Nov 26, 2013
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Typing of the Dead: Overkill Patch 1.1 notes

- Co-op online multiplayer added to TOTD and HOTD modes;

- various technical bugs fixed to help with overall game stability;

- Command Line Options enabled.
Command line options can be set in ‘Launch Options’ in the properties of the game in the Steam Library.

They may find help fix or work around technical issues experienced. However, please note that all command line options are unsupported developer features.


- Force running fullscreen / windowed.


- Resets graphics settings to default (720p, fullscreen, AA off).


• Reduces GPU cost, which will allow some sub minimum spec systems to play;
• Allows resolution of 3D scene to increase beyond 720p;
• Forces windowed mode (as post processing is required to render correctly in full screen);


For stability, frame rate is limited to 60 FPS in single-player and 30 FPS in multi-player in patch 1.1. If you are not experiencing any problems at higher frame rates, you may wish to disable this limit.

Black screen/game does not launch troubleshooting

- Please enable safemode command described above and make sure to delete config file that can be found there: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Typing of the Dead Overkill.

Folder View settings available in Folder Options might need to be changed first to show hidden files and folders. AppData folder is hidden by default.

De-synchronisation warning

- There is warning icon displayed in lower part of screen every time de-synchronisation level exceeds safe limit. FPS lock is the best way to avoid this issue.
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