Product Release - Valve
Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is Now Available on Steam as an Early Access title!

Hints of Little Red Riding Hood combine with Japanese folklore and illustrated in Spicy Horse's unique dark fantasy style, "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" is an action-roleplaying game (ARPG) that lets players hunt mythical monsters in Edo-era Japan.

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 6/12/2013

[ MAPS ]
- Added de_mirage.
- Added console command to help players plan strategic grenades. Set sv_grenade_trajectory 1 (cheat convar) to see a visual arc in-game.

- Overwatch Investigators are now required to submit more detailed verdict reports after reviewing evidence.
- Fixed interpolation issues during GOTV and Overwatch demo playback which caused the weapon of a shooting player to visually appear several ticks behind the moment a victim was hit.
- Overwatch FAQ updated.

- Operation Payback Pass on sale for $0.99 until Monday 6/17.

[ UI ]
- Added links to top streams on the main menu.
- Added an audio option to reduce game music volume when Steam Overlay is activated.

[ MISC ]
- Restored the "retry" console command.
- Players can only submit griefing reports for teammates.
Jun 12, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.0.2

- Fixed issue during the last QTE event of the Madame fight
- Fixed an audio issue where cutscenes played in mono on 7.1 systems

Product Release - Valve
Dungeon Defenders - The Tinkerer's Lab Mission Pack, all new content for Dungeon Defenders is Now Available on Steam and Free for a limited time.

Embedded within the floating islands of Sky City, the Tinkerer's Lab is the birthplace of the Series EV. Her creator, the Tinkerer, has been preparing for a chasis & software upgrade to EV 1.5, but harnessing the Eternia energy has attracted unwanted attention!

*Offer ends June 26th at 10AM Pacific Time

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Chaos on Deponia!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

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Product Update - Valve
2013-06-12: v1.101 MEFB

- Added a "Retract Vassal" interaction
- Disallowed destruction of non-titular titles under Gavelkind

- Added lots of portrait fixes from the "CK2 Portrait Fixes" mod by zebez
- Adjusted the random CoA colors and color choices
- Scripted a lot of CoAs for various dynasties
- The CoAs of titles named after a dynasty now match the dynasty CoA
- Bishops no longer wear pope hats, but the pope does
- Livonia now has the correct pagan flag
- Buildings requiring a coastal province now show up in the tech tooltip even if the capital is not coastal
- Fixed some tooltips in the settlement view not showing building levels with the name
- Nicknames are now shown for heads of religion
- The 'Grant Independence' action is no longer even shown if the recipient is not your vassal
- The 'Prepare Invasion' action is now shown but grayed out if you are at war with the recipient
- Added missing Bektashi religion description
- Endgame screen now shows correct score for characters
- Added missing name of the Reformed Aztec Church title
- Tweaked the religion colors to make them more distinct
- Corrected some event text typos

