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Takedown: Red Sabre is Now Available on Steam

TAKEDOWN is a thinking-person’s shooter. The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing. Close-quarters battle brings the fight inside, as you would see SWAT teams or SOF units taking down small numbers of dangerous adversaries. Non-linear environments allow for multiple routes and tactics and add replayability.

Community Announcements - Stadler
Well the time has finally come for the launch of TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre. To celebrate, we’re kicking off with a TAKEDOWN Launch Party Stream. Join us on our twitch channel this Friday, September 20th at 6:00PM EST (GMT-5) for gameplay and discussion.

In addition to hosting a stream, we’ll also be hosting a giveaway raffle via our social media accounts! To enter into the raffle, tweet at @takedownthegame or post on the Facebook Page what you’re most excited about in #TAKEDOWN for your chance to win some of our prizes. Huge thanks to 505 for providing the prizes.

- PAYDAY 2 Steam (PC) Codes (delivered via pm)
- Exclusive TAKEDOWN Tactical Vest (delivered by mail)

We’ll be selecting our winners via Twitter and Facebook

Don’t forget to Pre-order TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre via Steam (PC) to obtain exclusive access to the Killhouse Unlock

Community Announcements - 505 Games

505 Games and Serellan today announced the Steam pre-order program for TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre which will be released this September for $14.99

The pre-order features the "Red Sabre Deadly Killhouse" unlock which gives players access to the highly challenging, single-player Tango Hunt map designed by Christian Allen, the TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre's designer and head of Serellan. This map will prep players for MP mode by allowing them to test and refine their load out combinations while perfecting lethal search and destroy skills.

Pre-order details here:

The game, which has been rated "M" by the ESRB, will also be available on the Xbox Live® online entertainment network for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system for $14.99.

TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre is a deadly tactical shooter that is perfect for the player who chooses to engage in deliberate and methodical gameplay as opposed to gamers who want to run in with guns blazing. Gamers experience lethal, close-quarters battles as a member of the elite Red Sabre team and each scenario is designed to emulate the tactics employed by SWAT teams and SOF units in taking down small numbers of dangerous adversaries. Non-linear environments allow for multiple routes, tactics and added replayability. TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre is in development by Serellan, a team of veteran developers who have worked on acclaimed titles in the Ghost Recon, Halo, SOCOM, SWAT and F.E.A.R. franchises. The team is led by Christian Allen, the former creative director of the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise.

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