21 sept. 2017
The Journey Down: Chapter One - kingstone426


The moment has come at last! The third and final chapter of The Journey Down is here!


From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support. Without you guys, JD3 may never have seen the light of day, and being able to wrap up the trilogy means extremely much to us both on a business and a personal level. Our lives have pretty much revolved around the TJD franchise the past seven years. Wrapping this up is A BIG DEAL. 😀

Sketch from 2006 (!) TJD has been with us for quite a while!

Needless to say, we’re going to need all the help we can get spreading this game. If there’s any way you could consider helping spreading the trailer for JD3 that would be extremely appreciated. Be it on facebook, twitter or you know simply showing it to your friends on a good ol’ CRT montior. :) Anything goes!

If you’re not a position where you can play immediately, say maybe you’re busy out working selling leather jackets or something and you haven’t got the time to play right now, you can always soak up some of the ambiance in this youtube video, featuring one of the more prominent tracks of the JD3 OST:


We’re stoked to hear your thoughts on the game! Please flood us with comments once you’ve made it through! Preferably right here on the steam forums!

THANK YOU! Sincerely,

Theo, Henrik, Mathias.

27 juil. 2017
The Journey Down: Chapter One - kingstone426

Hey everyone! Hope y'all are having an excellent summer. :D Here's a video update from the dark mysterious forests of Värmland:

In other words, we've got a new and improved release date, September 21! As always, please drop a line in the comments if you got any thoughts or questions. Always happy to hear from you.

Lots of love from the Skygoblin team!

PS we made berry jam! There are tons of blueberries here. :D


The Journey Down: Chapter One - kingstone426
Hey everyone, just quick update from the Skygoblins (+ Arvid the intern) in snowy Sweden!

Today we finally got the store page for The Journey Down: Chapter Three up and running. We'll be posting screenshots, trailers, news etc there as we get closer to release. You can also add TJD3 to your Wishlist now if you want to be reminded when the game is out.


And if you haven't seen it already, here's a little video update featuring some of the amazing voice talents for TJD3:


Here's a sneak peek of TJD3:

Community Announcements - kingstone426
Hey everyone! Here's the latest video update from SkyGoblin:


We try to be as open as we can and show you all what we're working on. Do you want to see more of our daily work? Do you like the new gameplay footage? Do you think we're catering too much to console peasents? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. :)


Community Announcements - theowaern
At 133% we've got two hours to go on the kickstarter for TJD3! Now's the last chance to back. :)

Check it out here.
11 oct. 2015
Community Announcements - theowaern
Hey guys!

At 88% our campaign for "The Journey Down" has just scored its 900th backer! In our most recent update video, we talk about our first stretch goal, and show some footage from our goofy trip to Germany. :D

Please help share our campaign and push it as far as possible. We've got some really exiting stretch-goals waiting to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks Everyone! :)

Community Announcements - theowaern
Hey guys! Our Kickstarter campaign for the third and final chapter of The Journey Down is now up and running and doing great!

In a matter of days we've already passed the halfway mark! :D

Please take a moment and check out the campaign, it features quite a lot of new footage from Chapter Three. :)


Community Announcements - theowaern
Hey y'all!

We're preparing a Kickstarter campaign to finance the last stretch of production for The Journey Down - and we need some help to get the word out on launch day (1 October)!

As indie developers we don't have money for advertising and such. We rely on our backers and fans to help us spread the word, so if you want to donate a tweet or share, you can very effortlessly do so via Thunderclap. (you won't need to sign up or anything!) :D

Let's make some noise!

Huge Thanks and sorry for the spam.
Community Announcements - theowaern
Hey guys!

Just dropping a line here to say that production of Chapter Three of The Journey Down (the final chapter!) is well under way and that we'll be launching a kickstarter in October in order to fund the remaining development. If you're curious and want to check out some pics from the game, please head over to The development blog

There's also a spankin' new video interview about our current state available here:
TJD3 Video Interview

Thanks guys! TJD3 will not disappoint. :)

Your feedback is welcome! :D
Community Announcements - theowaern
Chapter Two of The Journey Down has won Best Music 2014 at the annual Aggies awards over on Adventuregamers. Go Simon, your music lives on! :D

TJD2 was also nominated for best traditional adventure game of the year, which is something that makes us very proud, considering how very, very awesome 2014 has been for point and click adventures. Check out the full list of awards and nominess here.

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