Sep 4, 2010
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Looking to play The Ship but don't know where to find players?

Look no further than <a href="">The Ship is ALIVE</a>.

Keep The Ship alive and join this group.
Nov 27, 2008
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Avatars have been added to the group page including one for each of the World Leaders.
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We have released an update which fixes the Quarry Update issues you've all been asking us to fix.

Quarry updates are now back to the old system in normal game modes by default.

You can also now use some server options to set up things as you wish.

Look out for a couple of other cool fixes too.

Head over to theshiponline or the Steam forums to find out more.

Enjoy! :O)
Oct 24, 2008
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The Ship Complete Pack is only $4.99 this weekend only!
Community Announcements - OL
Today, on the 24th of October 2008, The Ship has been updated with a patch containing new content, code and gameplay updates! The is is the first patch we've done for a while but we think you're going to like it!

We have created a new set of characters: the World leaders, including some of the most well known political figures who have or still do strut their stuff on the world stage... To play using these new characters you'll need to download the World Leader patch first. This is free of charge to everyone who already owns the game and will happen automatically when you try to launch the game from Steam. If you're new to The Ship, there's a special offer purchase price for the weekend, ending on Sunday. Look on Steam to find out more. If you don't already have Steam installed, visit to find out more about Steam.

Once you've launched the game, select one of the World Leader game modes to play with the new character set. We've also created a brand new Ship: Krassin, the icebreaker. It's a luxurious but frosty place to play at murder...

All new players of the Ship: if you purchase this weekend and experience any problems, please visit our forum where we have an excellent troubleshooting FAQ which should solve any issues, should you experience any! You can also find the game manual and other tips on gameplay on this site.

Happy sailing!