit wasn't so positive.

Oct 27, 2010

Review: Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy is described as "tough as nails" by its developers. And boy, they aren't kidding. Ready to be put through the grinder?

Super Meat Boy is a 2D platformer in the vain of hard retro games like Namco's Quest of Ki. The plot is simple: Dr. Fetus kidnapped Bandage Girl, and it's up to Super Meat Boy to save her. The goal of each stage is to reach Bandage Girl by jumping between spinning saw blades, over salt mines and hypodermic needles, all the while avoiding lava and spikes. After each rescue of Bandage Girl, Dr. Fetus drags her off to another stage. Cute, funny cut-scenes separate the chapters and move the story along.

Ideal Player

Super Meat Boy isn't for the faint of heart. This is a hard game, so if you don't like playing through tough spots over and over until you get it right, please look elsewhere.

Why You Should Care

We've gone soft. Modern games have various difficulty settings, turning many titles into "rides." If anything, Super Meat Boy runs in the opposite direction, making gameplay as challenging as possible.

So that means this Super Meat Boy is hard? Yes, it is. The layout alone of certain stages is daunting, and the game wears the moniker "hardcore" as a badge of honor. Precision is a requisite for many of the stages — especially the later ones. The difference between life and death can be a single pixel. However, to ease the pain, players only have to clear 17 of the 20 stages of each chapter to get to the boss fight. Super Meat Boy does not aim to frustrate players. It aims to challenge them.

Geez, this game doesn't sound very fun. On the contrary! I am personally not a fan of difficult platformers, but I am a fan of Super Meat Boy. The game is not mean-spirited or sadistic, it's just challenging. The controls are tight — some of the most precise I've ever played — and the success of the player rides on that. Super Meat Boy might be difficult, but it's not unfair.

Review: Super Meat BoyThis little guy looks familiar. Bit.Trip Runner's Commander Video is just one of Super Meat Boy's in-game cameos!

If the game is hard, you probably die a bunch, right? You'll die thousands of time during this game. But death is not a punishment, but a learning experience. After perishing, your character instantly respawns, putting you right back in the action. Since the stages are so short, it's possible to pinpoint where you went wrong and attempt to improve that — over and over and over again. Optional warp zones offer a brief reprieve from death, giving players only three lives. When players do clear a stage, they get to view all the times they died in Replay Mode. It ends up a bloody messy with a sole Meat Boy making his way to Bandage Girl.

Bloody? Is this a violent game? Well, everything is cute. And Super Meat Boy is made of meat, and all. But the blood isn't blood for the sake of blood. The game has one of the most innovative uses of it. Meat Boy leaves a trail of blood on whatever he touches. This is helpful for providing clues on where you have been, making it easier to replicate tricky jumps. It also can serve as a warning as to where you've died.

You said the stages were short. Is the game short? The stages might be short, but there are hundreds of them. For those players especially skilled at platformers, Super Meat Boy also has alternative "Dark World" versions of levels that are even more challenging. There are also collectible bandages dotted through select stages that can be traded in for different characters. Snagging those bandages can be as difficult (if not, more) than clearing the stage itself! Additionally, there are bonus warp zones that transport players to worlds with different gameplay and art style, including worlds with monochromatic, Game Boy-inspired graphics.

Super Meat Boy In Action

The Bottom Line

Going into Super Meat Boy, I was apprehensive. But as I played, the game never felt frustrating. Hard, sure, but not frustrating. Super Meat Boy walks that delicate line of taking players to the edge, but never shoving them over it. It gives players precision tools and creates an environment for them to test their abilities. And it does it brilliantly. This is one fantastic platformer. Hard, but fantastic.

Super Meat Boy was developed and published by Team Meat for the Xbox 360, released on October 20. Retails for 800 Microsoft Points. A copy of the game was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes. Completed 90 levels, but didn't beat it. Super Meat Boy beat me.


Super Meat Boy Celebrates Christmas Tomorrow With Launch SaleDelivering another "Eff you!" to the Man, this time to His accepted-as-norm pricing schemes, Super Meat Boy's creators have revealed that they'll launch their arcade platformer already on sale, then raise the price of the Xbox Live Arcade game later.

It might just be crazy enough to work. See, Team Meat's plan is to drop the original 1200 Microsoft Points price point to just 800 MSP at launch, slashing a cool five bucks from the cost of owning Super Meat Boy at launch. If you're sick of the $15 USD price of your XBLA games, this early Christmas gift is for you.

Super Meat Boy arrives on XBLA on October 20. For ten bucks.

A Gift to the fans! [Team Meat]


This never before seen, by me, trailer for Super Meat Boy is a take on the 80s-style video game commercials we really should see more of these days.

Push the buttons! Look out! Jump up!

The game hits the Xbox Live Arcade later this month and the PC, Mac and Wii in November.


Looks Like Super Meat Boy Items Are Coming To Xbox LiveSuper Meat Boy Avatar T-shirt, as confirmed by the game's official Twitter early this morning. The game releases on Oct. 20 over Xbox Live. Via Destructoid.


Super Meat Boy will be out on Xbox Live Arcade on October 20, as part of Microsoft's new "Game Feast" promotion for the online service.