Why You Cried While Playing JourneyPeople have a hard time talking on the internet about crying. Crying is a vulnerable enough act on its own that taking the time to write about it just seems over the top! When we talk about games like Journey, we usually talk about how "the room got dusty," or we "got something in our eye."

Edge Magazine editor Jason Killingsworth has a theory as to why Journey has kicked up so much dust in so many rooms over the last few weeks—it's the jumping.

The jumping is where Journey breaks your heart. The jumping is why many players cried, even if they couldn't pinpoint the cause. The jumping is the tiny, insignificant-looking wingnut holding Journey together, without which it would collapse into a heap of exquisitely airbrushed scrap metal. It's not Thatgamecompany's token nod to classic videogame interactions, settled on after staring blankly at an empty white board for two hours, unable to come up with anything more engaging to have players do. It's not just a tool for poking around its stunning vistas and drinking in the sights.

Killingsworth says that he initially didn't understand people's desire to play Journey for a third, fourth, or fifth time. But now that he's thought about the jumping, he gets it—it's about weightlessness, it's about the incredible, near-perfect feeling of jumping in the game. "Jumping affects the emotional tenor of gameplay in the same way a well-timed key change does a pop song."

Crucially, it's not about flying—it's about jumping. "We don't want to KO gravity; we simply enjoy head-butting it in the nose repeatedly," Killingsworth writes, citing other not-quite-flight abilities in Just Cause 2 (yes!) and Batman: Arkham City.

I like flight as much as the next guy, but I think Killingsworth is on to something here. Without the gravity, the jump means less. And my fondest memories of Journey involve sliding down the sand with the sun in my eyes, shooting up the edge of a ramp, and jumping, jumping, jumping.

Opinion: Designing Rapture [Edge Online]

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Hi everyone,

We've just released the teaser trailer for Toki Tori 2! Thanks for helping us get to where we are, it's been one hell of a ride so far!

Feel free to spread the URL to all your gaming friends, we can use all the exposure we can get!

<a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-21">Toki Tori 2 Teaser Trailer</a>

Thanks again!

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Community Announcements - Two Tribes
With the help of all those who sent feedback to us, we managed to create a great looking build that doesn’t look anything like the previous development build we released two weeks ago. So to all a big warm thanks from Two Tribes for your feedback, videos, suggestions and bug reports!

So what did we change in this new build? Apart from the most obvious changes, the visuals, we fixed a boatload of bugs, added animations, tweaked movement, added dynamic lighting and shadows, added flowing water, more sound effects and… well… do I need to say more? The best way to experience the changes, is by updating Toki Tori 2 and enjoy it yourself!

More information? <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-20">http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-20</a>
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We're headed for the Game Developers Conference in two weeks, to show off Toki Tori 2, and we need your help!

Just now a new build has become available on Steam and we’d like you to try and record your first play through. Check out the details at: <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-19">http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-19</a>

As ever, feel free to comment and let us know what you think!


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We've decided that Toki Tori 2 should also be on Wii U. No worries, it's still coming to Steam too! ;)

Link: <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-18/">Our Toki Tori 2 Wii U Plans.</a>


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Product Update - Valve
Updated to new Steam SDK
Added link to Toki Tori 2 beta

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We just updated with a blog about the 'knowledge unlock' mechanism we're implementing in Toki Tori 2. We're pretty excited about it, and believe it's going to set Toki Tori 2 apart from other titles in the genre.

Direct link: <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-17/">Update 17: Knowledge Unlocks!</a>

Thanks for your time!

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Hessel made some t-shirt designs you can win/buy soon and wants to know what you think.

<a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-14/">Update 14: T-Shirts</a>

Thanks from Hessel!
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Today's Deal: Save 50% off EDGE

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Hi everyone,

Chances are you're still working your way through Toki Tori, but in the mean time we're working hard on the sequel. We've reached a point where the game becomes playable, and have put that build live on Steam.

Check out <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2-update-12/">Update #12</a> for details and a video of the build. If you haven't enlisted yet, go to <a href="http://twotribes.com/message/help-us-make-toki-tori-2-great/">our site</a> for the details and get a development build too!


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