Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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Hi guys,

We have prepared for you an exciting update [0.1.20] for Dungeon of the Endless that will introduce a new level (now 5 in total), a new environment: the Laboratory, new mobs, a new hero, some improvements, difficulty tweaks, bug fixes etc. Check out the release notes below for more details.


  • Added 1 new level, reaching a total of 5:
    • Special stage: the level 5 has no major slot. The player has to stock resources in the previous levels to win the game; the initial Industry & Food production bonus is set to 3
  • Added the Laboratory environment at level 3, 4 & 5
  • Added a new layout for the starting rooms above level 1
  • Improved the level design with more branches around the Crystal at level 4 & 5
  • Improved the exit spawn: now generated at the beginning of the level so it doesn’t spawn next to the first room
  • Added 2 new mobs: Hydra and zombie Chimera (special behaviours to be added on the Hydra)
  • Added 1 new hero: Golgy, the spider-woman, with 3 exclusive new skills and a particularity: she doesn’t have weapons but 2 device slots
  • Added 8 new objects, some with passive skills, like repairing (repairing skill has been added to already existing items). The tooltip of these items with skills is WIP
  • Fixed some passive skills effects (e.g. Iron Fist and Placebo)
  • Improved performance, especially on the GUI
  • Improved the hero GUI panel (better feedback on hit, still WIP)

  • Some mobs now spawn on specific levels
  • Reduced the difficulty at level 1 (no more Crystal Eaters or Golems): we want to keep this level less difficult to let the player grasp the game
  • Slightly reduced difficulty at level 4 (in prevision of level 5):
  • Reduced waves number
  • Slightly increased hero and merchant spawns, Dust and major slots
  • Slightly increased mobs Dust loot
  • Slightly increased the power of mobs but reduced their number
  • Improved War Mask skill (Hikensha): the attack power bonus is applied even in the powered rooms
  • Increased Dust at start to 24 (previously set to 20)

Your previous game save will not be compatible so please start a new game. Thank you!


We actively read the Official Forums and Steam Discussions though we don't necessarily always have the time to reply. So keep on giving us feedback: that's how we will improve the game!

As you know, we enjoy the interactions that the GAMES2GETHER allows: sharing our design documents to get your opinion on the game at a very early stage of the development, the Early Access system that allows you to play the game before its official release and participate in the design choices, meeting you in person at gaming events or at the studio, organising design brainstorms and of course competitions that allow us to add your awesome ideas at the same level as ours in the game!

We have a new vote available: pick your favourite major and minor modules: GAMES2GETHER page.

And, a new forums competition also just started: Item Creation Competition.

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~ Amplitude Studios
Jan 28, 2014
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
Release Notes [0.1.16]

Quick Patch

~ Amplitude
Jan 23, 2014
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
Hi everyone,

Tonight, we're releasing a quick patch that should fix the issues reported with the 0.1.14 update.

Release Notes [0.1.15]

Quick Patch
  • Fixed several performance issues
  • Fixed the unbreakable Crystal bug: players could still continue their game despite the Dust count brought down to 0

Have a nice evening! :)

~ Amplitude
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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We have great news to share: an update for Dungeon of the Endless (yay, we're as excited as you) and a new GAMES2GETHER vote.


Hero active & passive skills
  • Each hero gets up to 2 active and 2 passive skills (+ repairing and operating skills) when s/he levels up (predefined for each). As they level up, new skills will be available.
  • You can trigger an active skill with the icons below the hero portraits or use ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘T’ keys
  • The number displayed on the icon is the number of doors you have to open before using it again
  • More information about skills principle and objectives here:
  • This is a first version of the skill system: effects need to be tweaked. We started with relatively “simple” skills (stats modifiers) but are planning on adding more complex ones.

Changes on game variables & difficulty
  • Added a global variable that dynamically measures the difficulty of a level and modifies the events to balance it and slightly reduces inequalities between games
  • Capped hero’s max level to 6 and modified the skills distribution
  • Slightly increased the recruitment cost
  • Slightly decreased Opbot’s wit and wit items effect
  • Added a 4th level in the dungeon
  • Increased power of mobs to slightly reduce their number
  • Reduced Dust loot and number of module slots in the 3rd and 4th levels
  • Slightly increased mobs speed
  • Reduced the delay of the first waves during the Crystal phase
  • Removed module targeting mobs during the Crystal phase waves in the last levels
  • Tweaked item loot table
  • Slightly improved level design diversity

Improved GUI & Controls
  • Added shortcuts: inventory = I, hero panel = U, close last opened panel = ESC
  • Improved heroes HUD (WIP)
  • Added right click on the hero portrait: opens hero panel
  • Added display of the DPS value in the hero stats panel
  • Prevented manual heal during auto heal phase
  • Added a “select all” shortcut on the key placed before the numbers in the top left corner, first step for multi-selection
  • Added a progress loading screen
  • Added tooltips
  • Added targeting priority to the Crystal focusing mob

Improved performance & fixed bugs
  • Fixed operating module bonus related on equipped items
  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Improved dungeon generator on low end computers
  • Improved performance in the last levels


You’ll find the new GAMES2GETHER vote here: choose your new hero!

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Community Announcements - Steph'nie
Hello everyone,

We just wanted to clarify a bit the situation on the development of Dungeon of the Endless. We are working on an update at the moment that was initially planned for this week (hence the announcement on game saves, that still stands by the way). However, it will be slightly delayed.

We have indeed been working on this update for a little while now and the holidays happened, so it took a little longer than expected but we're almost there. The next update will introduce the awaited heroes' system of skills, besides a 4th level, amongst other additions. It's still very work in progress, but it should add a little something interesting to the game. Unless we aren't fully satisfied with our work and decide to do more testing, we will try our best to keep these updates coming regularly.


