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Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox. Unlike regular games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave you to play.

You spawn objects and weld them together to create your own contraptions - whether that's a car, a rocket, a catapult or something that doesn't have a name yet - that's up to you.

If you're not too great at construction - don't worry! You can place a variety of characters in silly positions.

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Product Release - Valve
Highborn is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off!

This witty, wacky, turn-based strategy game is now available for Steam. In Highborn, you’re treated to a strategy game that offers an intelligent, tactical experience without the frenetic play of a traditional RTS. Move your forces around an overhead map to secure spells and combat support, then dive into combat to deploy those advantages against an unsuspecting enemy. All the fun and fighting is set against an irreverent tale, filled with wacky heroes, witty dialogue and wild assumptions.

*Offer ends February 26th at 10AM Pacific Time

Product Update - Valve
Rochard 1.4

All Platforms
-Engine updated to Unity 4.0.1
-Hungarian localization added
-Input Debugger added, see readme for details

-Additional content now supported
-Big Picture supported: input from controller automatically switches the game to controller input mode

-Steam Linux now supported

Mac OS X
-(Engine) Fix window resolution not correctly restoring after going in and out of full screen mode.

Rochard 1.33

All platforms
-Upgraded engine to Unity 3.5.6
-Added a 'hidden' save data import/export feature. Check the readme for details.

-Fixed an error with save data and Steam Cloud Sync where the data
was not received despite cloud reporting the data exists

Rochard 1.32

-Fixed crashes that occurred right after loading levels with security cameras in 32-bit build
-Fixed security cameras not getting initialized, causing significant lack of challenge in some puzzles in 64-bit build
-Fixed a few cases where a force field was active despite being invisible which altered puzzles or even killed the player
Product Update - Valve
The Spending Trends report is back! It allows you to see how your spending has been progressing over time. Click on the graph segments to drill down for more information.
Also included in this release are plenty of improvements and many bug fixes.

Full list of changes:


- Added the Spending Trends report.
- Report settings are now saved between runs.
- Added the ability to click on report segments to show included transactions after drilling down in pie charts.
- Added the ability to click on report segments to show included transactions after drilling down in the Spending Trends report.
- Added Ctrl/Cmd+E keyboard shortcut for exporting.
- Enabled OFX/QFX/QIF file associations for Steam.


- Changed the Reports shortcut to Ctrl/Cmd+R.
- Changed the Account View shortcut to Ctrl/Cmd+T.
- Clicking back into the inflow/outflow/budget field now cancels the calculator.
- Category names in QIF exports now match the QIF spec.
- Unmatching a transaction now leaves both new transactions selected.
- Backspace and Cmd+Backspace now delete the selected transactions on Mac.
- Date filter settings are now per-report, instead of being shared.
- When setting a date filter on the register or in reports, if the end date is earlier than the start date, the two are swapped.
- Delete key now works to delete scheduled transactions.
- When jumping to the register after clicking "Payee used in X transactions" on the Payee Settings screen, the scheduler will expand if there are any scheduled transactions included.
- Changed wording on Income transaction list on the Budget screen to "Show in Account View".
- Added disabled icon on "Show in Account View" button.
- Adding a new transaction to the register now scrolls to show the added transaction.
- Added a space to the Swiss Franc (now it displays like "CHF 1'234.00") Searching for payees and categories will now return any direct matches if they exist, rather than returning everything that contains the search term.
- You can no longer drop a category into a different Master category that already has a category with the same name.
- Framerate improved when mousing over YNAB while it is in the background.
- Moving accounts in the sidebar is now smoother.
- The "Show in Account View" button is now disabled if there are no transactions in the pop-up.
- Reconciling a transaction automatically accepts the transaction.
- The account column is now visible when printing from the All Accounts tab.
- Changing the account type when adding a new account now auto-selects the recommended on/off budget type.
- You can now clear transactions by hitting 'c' while editing (but not when a text field has focus).


