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<img src="" style="float:right;width:256px;height:256px;padding:0px 0px 10px 10px;" />On Wednesday evening, the winners of the <a href="">2011 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest</a> were <a href="">officially announced</a>. Among those winners was <a href="">Splice</a> placing best in the Puzzle Genre category. The announcement was made during the Video Games Live concert at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Representatives from four of the winning teams, including Cipher Prime Studios, were able to attend E3 and appeared on stage during VGL to receive their awards.

Demos of the games were made available to play before the show at the Intel Interactive Exhibit in the lobby of the Nokia Theatre. With the support of Valve, all winning game entries have been made available as demos free to download <a href="">on Steam</a>.

Splice is currently available for <a href="">pre-purchase</a> at a sale price of $8.99. Order today and you'll also receive the Splice Soundtrack free! Offers end when Splice becomes available for download on June 14.
Community Announcements - Cipher Prime Studios
Well, we’ve got some very cool news! Development of Splice is going swimmingly and we’re happy to say that we were featured in <a href="">Kotaku’s Indie Spotlight</a> yesterday!

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We put up a few screenshots of our latest build on <a href="">our games page</a> and there’s a new gameplay trailer available through the <a href="">Kotaku article</a>. (More media will come in the next few days.)

We can tell you that the game will feature almost a hundred strands (puzzles), many of which are dastardly difficult to solve! You’ll also be able to enjoy fourteen new Dain Saint joints that you’ll be humming all day. Splice is an incredibly immersive experience, and if you’re a puzzle person, we promise you frustration and sweet, sweet mental victories!

The game is going to be released on Steam for PC/Mac on <b>June 13</b>, and pre-orders (which will include Splice’s official soundtrack and a discount) will be available <b>June 6</b>!

Stay tuned for more Splice!