Product Release - Valve
Gold Bundles are now available for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Steam!

Now you can grab the original Duels 2012 along with the expansion and deck packs in the Gold Game Bundle. Additionally, you can find all of the deck unlocks and foil conversions in the Gold Deck Bundle!

Product Update - Valve
Major changes to Dino D-Day include new Medic functionality and significant changes to the Compy! Check out the new update!

• Fixed exploits related to grenades/sticky bombs and team switching or going to spectator mode.
• You can now join spectators only when you are alive and within a spawn area. This prevents exploits that can be used to harm your teammates or to circumvent the respawn timer.
• You can no longer suicide when pounced, knocked down, thrown, bitten, being eaten, eating rabbit, etc.
• The “no suicide on class change” menu option now works correctly.
• Removed a Styracosaur exploit that allowed for rapid firing of its turret.
• Several issues with the kill assist system have been addressed. Kill assist credit should occur more frequently now.
• Players receive points for doing large amounts of damage to either the T-Rex or the Styracosaur in addition points they may get for killing them.
• Medics accrue healing points for patching up teammates. For every 100 healing points Medics get a point on the scoreboard.
• Several crashes related to the Velociraptor’s pounce have been fixed. Unfortunately, the pounce attack was the source of most of the server crashes that were occurring in Dino D-Day. We've put in some safeguards, but this is a difficult crash to isolate. If the set of safeguards we just put in fail to do the job, you can expect a significant overhaul of the Velociraptor pounce in the coming weeks.
• Added a T-Rex spawn preference to the Multiplayer Options menu. If you don't want to be selected as the T-Rex, just indicate this in the Multiplayer section within Options.
• Adjust footstep attenuation for dinosaurs. You should be able to hear dinosaurs coming a lot easier now.
• Medics now have a new ability in the form of a special that is activated by the Use key (‘E’ by default). When the special is used, it creates a temporary area of effect heal around the medic which follows the medic's movement around the battlefield. This gives medics the ability to keep themselves and their teammates healed up without having to put their weapons down.
• Thrown medkits now heal significantly faster.
• The right-click heal function of the medkits now works from a farther distance and is more likely to connect with nearby teammates.
• The Compy now "charges up" his suicide blast by making melee kills. For each melee kill the Compy receives (to a maximum of three), his suicide explosion grows stronger.
• The Compy is now slightly more durable, has improved melee attack damage, and is 12% larger.
• Took out the Velociraptor's pounce recharge. This was an artifact from when you couldn't shoot them off teammates.
• Improved hit detection on Velociraptors when they are attached to their victim during a pounce.
• Improved Stygimoloch and Trigger melee function. It should be much easier to hit people.
• T-Rex guns balanced. The overheat on its machine guns is now slower and they are slightly more accurate.
• Microraptors can now cling to ceilings in addition to walls.
• Improved hit detection on Microraptors when they are clinging to walls and ceilings.
• The overall damage on the Microraptor spit is slightly buffed.
• The Microraptor is a bit more durable now and should be a little tougher to take down.
• The Desmatosuchus melee attack now knocks down their victim rather than simply pushing them back.
• Ilona’s rabbits now regenerate from the resupply crates.
• Fixed some bugs related to the target reticle for Joe's artillery strike and Hissmann's pterosaur.
• Buffed the damage and increased the radius for Hissmann's pterosaur.
• Certain weapons received small damage buffs. The M1 Garand, K98, M1 Carbine, and BAR should all be more effective when shooting at a target from a distance.
• Headshot notifications now work for all guns. Damage was always calculated properly for a headshot, but you didn't receive a notification that you made a “headshot” kill unless you were using a rifle (or Ilona’s revolver) before.
• Frag grenades for Hardgrave and Jakob now start the fuse timer when you first press and hold your primary attack key, which means you no longer must use “secondary fire” to cook this type of grenade.
• Each of the selectable classes now have varying portraits that reflect how injured they are.
• Re-added deaths to the scoreboard.
• Fixed bugs in the top scorers (on the newspaper) for the round.
• Condensed the end-of-the-round newspaper to allow for more battlefield awareness.
• Fixed bug in the Revenge/Nemesis system where it would incorrectly label a teammate.
• Fixed bug in the Revenge/Nemesis system where you would get a revenge kill on a player that just joined the server.
• Put hints back in for satchel charge bomb points (they went missing in a previous update).
• Satchel charges are now added to your inventory automatically. You no longer need to press 'E' to pick them up.
• New HUD element for bomb defusal. Displays a timer that turns red when the fuse is getting short. Defuse at your own risk!
• Fixed exploit whereby you could get access to the Allied spawn in Gela as the Microraptor or Velociraptor.
• Added medkits to all maps. Reworked medkit placement in Troina.
• Desmatosuchus now spawn in the same area as the rest of the Axis team on all maps. Previously, the outdoor Desmatosuchus spawns were easily camped on certain maps.
• The maps obj_fortess and dm_fortress have been revised. The Allied spawn area and certain aspects around it have been redesigned to inhibit spawn camping.
• The Styracosaur now takes damage from all weapon types, not just explosives such as the PIAT.
• The Styracosaur now has a scaling maximum health value that corresponds to how many players are in the server when it spawns.
• Redid the capture point icons on Fortress so they use the same style as the capture point game mode.
• Fixed bug where models could sometimes render at odd angles.
• Fixed the voice chat icon sometimes drawing in odd places on certain models.
• Fixed bug when running out of ammo while ironsighted.
• Fixed bug where you could scope in and out while knocked down.
• Fixed bug where using the resupply while in Hardgrave’s Berserk mode would cause his fists to be disabled.
• Bots for the Velociraptor, Compsognathus, and Stygimoloch classes have been added. Check out the link below for a more detailed explanation for using them in your servers!
Product Update - Valve
- Added Lone Druid!
- Fixed small bug in the timing of sequential attacks.
- Lifestealer: Fixed being unable to Infest Mud Golems.
- Weaver: Fixed Time Lapse interaction with Aegis.
- Ancient Apparition: Fixed a bug where Ice Blast could get stuck on the map.
- Enabled Lycan in Captain's Mode

