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Jul 10, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Defense Grid update
- NEW: Support for Touchscreen enabled PC’s, Tablets and Ultrabooks - developed in partnership with Intel
New UI interface and icons for touch devices (tower selection bar, fast forward, system menu, etc.)
Automatic switching between different input devices on the fly (mouse / keyboard, controller, touch)
Multi-touch smooth zooming in and out without preset height levels
Drag or tap and place to place towers
New Interface setting for auto detect / touch disabled / touch only options

- FIRST WEEKLY GAME UPDATE OF FIVE: To celebrate the new Defense Grid 2 kickstarter we’ll be updating the game with new content over the next five weeks. This week, we’ve made the following updates to the original Defense Grid:
NEW: Contests button on Main Menu. You can win great prizes from AMD and Razer including Radeon HD 6770 video cards this week. We’ll have weekly giveaways for players who play different maps and modes of the game, new mini-games, and much more.
The new DG2 Kickstarter button on the main menu gives you more info on the DG2 Kickstarter event and takes you directly to the kickstarter page
PC Gamer

Add Defense Grid: the Awakening developers Hidden Path to the pile of game creators diving into the scrum for a piece of the Kickstarter pie. They're looking to raise a full million as a stretch goal, but have milestones at every quarter-mil that will allow them to deliver at least part of the DG2 experience. They've also partnered with AMD to give away up to 565 Radeon HD graphics cards to contributors above the $225 line, which is certainly a unique incentive for PC gamers.

At the $250 level, there are 265 HD 6770s available, which are going for about $125 on newegg at the moment. Bump up to the $325 tier, and you could own one of 300 HD 6870s, which are about $180 on their own. Other reward tiers include Razer Naga Hex gaming mice, and the usual t-shirts and unique physical editions we've come to expect.

This particular fundraiser is tiered. If it can raise $250,000, Hidden Path will release a new, 8 level expansion for Defense Grid: The Awakening. At $500,000, they build a new engine, remaster all of the old levels in it, and add multiplayer support. $750,000 will get us a level editor, release on more platforms (Mac, Linux, etc.), and some more multiplayer features. $1 million is the final goal, allowing the development of a full sequel with a new campaign, new aliens, and new towers.

There are still 34 days left to back this one, but some of the tiers have limited quantity "early bird" bonuses, that get you more stuff for less money. So if you want the best value, you may want to back sooner rather than later.
PC Gamer
Steam potato sack sale

Come with me, back into the distant past. Don't mind that wibbly blurry effect and that "WooOOoOOooOO" noise, that's just what happens when you go back in time. We're almost there. All you have to do is click this link and make the transition to April 4 2011!

I've always wanted to say that. If you just took the trip, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You'll also have a good idea as to whether or not you'd like to purchase the games going in the return of the potato sack sale on Steam.
Shacknews - Steve Watts

The Indie Royale just keeps on rolling, and now an "April Fools" bundle has launched. As usual, it packs five indie gems together on the cheap, with a musical bonus for paying a little more than the minimum. Of course, given that it's themed after a holiday of deceit, you might open up your bundle only to get a pie in the face.

This particular pack grants you the tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening, 2D platformer Explodemon, shooters Alien Zombie Megadeath and Astro Tripper, and dungeon crawler Hack, Slash, Loot. Defense Grid also packs in the Resurgence Map Packs 1-4.

If you pay more than the minimum, currently standing at around $4.50, you'll also get chip-tune album Rock: Deluxe Edition from Sexy Synthesizer. The bundle will last about another five days, after which you'll never be able to buy an Indie Royale Bundle again as long as you live. Or for three weeks, when the Spring Bundle launches. Whichever comes first.

Product Update - Valve
- Added a “Rank” column back to the Mission Selection screen. The Score and Rank column will toggle between each other every 5 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with the UI selection sound effect playing multiple times simultaneously.
- Added more variety for a number of the AI’s random interjections regarding power cores, aliens, and a few other situtations.
- Added the ability to turn vsync on/off by going to Help & Options > Settings > Video. Default is On.
- Added a console application to update the medal’s in a user’s profile from that user’s entries on the leaderboards.
1. From the Main Menu, click on the Console button.
2. When prompted to login, type “guest” (without quotes) and press enter.
3. At the command prompt, type “medals_from_leaderboards” (without quotes) and press enter.
4. Follow the instructions printed on the screen.
5. Let the app run for a few moments.
6. When it’s done, you can exit the Console by pressing the “Back” button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Play more Defense Grid!
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Supreme Strategist can now be earned.
- Fixed Temporal Tower modifications from the Command Decision map will no longer carry over to other maps.
Product Release - Valve
You Monster!, new content for Defense Grid: The Awakening, is now available on Steam.

Defense Grid: The Awakening and a bundle including Defense Grid: The Awakening and all 5 of the DLC are 50% off until December 14th, 2011 at 10AM Pacific Time.

In this first full-story expansion to the award-winning Defense Grid, GLaDOS, the menacing AI from Valve’s awesome Portal franchise, guest stars and shakes up the Defense Grid world. Players will battle not only alien hordes, but the deviousness of GLaDOS as she tests the player’s skills and changes all of the rules that you have come to know. Can you protect the cores in spite of her intrusive testing?

Product Update - Valve
New free Defense Grid Community Challenge Update released:

- Mission Selection UI has been simplified, you can now see all medals for all modes at a glance
- New Fully Loaded game mode added: All towers and all upgrades are available (suggested by community member Salmusco)
- New Frozen Core game mode added: Cores do not float back to the housing
- New Shredder game mode added: The aliens keep coming. And you don’t earn interest.
- New Balanced Build game mode added: You need to build one of each tower type before you can build a second of the same type
- 32 new missions added with leaderboards
- Fully Loaded missions added to all early levels up to and including Center of Power (except for Out of Fuel)
- Frozen Core missions added to Ancient Research, Long Descent, Out of Fuel, Guardian’s Fall, Crossed Signals, Waste Disposal, and Last Stand
- Shredder missions added to Ancient Research, Flight Plan, Cold Storage, Guardian’s Fall, Center of Power, Standing Order, Crossed Signals, Turnabout, and Lockdown
- Balanced Build missions added to Cold Storage, Standing Order and Lockdown
- Out of Bullets missions added to Turnabout and Lockdown
- Fix: voice over volume control affects more audio lines than before
- Prepared for more content ahead
- Fix: Top of the Class achievement now able to be earned and description changed to reflect the new level names and requirements
- Fix: Few and Proud achievement clarify requirements needed
- Fix: Splash screens are skippable again
- Fix: Borderlands levels Entanglement and Infiltration let you build towers again
- Fix: No more purple textures when playing You Monster level in a low-res graphics level
PC Gamer

Glados has escaped the confines of the Aperture Science testing facility, and has decided to spend a bit of time tormenting tower defence gamers instead. You Monster, the new expansion for Defense Grid, will add eight new maps and 35 challange missions, in which Glados will challenge you to hold back another alien invasion, noting your progress all the while and designing new tests for you to complete. The DLC is set to come out on Steam on December 7. Check out the Defense Grid site for more info.