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Product Release - Valve
The Ruler Designer and three new Song packs are now available for Crusader Kings II on Steam!

The Ruler Designer allows you to create your own character when starting a new game. Now you can play Sir Wilfred Death, Elric of Melniboné, or whatever strikes your fancy. Each Song Pack adds new songs to CKII to add to the atmosphere when playing characters in specific territories.

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Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

Bug fixes:
-Fix saving profile data when not using Steam Cloud
-For certain ATI graphics cards, something in the OpenGL driver is causing a crash after the game’s launch menu. If this happens, the menu will automatically be disabled the next time the game is run

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a bug with all children getting the exact same education trait
- The mouse wheel now works for scrolling in all windows again
- Autopause on events in full screen mode now works again
- AI: Made smarter about when to join Crusades/Jihads. Reduced "dogpiling".
- MP: Fixed issue where the client was able to change starting date in the lobby, causing all kinds of issues
- MP: Fixed an issue with being able to select dead characters from previous bookmarks
- Fixed a bug with de jure assimilation of duchies when the king himself held counties in it
- Fixed an issue with some plots where plotters did not get what they plotted for
- Fixed an issue with war contribution scores turning negative and strange in huge, drawn-out wars
- AI: Less keen on picking the 'Revoke Vassal Title' plot
- Fixed an issue with the Weaken other Vassal plot where vassals at another level than you could plot against you
- Assimilating duchies are now shown clearly on the map in the De Jure Kingdoms map mode
- Title creation was possible when at war for independence, resulting in an inconclusive ending and you as "victorious"
- Added some missing French and German translations
- Fixed a bug with the DLC banner not updating correctly in the main screen
- Corrected text color codes in the French translation
- Fixed a bug with the wrong text shown in Crusades/Jihads against heretics

Product Update - Valve
April 17, 2012 UPDATE
-Burning sea is now using the improved version of terrain
-Fixed a bug where you could run into invisible objects on lower quality settings
-Crossroads Fixes
-Citadel Fixes
-Fixed shotgun spread bug when crouching
-Memory usage optimization, should fix some problems with crashing
Product Update - Valve
Today Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games are pleased to release the first update for Beta 2 of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion to testers via the Steam client.
Here's the list of the latest changes:

• Added full quality intro video.
• Fixed bug with Fracture ability particle effects so they will now display on all affected ships.
• Fixed null pointer crash with the shadow system.
• Fixed bug that caused ships to disappear.

[ Gameplay ]
• TEC Loyalists
o Fixed bug that allowed TEC Loyalists to use Pirate Mercenaries on their Broadcast Center.
• Advent Loyalists
o Increased Acclimation of Will to two research levels; per level increase changed from 0.10 to 0.25.
o Assimilated Populace moved to Diplomacy tree; reduced from Tier 5 to 3; requires sufficient labs to function.
o Confluence of the Unity per level value increased from 0.10 to 0.25.
o Coward's Submission moved to Defense tree; reduced from Tier 6 to 4; pre-requisite tech removed.
o Global Unity reduced from Tier 5 to 4; added additional research level; pre-requisite tech removed; and now requites sufficient labs to function.
o Planet for a Planet Tier increased from 2 to 3.
o Fixed bug with Suppression Aura that would let it persist on ships captured with Subjugation.
o Global Unity should now affect newly colonized worlds. Culture caches are updated again upon colonization.
o Updated Coronata Titan's ultimate ability, Repossession, to not work against Capital Planets or the Artifact planet (i.e., Occupation Victory).
• Advent Rebels
o Cleanse and Renew moved to Military tree; Tier increased from 4 to 5.
o Expulsion moved to Defense Tree; Tier reduced from 5 to 4.
o Mass Communion per level increased changed from 25% to 40%.
o Protection of the Unity moved to Defense tree; Tier changed from 7 to 1; updated to 3 levels at 33% each; now requires sufficient labs to function.
o Reanimation Tier reduced from 4 to 2; now requires sufficient labs to function.
o Return of the Fallen Tier reduced from 4 to 1; now requires sufficient labs to function.
o Fixed bug with Reanimation that prevented it from cloning destroyed enemy ships.
o Fixed bug with Return of the Fallen that prevented it from resurrecting destroyed ships.
o Updated Chastic Burst to affect Starbases.
o Updated Wail of the Sacrificed to affect Starbases.
• General
o Multiplayer
 Added method to add/remove Friends by SteamID and sync to ICO.
 Fixed double friend message bug on ICO.
 Fixed crash in Steam game invites.
 Passwords will now work for joining password protected games on ICO via Steam.
o Added missing game win strings.
o Updated save system to save out fleet cohesion settings.
o Updated Titan weapon damage type vs armor values. Should prevent Titans from prioritizing strikecraft.
o Fixed incorrect Advent tech tree names.
o Fixed null pointer crash with the shadow system.
o Updated Starbase Destabilization InfoCard to more accurately display its effects.
o Flagships should now correctly bomb enemy planets when there are no other threats present.
o Fixed crash bug related to missions for the Pirate player.
o Updated other instances of Antimatter Recharger to Temple of Renewal in strings file.
o Increased warning threshold on when a planet will flip from culture.
o Fixed crash related to space mines - this was a big cause of random mid-game crashes.
o Added several constraints to corvette passives so they won't affect non-viable targets.
o Fixed bug that caused ships to spin in place.
o Fixed bug that would prevent ships from Phase Jumping.