- Norse Pagans can no longer employ the coastal conquest CB against other pagans (neighboring counties can still be taken though)
- The Subjugation CB can now only be used once per lifetime instead of every 10 years. (Unless you have the 'Become King' ambition.)
- Characters with the "Become King" ambition and access to the subjugation CB can no longer move their capital out of the de jure kingdom
- Subjugated rulers of another religion now get a smaller opinion bonus vs the winner, lasting for a shorter time
- Fixed a bug with many vassalizing casus bellis where the target's own counties would be seized when they should not be
- Tengri Pagans are now limited to Agnatic succession
- The Jomsvikings now reform if the Norse reformation takes place
- Fixed an issue where the primary heir under Gavelkind would not inherit the capital county
- West African pagans can now also raid
- Lowered the spawn rate of TOG rebels by 20%
- Added the "Ghanan Band" mercenary company
- Slavic, Baltic and Finnish Pagans now get a bonus to their levy sizes, at the cost of their garrison bonus
- Fixed a problem with the decadence invasion event
- Fixed a bug with decadence revolts ending strangely on the attacking ruler's death
- Court Chaplain job events no longer restricted to men for pagans
- Made the Chancellor job to improve relations more effective
- Mercenary ships will no longer spawn in major rivers
- The Viking trait can now only be gained by adults
- Heirs returning from the Varangian Guard to take the throne of their dead father can no longer get the same event twice
- Piast the Wheelwright and his son are now of the Piast dynasty
- Pagan festivals can now only be held in summer as intended
- City Shipyards now produce slightly more galleys than their Castle and Temple counterparts
- Fixed a bug where banishing landed vassals would not take all their titles
- Under Gavelkind, your oldest son will no longer ask for titles
- Added additional names and dynasties for Roman characters created in the Ruler Designer
- Added an earlier king of Ireland to make Irish liberation revolts possible
- 867: Strengthened the coastal Baltic, Slavic and Finnish tribes with better Holdings
- 867: Slightly strengthened the initial forces of Ivar and Halfdan
- 867: The Karling kingdoms are now on Agnatic succession
- 867: Moved Uglich from the Meryas to the Vyatichi
- 867: Byzantium is now properly on Primogeniture, not Gavelkind
- 867: The Duchy of Meath now exists, called "Tara" by the Irish
- 867: Made some important vassals to the King of Italy Italian culture to prolong the survival of the culture and ensure more internal troubles
- 867: Adjusted the initial political and dynastic setup among the Baltic tribes to make them more resilient
- The vassal opinion for free investiture law now correctly only applies for Catholics
- Build cost and time is now affected by your capital tech, not the average tech in your realm
- Ignoring pagan defensive attrition is now controlled by your capital tech, not by the average tech in your realm
- Own fort level no longer affects ability to navigate major rivers
- Tweaked the AI bonuses on Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings
- Successful non-claimant adventurers are now known as "the Conqueror"
- Fixed a bug with weird dynasty names for the commanders of Liberation rebels
- Castrating or blinding a prisoner now removes the righteous imprisonment cause when they are released
- The ambition to gain a council position now only increases a skill the first time it is successful
- The generic Pagan religion now has a description and holy sites
- Added the Hellenic religion
- The events when certain cities are sacked now properly trigger for the Mongol Empire
- The event when you raise a runestone as a zealous Reformed Norse character no longer treats you as a Christian
- Captured Rebel leaders now have a "Broken Spirit" modifier, making them pretty useless
- Fixed a bug where Gavelkind could produce republics
- Fixed a general bug with multiple kingdom inheritance that could produce republics
- The decision to create the Kingdom of Leon now makes it a de jure part of the Empire of Hispania
- Trade posts are no longer counted towards the Prepared Invasion realm size limits
- Fixed a bug with being able to semi-grant invalid duchies and kingdoms to your heir under Gavelkind
- Heathen priests can now inherit titles
- Mayors and heathen priests will now marry if they are heirs to other titles
- Lack of Piety rumor event now only triggers for Christian lieges as intended
- Trade post garrisons now give less retinue cap increase
- Moved the counties of Loon and Julich from de jure Cologne to Luxemburg
- Technology points are now gained by own demesne when containing buildings that give technology points
- Baltic cultures can now also form the Wendish Empire
- Finnic cultures can now also form the Russian Empire
- Finnic cultures can now also form the Scandinavian Empire
- North Germanic cultures can now also form the Empire of Britannia
- 867: Greater Poland is no longer a republic after a resign
- Norse Patricians are now correctly on Seniority succession

- Will not convert to Norman culture if in a huge Norse empire
- Higher prio on building temple towns
- Adjusted propensity to backstab brothers of the faith who are primary parties in holy wars
- Behaviour is now affected subtly by the difficulty settings
- Tweaked max field army sizes a bit
- Will not agree to concubinage for title claimants

- Added a 'can_appear' field to dynasties to prevent for example the Seljuks from appearing before their event

Client Update - Valve
A new Mac-only Steam Client update has been released. This is an interim release which only addresses the following issues:

- (Mac) fixed an issue that caused some users to get stuck in "Checking for updates..."
- (Mac) fixed a startup crash when launching Steam with no input devices attached
- (Mac) fixed a crash that could occur for some users when installing new games
Announcement - Valve
Fist Puncher is Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam and is 10% off!*

Return to the glory days of sidescrolling beat-em-ups, courtesy of developers Team2Bit and Adult Swim Games.

