Oct 27, 2012
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
Just a reminder that today is the LAST FULL DAY of the free beta! We plan to be offline for most of the day tomorrow for the rollover and come back up with the official launch on Monday.

If you've already ordered your retail copy, no need to take any action -- we'll save your data and your account will be waiting when Steam throws the switch and the release version is live. If you're a free player, there's still some time left to snag the preorder at a discount and keep on playing after this weekend!

To everyone who helped us beta test, thanks for joining us for this wild ride. Thank you all for your invaluable feedback, your enthusiasm, and of course your patience and support with our occasionally turbulent debugging process. Enjoy the rest of the beta, and see you on the other side!
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
If you attempt to connect right now, you'll see propellers. Big update in progress, we'll be down for a few hours and back up later today!
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
Today we'll be rolling out beta version 0.17, the last of the beta patches before launch! This is a big update that makes everything a whole bunch better, plus introduces a new ship and a new gun!

We're also doing a complete account reset today, so everyone will be required to re-register with the new system and start out fresh. This will be the only wipe, so all of your progress from today forward will be carried through to launch.

Also, we're hurtling fast toward our launch date! For all the beta players who do not have the full copy of the game, Saturday will be the LAST OFFICIAL DAY of free beta. If you choose to purchase the game after launch, you will be able to keep the account you register after today's patch with any stats progress you make after today.

We'll be going down for several hours today as we roll out this update. When we're back up, here's what you'll get:

- Beta user data (loadouts, progression, etc) has been cleared. Any progress from this point forward, however, will carry past release.
- The store has been temporarily disabled (over the weekend); it will return post-release accepting real money.
- Key binding resets, so if you have custom key bindings, please take the time to rebind them!

- Added email registration on first login; this will eventually tie your game account to your forum account, and generally makes it easier for us to communicate with users efficiently.
- Player state is now more accurately recorded in Friends list (players in pre-match will be shown as such, map names are better reported)
- Added third-person “vanity” camera mode, activated using the ‘P’ key by default
- Credits screen
- Invite friend
- A popup indicating you unlocked an achievement or leveled up
- New medium gun, Manticore Heavy Hwacha: like mecha anime and shooting a billion rockets? Well, now you have it! Big AoE, decent shatter damage to harass components.
- New ship, the Spire: Tall and hulking. Turns quickly but slow forward speed. 3 small guns, 1 medium gun spread through the many levels of the ship. Will require lots of teamwork to take advantage of its firepower.
- You can now adjust the field of view from the options screen. The default remains at 70 degrees, but now may be increased to 90 degrees (or ~128% of normal) in support of player accessibility.
- More Music!
- New Female Gunner Costume ‘Lost Soldier’ added to the store!

- Fixed a bug where portions of pilot skill effects (Moonshine etc) did not cancel properly when the skill was released.
- Fixed various server performance problems
- Significantly increased server capacity
- Various character animation fixes
- Various AI crew fixes
- Video option changes reset if not confirmed (prevents invalid or buggy configurations from becoming permanent)
- Fixed voice chat echo
- Fixed players not returning to Lobby after matches sometimes
- Harpoon ropes draw to the correct hit location on the target ship

- UI improvements for engineering buffing system
- All the guns have been renamed, with a “nickname” as well as weapon weight and type. Important to note: the old Missile Sling is now a Rocket Launcher, and the old Rocket Launcher is now a Rocket Carousel. “Small” and “Medium” designations are now “Light” and “Heavy.”
- Slight tweaks to Mortar, Light (old Portable) Flak, and Rocket Carousel (old Rocket Launcher) in terms of recoil
- Fire Tarp is now the Extinguisher (Extinguisher will put out fires in one shot and apply a cooldown), old Extinguisher is now Chemical Spray (extinguish power of 3, applies a resistance to catching fire until destroyed)
- Heatsink debuffed ever so slightly
- Small boost to Field Gun (old Howitzer) piercing damage
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
We've been seeing an issue crop up today where some players are unable to redeem the additional copies in friend packs. Unfortunately, this is caused by Steam and we can't do much at this point except ask them to fix it, but if you're experiencing this we encourage you to file a support ticket with Steam.

In the meantime, you can head to the forums to request extra beta keys for any friends who are having trouble activating the game: http://gunsoficarus.com/community/forum/discussion/219/beta-key-requests
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
Patch today! We'll be down for a couple of hours while we perform the update to make extra sure that everything goes smoothly -- specifically, we have to do some special handling of player data to make sure all your stats and preferences come over. Sorry for the downtime, but we'll be back soon!

So without further ado, here are the release notes for v. 0.16!


