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<a href="">MarkeeDragon</a> just posted his 30 minute interview with John "RammJaeger" Gibson from PAX 2010. For some of the best footage to date be sure to make your way over <a href="">HERE</a> and watch it!
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Red Orchestra: Ostfront is on sale for 75% off the normal retail price for the next 22 hours. If you have a friend who you have been trying to convince to join you on the eastern front, now is the time to give him the gift of game!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
For the remainder of the Summer Sale, all Tripwire Interactive titles can be had for 50% the normal retail price. Be sure to pick up anything you need from <A HREF="">HERE</A>.

This includes the Killing Floor DLC packages.
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John Callaham of Big Download recently had a chance to talk to our very own John and Alan about Heroes of Stalingrad. You can find out what he learned <A HREF="">HERE</A>.

Remember, don't forget to join the official game group for Heroes as well!
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The Darkest Hour team and Tripwire Interactive are happy to bring you the latest installment for their mod for Red Orchestra. The latest release of Darkest Hour: Europe 44-45 brings new features, 2 new vehicles and 6 new maps, to update the most popular Red Orchestra mod.

The most exciting new feature is one that the Red Orchestra fans have been asking for, for quite a while: mantling. The Darkest Hour team is proud to bring you a full implementation of mantling, working in all the DH maps. For all those RO fans who have yet to try Darkest Hour - this could be the time!

The new vehicles are the American M36 Jackson "Slugger" and the German Panzer III Ausf. N. For these to roam around on, there are also 6 new maps from Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge:

* Dog Green Beech on D-Day (a condensed re-release of the old Beta map)
* Freyneux and LaMormenil
* Hurtgenwald (back by popular demand)
* La Chapelle
* La Monderie
* Noville

On top of that, there is a HUGE change-list, with pages of other new and updated features and bug-fixes. As always, this Darkest Hour update is completely free to anyone who owns a copy of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.

DH will auto-update via Steam if you already have it installed - or you can install it for free from <a href="">Steam</a>.

For the full details of all the additions, updates, changes and bug-fixes, head for the Darkest Hour forums on the website: <a href=""></a> . It has been a long time coming - but it has been well worth the wait!
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A group of guys is hopping on the Old Glory 50 Player US server right now and filling it up. Join now for some low ping US 50 player fun:
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If you are interested in joining the ROHOS official game group (which you should be), check it out here:

<a href=""> ROHOS Official Game Group </a>
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Tripwire Interactive are pleased to announce the development of the Rising Storm expansion for Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad. Rising Storm will cover the famous island-hopping campaigns in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945 as the US Army and Marine Corps fight it out with the Imperial Japanese Army and Special Naval Landing Forces. Featuring some of the most brutal fighting in the Pacific theater, players will be able to experience beach assaults, jungle fighting, close quarters cave fighting and more across Corregidor, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and many other historic locations. The player will be able to take the part of either side – American or Japanese – playing through the Campaign Mode alone or with friends, or battle it out online in full player versus player multi-player.

Rising Storm will be created in a first-of-its-kind collaboration between a mod team and a professional game development studio. The Rising Storm team will be made up of the best developers from the Red Orchestra modding community and the mod community at large. This “All-Star” mod team will be will be sponsored by Tripwire Interactive, with the potential to earn real money for their work. “We’re very excited about this new concept in game development,” said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive. “We’ve always been impressed with the quality of work coming out of the mod teams for our games. We decided that we wanted to try this experiment where we would work closely with a mod team, give them early access to the development tools, and give them an opportunity to make some real money from their work. As the lines between developers and modders blur, we feel this type of synergy could be a great thing for the games industry.”

The Rising Storm team is recruiting now for more developers, preferably with suitable skills in UE3. For more information on the opportunity for developers, visit the website at: <a href=""></a>. You can be part of the team that brings Red Orchestra’s tactical FPS gameplay to the Pacific – AND earn some money while doing it.
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With the release of Steam for Mac just days away, Tripwire Interactive has found itself in need of more mac testers for Killing Floor and Red Orchestra: Ostfront.

Duties will include playing both these titles in both single player and multi-player environment and attempting to use every feature, setting and menu in the game to its full extent. Users will then use the bug tracking system Mantis to report on problems and forum software to provide other feedback.

Now the not so fun part. The requirements, both our own, and that of Valve for using Steam for Mac:

Applicants must be 18 years of age and willing to sign any paperwork, including NDAs that TWI or its representatives ask for. In signing an NDA or any other paperwork applicants agree to be legally bound by the terms of those documents.

Steam for Mac requirements: Applicants must have Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and an Intel CPU. Sorry but PowerPC CPUs are not supported.

Owning Red Orchestra: Ostfront or Killing Floor is a plus.

Those of you who meet these requirements may send me a PM on the Tripwire Interactive forums with the following details:

Name: (Full name)
Online handle:
Address: (Full address)
Hardware: (processor, graphics card, ram, OS X version. Apple menu, about this mac, more info)
Tripwire Games you own:
Testing Experience:
SteamID: (Locate your steam directory on your hard drive, usually C:\Program Files\Steam -- find steam.log file and open it with notepad. Look for lines such as: Found existing connection 9, for 0:0:8888. The last few numbers is your steam id, ie: 0:0:8888)
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Today, April 1st 2010, Tripwire Interactive are happy to announce the release date for ROHOS. Please follow the link to the Tripwire Interactive forums for more information:

<a href=""> Tripwire Forums </a>