Control 15 playable characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities over 50 levels as you try to defend the world of Las Cruces against the sinister Milkman.

*Offer ends June 21st at 10AM Pacific Time
Jun 11, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - June 11th

-Peaceful rock lobster herds roam the gloomy depths.
-Bunnymen turn into beardlords when your sanity is low.
-Ever wonder what's right below a tentacle? MORE TENTACLE!
-The invasive Lureplant will taunt you with its delicious veggiemeat.
-Eat exotic cave bananas!
-Ferns! You can burn 'em!
-More colourful mushtree varieties.
-Stalagmites come in more varied shapes.

-The vampiric BatBat.
-The marginally useful Compass.

-Gaze into the abyss in the caves!
-Cave walls are prettier.
-Cave layouts are... caveier.

-Time passes aboveground and belowground, independent of your current location.
-You can regenerate a cave from its entrance (just for testing!)
-Crops can grow underground, if you keep them lit.
-Added a proper "Always dark" preset to levelgen.
-Equippable items remember which slot they are from.
-Snurtle Shell Armour will now cause enemies to lose interest in you if you hide for over 5 seconds.
-Plantables can't be planted on nonsensical ground types.
-Added toggleable "notebook mode" and "small texture mode" options for lowspec machines.
-Fixed some bad mip chains that were causing trouble for some graphics cards.
-Fixed libegl crash that was happening for some old Intel cards.
-Iceboxes can be place closer together.
-Fixed pig torch crash.
-Fixed spoilage stack exploit.

-New sample mods, "sampleprefab" and "samplecharacter", which includes an art template for character skins.
-Reworked the loading of textures and other assets so you no longer have to use package.path, LoadPrefabDefs, LoadPrefabs, or prefabs.xml
-This does require the use of PrefabFiles and Assets in modmain.lua, see the sample mods for an example.
-Can overwrite basically any asset just by putting it in the same relative path in a mod folder.
-Lots of improvements to error reporting, and generally more helpful errors when something isn't working.
-Crafting menu tab spacing is now dynamic, so adding a new entry to RECIPETABS will automatically align the tab bar.
-Container widgets can have a custom background image specified.
-World gen scripts can now be overridden from a mod. Time to make some crazy places!
-Mods now have access to luasockets on windows. (dun dun DUUUUUN!)
Product Update - Valve
Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update 1.02

- Quick access to users' profiles is now possible directly from any leaderboard menu
- New game option allows to "de-pimp" legendary weapons' in order to use standard (regular) skins
- Extra directional arrows are now displayed next to action keys during Quick Time Events sequences when played on mouse/keyboard
- Slightly balanced Ranger's possibilities of building score in Arcade mode
- Availability of the hit indicator in True West difficulty mode now depends on "crosshair" setting in the game's options
- Changing game's difficulty during the first mission doesn't affect granting achievements after completing the playthrough on different difficulties - it now counts from the second mission on
- New settings available in video.scr file
- Additional characters in Japanese font allow for better displaying users' nicks on leaderboards

- Fixed potential gameplay block on the mission "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name"
- Fixed several inconsistencies of the Ranger, Rifle and Sawed-off Rifle animations
- Corrected Ranger's Fast Aim bonus in Arcade Mode
- Fixed problem of restoring the video settings to default values on each launch of the game
- Fixed potential crash on re-launching the game after setting shadows quality to a value unobtainable on given configuration
- Fixed crash when using -safemode command line switch to reset video settings to default values
- Fixed some problems with audio playback, potentially leading to audio blackouts etc.
- Fixed mapping of audio channels on 4.0 quadrophonic output configurations
- Fixed potential crash after using Steam overlay in the leaderboards menu
- Workaround for apparent blocks when game is sent to background during loading
- Fixed some rare scenarios of losing game's window after sending it to background
- Workaround for problems when booting the game on systems that have problems with video playback. Please follow instructions from in case of such problems.
- Minor tweaks and fixes in all localizations.