- Gunner skills have all been changed to special ammunition that affects a whole clip at a time, and are switched by reloading the gun (please note that icons for some skills have not been updated and some skills have been removed).
- Test achievements are in! Each role has 6 categories of mission chains that contain an array of achievements. To view them, click on “Stats” button at the top left in the lobby and choose the tabs. Please note that these are only temporary and will be reset with the next patch, but persistence is coming soon.
- Each player now has a rank and a title for each role, which is determined by the number of achievements finished for the role. Your current rank will appear at the top right of the screen, and you can see other player’s ranks in the player popup (try clicking on player’s name in chat or lobby)!
- Join on your friends from our in-game friends list! (We’re working on making this functionality easier and more visible, but it is in and functional!)


- Fixed a bug that could cause ship parts to disappear on respawn
- Fixed a bug that could cause players to be associated with the wrong ship
- Fixed several server memory leaks (will improve general stability and uptime)
- Fixed several client bugs related to general object destruction (which could cause unspecified weird behavior over time)
- You can now join a match as a spectator mid-match!
- Join-on-friend functionality was fixed, stemming from a bug that would prevent you from accepting invites or joining friends if you were in-game.
- Fixed forward and turn speeds on ship, projected values were incorrect so each ship has been tweaked by hand (UI display is still incorrect)
-- Turn Speed (lowest to highest): Galleon, Junker, Pyramidion, Goldfish, 'Tower' (not released yet), Squid
-- Forward Speed (lowest to highest): Junker, 'Tower', Galleon, Pyramidion, Goldfish, Squid
- Last Howitzer tweak decreased its effective against armor, which is one of its primary roles. Howitzer is effective against armor again.


- Missile Sling AoE burst made smaller requiring more accurate shots to disable components but has faster muzzle speed now.
- Fire Tarp cooldown brought back down to 6s
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern

- Rejoin functionality. If you are dropped from a game, you have the ability to return to it from the main menu within a window of a few minutes.


- Rebuild times are no longer strictly proportional to part health: longer for guns and engines, shorter for balloons
- The captain of the ship can always take the helm back from another crewmember
- Junker and Squid health/armor rebalance. Total health and armor are relatively unchanged but their ratios have. Squid has less armor and more health to emphasize a support/hit-and-run play style. The Squid takes the same number of direct Medium Flak shots (5) before dying as before but you’re taking most of it to hull therefore you can’t repair it (you need to be careful). Junker has more armor and less health giving it the ability to tank... but not to the extent of a Galleon.
- Galleon maneuverability decreased a smidge to compensate for increase Flak effectiveness.
- Medium Flak has a slightly decreased muzzle speed and increased gravity.
- Minor Mortar tweaks to decrease its DPS (reload time and rate of fire).

- Custom Games no longer exist in their original incarnation.
-- All games are listed in the Match List, which is a new button replacing the “Custom Game” button
-- Running games are now listed in the Match List, allowing for more granular selection of mid-match game


- Fixed a problem with projectile networking that would cause shells to remain invisible for up to half a second after they were fired
- Fixed a number of effects leaks that would cause performance to degrade over the course of a match
- Fixed a timing bug that would occasionally cause the server to never send some changes to some clients.

Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
The Thunderdunes highlight reel is up! Big thanks to CA Keyvias for putting it together!

Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCc8xJioNnQ
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
Version 0.14 is live today! Some bug fixes, matchmaking flow improvements, and one big change this round:

- The "Pilot" class is back! The Captain is now the ship owner (the player in the first crew slot) and can be any class (Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer).
- Quick access to class and ship loadout and avatar customization via buttons in the header
- Mid-match join is in
- Removed the crew formation step before quick matches
- Fixed ready state display in lobby
- Fixed reload spring exploit
- Fixed bug that caused players to be kicked off guns or the helm when another ship dies
Sep 26, 2012
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
We just pushed out a balance patch that adjusts the Howitzer and some helm skills. Here's a run-down of the changes:

1. Shatter damage type is now 20% effective on armor, and 10% on hull, reducing the Howitzer's ship-killing power by 60%-80%.

2. We switched the Howitzer's primary direct damage from burst to shatter and reduced its secondary burst damage from 60 piercing to 40. This keeps the damage concentrated on the component that was actually hit, and still makes it an effective ranged armor damage/harass/support weapon.

3. We added a balloon health damage penalty to Hydrogen and the Chute Vent to stop them being used for bunny hopping.
Community Announcements - [Muse] bluewyvern
Juggling boxes of GoIO swag, and with promises to bring back plenty of tea and jam, Eric, Howard, and Joe are off to London today for the Eurogamer Expo! We’ll be on the show floor from Thursday to Sunday at the Guns of Icarus Online table, with four game screens for visitors to try their hand at a few rounds of airship combat.

They’ll need something to shoot at, so it would be a big help if as many players as possible can join us during the daytime (London time) while we’re exhibiting and give us a good show. Look for game events on the Steam group during peak times, and come play!

And of course, if you’re attending the Expo, be sure to swing by our booth and say hello!