- Fixed date selector drop down arrows being stretched.
- Fixed a bug where some transfer payees weren't being treated like transfers.
- Clearing a transaction in an account now updates the All Accounts view correctly.
- Clicking 'Done' on the date selector no longer clears the selection if nothing has been changed.
- Fixed some settings being reset when upgrading.
- Fixed "Invalid date" message from being cut off at the bottom of the screen when a bad date was entered in the scheduler.
- Jumping to a transaction from the budget screen once again clears filters if they would hide that transaction.
- Spending and Income v. Expense reports now include uncategorized transactions when something other than "All Categories" is selected.
- Deselecting "Uncategorized Transactions" in the report filters no longer deselects unrelated subcategories.
- The "c" key now clears just-added transactions on Mac.
- Fixed CSV exports so Excel no longer shows strange characters when exporting currency symbols other than $ (Excel 2003 and earlier still show this bug).
- YNAB now shows the correct tooltip on a split transfer field.
- Fixed the invalid date message showing up after the editor has closed.
- Fixed the calculator not showing up correctly in the budget screen.
- Fixed a crash in the Credit Card walkthrough when there were no uncategorized transactions.
- Fixed a crash caused by trying to print when there are no accounts.
- Fixed not being able to change an existing account's type to 'Checking'
- Fixed the All Accounts tab sometimes showing no transactions.
- New transactions are now being sorted correctly when added.
- Deleting multiple transactions from an account no longer causes a crash.
- Fixed a crash when My Documents folder is not available.
- Filtering by account in reports no longer causes a crash when viewing the transactions in the register.
- Selecting an existing category when editing a transaction to be approved no longer shows the Add New Master Category popup.
- When selector popups are shown twice, no longer fade in and out quickly.
- Correctly select report filter options.
- Right border of the error column was not showing in certain circumstances. Now it is.
- Notes now show up on the budget screen again without having to mouseover them first.
- Fixed a crash caused by hitting '+' on a transaction that is not a split.
- Fixed a crash caused by trying to get the 1st account when no accounts have been created yet.
- Fixed the register footer height after finishing reconciling.
- Trying to print before YNAB has finished loading no longer causes a crash.
- Fixed a crash caused by trying to import 'Stock' accounts (which YNAB does not support).
- The import window can now be reopened if it was cancelled or if there was an error importing.
- Hitting 'Enter' with the budget cell QuickBudget cell showing no longer causes a crash.
- Fixed Master Category budget amount alignment.
- Several other bug fixes.

Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added new promo items
    • The BrĂ¼tal Bouffant
    • The Shred Alert
  • Fixed UGC Season 8 medals not using the correct colors
  • Updated the material for the Buck Turner All-Stars
Product Update - Valve
SpellForce 2 - Faith in Destiny Patch v2.27

"+": Added feature or improvement.
"-": Bug fix, change or removal.

- Add missing coop/free game maps
- Hide hair issue
- Disable autosave in coop/free gamemode
- Loading screen background image issue
- AI and soundbox issue
- Network UPnP issue
- Several small fixes
- Wide screen issue on LAN/Internet menu
- Coop/free game mode Shaikan upgrade issue
- Coop/free game mode map minimaps
+ Add coop/free game mode for single player mode
+ Steamworks framwork Upgrade
+ Colorblind support

Product Release - Valve
March of the Eagles is Now Available on Steam

The war-game March of the Eagles focuses on the dramatic conflicts of Europe during 1805 to 1820. Explore one of the defining periods in European history with this experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy, Paradox Development Studio. The makers of Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis now bring The Napoleonic War to life in this war-focused strategy game.

Product Release - Valve
Omerta - City of Gangsters - The Bulgarian Colossus DLC, all new Free content for Omerta - City of Gangsters is Now Available on Steam!

Jan Koloff is known as the Bulgarian Colossus in many a boxing clubs and halls. Immigrating in the USA at the age of 17 he started earning his living as an illegal pit fighter. The potential of the young Koloff was quickly recognized by the local bookmaker and trainer Gyozo Kerekes. Kerekes used his connections and influence to settle Koloff in illegal boxing matches and over several years the Bulgarian fighter claimed over 1500 victories in the US.

The fame of Koloff grew and so did the unwanted attention of game-fixing gangs. Koloff decided to drop out before things get serious and began working as a hired muscle in exchange for protection. As the years passed his experience and immense strength allowed him to earn renown and recognition among the bootlegging gangs of Atlantic City.

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