Jul 13, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Fixed an issue preventing ships from spawning
  • Reduced size of the moon asset (not final)
  • Tweaked solar system ranges a little

All old Galaxies will need to be deleted, the bug that is saved in their data will not be corrected.
Jul 12, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Added colliders to asteroids (moon still missing)
  • Increased planetary spacing
  • Reduced amount of durability provided by armor plates
  • Resolved durability multiplication on save of ship files.
  • Increased NPC activities - You should see them a bit more often, this is still not final.
Jul 11, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Reset ship orientation has been removed as unnecessary.
  • Fixed a bug with names of faction ship folders.
  • Fixed some bugs with ship destruction, flying through a planet should reliably result in your death.
  • This patch introduces a simplified collision detection system. All ships have a single collider and damage is spread randomly to modules on the target. This implementation is not final. In the future, ships will behave this way when their shields are up (with incoming damage greatly mitigated), and per-module collision will be active if the shields fail. In the meantime, this change should result in noticeably improved performance for many players.
  • The stats display in the shipyard will now update every time a subsystem is placed in, or taken out of, a module.
  • The att_durability subsystem attribute (present on armor subsystems) will now properly increase the health of the module it is placed in. It displays the sum of the health of all modules in the ship.
  • The Durability display on the shipyard stats display is now functional.
  • All Stock ships have been updated to reflect the changes to durability, they have also been configured with the proper subsystems as will be intended once all of the features are online. These can be used as examples of how to design your own ships.
  • Fixed a bug with the floating origin that would cause AI ships to travel to empty space instead of a meaningful destination.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from adding subsystems to a ship that has been loaded in the Shipyard
  • Previously, holding shift in the shipyard would allow for the slower zoom speed, with the fast speed being the default. According to user feedback, this has been switched. Slow speed is default, hold shift to zoom more quickly.
  • Asteroid generation and rendering have been changed. Newly generated galaxies should have much more visible asteroids.
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Jun 21, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Performance should be a bit better at the shipyard for low-performance machines. We’ll be working on improving it and giving you different video settings soon.
  • Fixed issues with ship colors not being applied properly.
  • Improved the camera lens effect.
  • Small tweaks on the shipyard lighting settings.
  • AI ships will now fight each other if they encounter a ship from a hostile faction.
  • AI ships can now spawn in squadrons.
  • Fixed a typo in the Shipyard that caused ships classified as Light Fighters to be shown as Fighters.
Jun 14, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Cursor set to Force software mode when switching to the aiming reticule.
  • Shipyard revamped with new model, texture and effects.
  • Fixed ship materials - they should look cleaner now.
  • Ship components should remain if a part is destroyed but they still have a connection to the ship.
  • Turret AI has been improved to better detect when it is pointing at its own ship.
  • Fixed guns will now work properly
  • Added texture and updated mesh for SpikeFin01
  • Added textures for t5_bridge_01
  • Added different effects maps for T1-T3 hull pieces, they should no longer have windows.
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
There’s a Design a Ship Contest going on in the community right now! Make something in the Shipyard and share it in the screenshot section on steam with the ship size classification and “contest” in its description. You win the chance to get your design turned into an official illustration that will appear on a Steam Trading Card! Post as many designs as you want, a winner will be chosen for each ship classification within the game. This contest will end on June 24th.
More information can be found in the post made on the Steam Forum here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/227160/discussions/0/864969953726393200/
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Fixed issue with tool tips
  • Fixed issue with the weapon manager opening while naming a ship
Jun 6, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Added textured for Station_01, Storage_01, the entire docking_01 group, the entire docking_03 group, and docking_02
  • Fixed mesh for Housing01
  • Change mesh for T5_bridge_01
  • Adjusted a bunch of UVs for station modules
  • The weapon manager is now available in the shipyard. It can be toggled with the G key or by a new button under the left panel. Changes made there will be saved to the ship.
  • Turrets now default to the manual control and group 1 of the weapon groups.
  • The manual fire reticle will now be cleared if you return the shipyard while manual control is activated. Opening any of the menus in flight will deactivate manual fire mode.
May 31, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Applied new textures to some station parts.
  • Textures for BioDome_01, docking_02, GasPodS_01, Housing_01-
  • Housing_05, Ring_01, Ring_02, and Shipyard_01
  • Manual turret/Weapon control. After pressing X to toggle manual fire control (an aiming reticle should replace the default mouse), any weapons set to the
  • Manual fire group in the weapon manager will fire if left mouse is clicked. If the weapon is a turret, it will track with mouse movements. Press X again to disable (freeing you up to just target ships or whatever). If a turret is being manually controlled and the player is aiming outside of the turret’s arc, the turret will revert to its group target if available.
  • The graphics options should now only show resolutions supported by the user’s monitor.
  • Added RSS feed display to splash screen, fed from KV community announcements.
  • Turrets should now be much less likely to shoot the ship they are mounted on.
  • Optimized weapons fire for performance.
  • Corrected size of projectiles for each tier of weapon. (visual update coming soon)
  • Fixed a collision layer issue causing projectiles to collide when they shouldn’t