- The top bar game timer no longer is reset when a game ends.
- Heroes in top bar now draw grayscale when dead.
- The buyback cooldown time now appears in the gold tooltip.
- The buyback cooldown now appears in the form minutes:seconds.

- Added a buff/debuff effect for Razor's Static Link.
- Added effect for fountain heal.
- Fixed heroes drawing parts of their models in portraits when sheeped, hexxed, etc.
- Updated the effects for Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison.
- Decreased darkness of fogged areas

- Fixed bots being too aggressive about destroying enemy items.
- Fixed bug where bots would pick up items like Rapier or Aegis without giving humans a chance at them.
- After all humans have picked heroes, the remaining bots will now immediately pick their heroes.
- Fixed bug where bots would try to farm the same neutral camp that a human was farming.
- Added support for bots buying and placing Observer Wards:
. The more of a support a hero is, the more likely they are to buy wards.
. If they have a human teammate, they will not purchase enough wards to fully deplete the store.
. They will ward the runes, their jungle, and sometimes the enemy jungle (depending on how pushed the lanes are).
. They won't go to locations to place wards if they think it's too dangerous.
- Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent bots from defending their top/bottom lanes when the tier 3 towers/racks are gone.
- Fixed bug where if the incoming threat was small, no one would ever be a selected to defend (typically resulting in no defensive response to creeps).
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Product Release - Valve
Gettysburg: Armored Warfare is now available on Steam!

Customize an army of both futuristic and period soldiers, tanks, boats, zeppelins and more. Control your army from above using traditional real time strategy controls. Then take control of any unit in the third person perspective for direct combat. Large scale multiplayer battles, customizable armies and multiple game modes await.
Prepare for the Alternate American Civil War…

Mar 27, 2012
Product Update - Valve


Added level editor (click the wrench beneath the Play button)
Compatibility improvements

Product Update - Valve
Change list:
Implemented an FOV slider in the Help & Options menu.
Implemented additinoal checks to ensure save data is not corrupted/stats are not lost.
Implemented ping thresholds that scale down if a player is unable to find a matchmaking session in their current range.
Fix for an issue where multiple UI elements where being highlighted at the same time in the Matchmaking lobby.
Fix for an issue where the publisher hyperlink was not functioning in the Games Explorer on Windows 7.
Fix for a rare Sector crash.
Fix for a crash in Agora when joining a game in progress as everyone in the game was quitting.
Fix for Toxic gas no longer being usable, until respawn, if used at the same time as Spring Boots.
Fix for an issue where dedicated server games would no longer be joinable if the player host had left the session.
Fix for an issue where party members take upwards of a minute to be pulled into the party hosts game if the host joins in progress.
Fix for an issue where the Double XP timer would sometimes not show up in-game when joining in progress.
Fix for a crash when the game is minimized as the matchmaking lobby is reformed.
Fix for a rare voice related crash.
Fix for a common crash in GFX that occurred at the end of matchmaking games before transitioning back to the Matchmaking lobby.
Fix for a customization related crash.
Fix for an issue where the player was unable to proceed past the Splash Screen if they tried to use the Space Bar instead of the mouse.
Fix for a compression related crash.
Fix for an issue where Negative rampages were triggering early.
Fix for an issue where shotgun deaths were counting as multiple deaths.
Fix for a crash that occurs if the player is online while the XLSP server is taken down.
Fix for an issue where the matchmaking timer would increment in 2 second intervals instead of 1.
Fix for an issue with how ping was calculated when searching for a matchmaking session.

Announcement - Valve
Shoot Many Robots is now available for pre-purchase on Steam! Pre-Purchase and receive "The Scrap Pack" for the Medic or Pyro in Team Fortress 2!

Shoot Many Robots is a 4-player co-op run-n-gun action shooter that throws you into a tidal wave of degenerate robots with an array of weaponry that would make any shooter enthusiast proud. Save when you pick up the 4-pack to play with your friends!

Players take control of P. Walter Tugnut (The “P” stands for “Pickles”), a hillbilly who stockpiles guns, ammo, and beer in his dilapidated RV awaiting the inevitable robot apocalypse. When the abandoned factory in the distance begins producing robots on its own, Walter sets off in his RV on a robot-killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of robot hordes.

Product Release - Valve
The Central Statistical Package, Crisis Response Package and Distrust Series Package are Now Available on Steam and include new buildings, missions and skins for Anno 2070™!

Save when you pick up all 3 new DLCs in the Anno 2070™ - The Financial Crisis Package!