[ Interface ]
• Tweaked some positions in the race select dialog.
• Moved tutorial text and OK button up slightly so they don't overlap notification messages.

[ AI ]
• AI players should be a bit better about when/who they offer missions to.
• Updated aiUseTime on Perseverance to Anytime.
[ Sound & Music ]
• Normalized all new sound effects.
• Fixed bug that caused the GameWin event to play continuously if you pressed Keep Playing after a win.
• Fixed incorrect allied game win voiceover.
• Added new sound effect for Wail of the Sacrificed.

Product Update - Valve
1.3 Patch Release Notes:
- Online features:
- Auto-matchmaking: let the game find an opponent for you.
- Friends: you’ll be able to invite players from your friend list directly in-game.
- Official Map Tags: highlight official maps released by Ubisoft and the others in the map selection screen.

Bugs fixes:
- Abilities/Gameplay/Campaign:
- Sanctuary - The "Challenge" ability has no functionality.
- Sanctuary - The "Trail of Clouds" will completely stop the movement of enemy units that attempt to cross its area of effect.
- Menu - The tooltips of the Reputation Abilities do not indicate the proper school which they belong to.
- Campaign -The primary quest "The Choice” will not complete when the user upgrades his reputation after visiting an Arena.
- Campaign - The hero cannot interact with a Dragon Nexus near the town of Nar-Heresh
- Campaign – In multiplayer, the resources spawn outside the island on Tree of Plenty map.
- Campaign - The user cannot select any hero for the Epilogue campaign after previously visiting the other campaign tabs
- The Unyelding trait the user receives for finishing the Sanctuary campaign does not work
- The Barbarian Hero trait the user receives for the Wormchopper achievement does not work as stated in the description.
- Create Hero panel's class specific ability name is not localized.
- Multiplayer:
- The player that is attacked during a Multiplayer session by another player can't complete any Combat Achievements during that battle
- During Siege, one of the player remains on the map if the other player exit the session.
- If the user is defeated by not completing the condition to re/capture a town or fort in 7 days - he will receive achievements completed by the AI
- There is no confirmation dialog when kicking another player from the lobby.
- Some of multiplayer map name is displayed to English
- A previously saved session cannot be finished after being reloaded, if not all the players rejoin the saved game.
- The user that does not join a loaded game will still have his assets in the game.
- The client remains on infinite loading screen if he joins any Multiplayer server after he lost his internet connection
- Conflux:
- The user cannot buy the newly unlocked items from the Altar of Wishes when reaching a new Dynasty rank, until he advances one more Dynasty level.
- The information provided when using "Compare" is incomplete
- The Online Profile displayed is the one of the previous selected friend, if changing the tab to Online Profile after choosing Compare achievements option from the Friends list.
- The Player statistics transfer from one player to another after using the "Compare" and "Details" .
- When selecting the "View online profile" option for a friend from the friends list, the achievements list shown remains the one of the user.
- The confirmation message received when trying to remove an active widget is not localized
- The user cannot see the details and compare the achievements with the other in "leaderboards" and "friends".
- After losing the connection to Conflux servers on the transition to the Main Menu, a debug text error is displayed and the Main Menu background disappears
- The user is unable to load any save while in game, after reconnecting to the Internet
- Various:
- None of the artifacts present in the Artifact Merchant menu has a description.
Apr 17, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Update includes:
- Added: New Logo Effects.
- Changed: Practice mode no longer has penalties for crashing.
- Changed: Direct Input registry setting removed due to conflicts with Unity games built with v3.5 of Unity.
- Fixed: Memory Usage is much lower now, should fix map 3 not loading for some players.
- Fixed: Frame Rate improvements due to better texture compression & lower video memory consumption.
- Fixed: Install Script corrected to only run once.
- Fixed: Achievements not unlocking for some players with older profile data.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
  • Fixed server crash exploit related to audio buffer overruns
  • Fixed server crash caused by using changelevel2
  • Updated console logging system to minimize opening and closing of files, greatly improving performance under certain conditions
  • Additional improvements for client/server stability

Team Fortress 2
  • Added the Texas Half-Pants and the Bolt Action Blitzer
  • Updated the Teufort Tooth Kicker so it can also be equipped by the Engineer
  • Updated the Scrap Pack so it can now be crafted, gift-wrapped, and traded
  • Updated the Short Circuit
    • Fixed projectiles not being cleared if they were blocked by buildings or other projectiles
    • Fixed not incrementing the "How the Pests Was Gunned" achievement for destroyed stickies
  • Fixed being able to place buildings in nobuild zones
  • Fixed Red team Pyros being able to grief teammates by attacking them with the flamethrower and then switching to team Spectator during the attack
  • Added the ability to remove Strange parts via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Added the ability to reset scores on Strange items via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Crates now display their series number in the backpack view
  • Added new "tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom" to the Advanced Options menu
  • Fixed using the "inspect" command to Spy-check teammates
  • Fixed the Bazaar Bargain increasing its head count while shooting at ÜberCharged enemies
  • Fixed defense buffs reducing crush and telefrag damage
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Medics to reduce the health of heal targets if the target had earned more health than their normally allowed max overheal
  • The Cozy Camper’s description now correctly reflects the actual speed reduction while scoped and is now applied correctly when using the Huntsman (speed for the other rifles remains unchanged)
  • Add the object entindex to the object_deflected game event
  • 本地化檔案已更新
Announcement - Valve
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