The principle
  • Each hero gets up to 3 (currently 2) active and 3 (currently 2) passive skills when s/he levels up (predefined for each)
  • The passive skills automatically give specific bonuses under certain conditions
  • The active skills need to be cast by the player
    • The effect lasts during X seconds
    • Then the skill is deactivated during X turns

The objectives
  • Add more interest and control in battles and hero management
  • Add more interest in the level up of the heroes
  • Improve the differences and enhance the personalities of the heroes
  • Add choices for the player about the right moment to use each skill

  • We tried to avoid micromanagement, so there is no need to target
  • The objective is not to come close to an action game (such as a MOBA): you cannot frenetically use them; it’s more about choosing the right moment
  • We started with relatively “simple” skills (stats modifiers) but we are planning on adding more complex ones
This will be a first version of the system, so we will listen to your feedback very carefully.


We’re beginning to implement some of yours requests, mostly about the controls and the balance of the game. We will also add a 4th level to the dungeon!

Of course, we happen to be working on other exciting additions for the game but it'll all be available when the time is right so stay tuned. Please accept our apologies and thank you for your understanding.

Community Announcements - Steph'nie
Taken from the Dev Blog:


I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Vaulters in Endless Space, equipping Gork with the pink tutu in Dungeon of the Endless, or going through the game design documents of Endless Legend. We have several things on our minds to share with you that are related to our games and the GAMES2GETHER.


It's coming...soon. I hate to tease you like that (no really, I do) but it is still work in progress and we'd rather not reveal anything to disappoint you but since we're all back from our holidays, we should focus on the development of the game and provide updates regularly.

Before the new version is available, please make sure that you finish your current game:

Game saves will not be compatible with the new version.

So tell your friends, family and pugs in case they miss the message. Keep in mind that we are in Alpha and many changes are likely to be made so don't get too attached to your current crew members, you'll find more of them if you explore the dungeon.


We have the results of the G2G votes for our mid and long term priorities for DotE: Advanced Events and the Multiplayer won! Before you worry about the other choices, please understand that we will eventually add all the items listed on this G2G votes, as they are on our list of improvements but the G2G votes allow us to set priorities.

We have also asked you for event ideas for the game and have been loving your submissions. In the G2G vote of this week, we will ask you to choose between the ones we thought were more likely to be added soon. More details on our decision here but congrats already to all of those who contributed to the thread.

You can vote on the GAMES2GETHER page but don't forget to redeem your CD keys before doing so.

Dec 19, 2013
Community Announcements - S.
[0.1.3] Release Notes

  • Minimised the Crystal removal exploit by:
    • Increasing the difficulty and reducing the delay between waves after each wave, without resetting them if the Crystal is plugged. This means that you can do that but you complicate the exit
    • Reducing by 4 the Dust loot during the Crystal phase
  • Reduced efficiency of the winning strategy: “build a maximum of resource production modules” by increasing the cost of major modules proportionally to the current number of major modules in the level
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of end level and level 3
  • Slightly increased the cost of some minor modules
  • Slightly increased the attack power of bomber module
  • Fixed projectiles trajectory in case of low frame-rate

IMPORTANT: if you seem to have an issue after the update, please, verify your game files: right click on the game in your Steam Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game cache.
Community Announcements - S.
Hello everyone,

The GAMES2GETHER is back, with two exciting votes for Dungeon of the Endless. Please log into your Amplitude account and redeem the Steam CD keys provided with your copy of Endless Space or DotE. Then, check out the official GAMES2GETHER page and vote for your favourite feature.

Please, note that all these proposals will eventually be worked on. We are just asking you what you think deserves to be added first. VOTE HERE.

  • Tactical Map
  • Advanced Events: discuss here
  • Offline Persistence

  • Steam Play: Mac & Linux
  • Gamepad support
  • Multiplayer: discuss here

The votes will end on January 8th, 2014. We are welcoming suggestions for Advanced Events and the Multiplayer.

Thanks to the GAMES2GETHER, we would like to include you in the development our our games. We have had a very fun experience with you all, in the past year with Endless Space, and would like to reiterate that with Dungeon of the Endless. We launched the Alpha, through the Steam Early Access system a week ago and have already received some really interesting suggestions and feedback.

As promised, we will work with you to make DotE your dream dungeon survival game. So, if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to participate on our forums or the Steam Discussions.

Thank you!
Dec 12, 2013
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
[0.1.1] Release notes

  • Fixed the crystal texture
  • Fixed Sara’s animations
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to launch the game from the main menu if the Steam username contains special characters
  • Changed the codec used for Amplitude’s logo movie
  • Fixed game stats: kill count, door opened, level/total time
  • Changed score computation: 10 points per opened door + 1 point per killed mob

Please visit the Steam Discussions for your questions and feedback on Dungeon of the Endless. Thank you.
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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Playable content
  • Form a team of heroes, equip them, and train them - 7 heroes are available
  • Build defences in your dungeon - Ten modules (attack, defence, production) are available at the moment
  • Random generation - Each dungeon is different and you have to manage your environment to survive
  • 46 items available
  • 7 monsters with different behaviours
  • Carry your crystal to the exit
  • Save & Quit system

Missing content (Beta and release)
  • Active and passive skills for your heroes
  • Technology Tree that will allow you to upgrade your modules with science
  • Meta progression and different game starts (heroes, ship, modules, skills etc.)
  • 30 heroes include the sevens of the Alpha
  • New monsters
  • New environments (Endless laboratory, different biomes etc.)
  • New modules
  • New items
  • Develop background and stories of each heroes
  • Tactical view
  • And much more to come!

Known issues
  • When you reload a save, some of your powered rooms might be unpowered when you continue your game

Game balancing is still work in progress, so let us know what you think!