Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
ACE Team is happy to present our first Zeno Clash 2 gameplay trailer! Just click on the following link to view the video:

We've also just fully updated the Zeno Clash 2 website. You can check for more stuff and info at:

We hope you like what you see!
Community Announcements - [ACE] abordeu
What we all have been waiting for: A collectible Zeno Clash figurine!

The good guys at ShouldBee have created a beautiful 6" Premium Collectors Series Figurine that is crafted from high quality resin and features a detachable weapon and base.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these limited-edition figurines visit their web site here:

If you also want to learn how they developed Golem from initial game art to finished figurine check out this link:
Community Announcements - [ACE] abordeu
Rock of Ages (ACE Team's second title) is now free to play in multiplayer until Sunday at 1PM Pacific time! If you or your friends haven't given Rock of Ages a go, this is your chance to see why this game is so fun to play in multiplayer.

In addition to this awesome promotion and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween Holiday we've released a cool new Ghost Boulder avatar! Check it out! The cloth physics look great on the spinning rock.

And finally; don't forget that as long as this promotion is running the game is 75% off!
Community Announcements - [ACE] moresebastian
Winning can be THIS easy:

Simply JOIN in the <a href=>Zeno Clash 2 Official Game Group</a> and you are automatically entered for a chance to win a Steam Key of either Rock of Ages or Zeno Clash !!

If you get selected, we will send you a message for you to choose which game you want and upon reply you will receive the appropriate Steam Key

Now go on and tell your friends to join the Zeno Clash 2 official game group so they can win too !!

Community Announcements - [ACE] abordeu
We are totally thrilled at ACE Team to be sharing the first look of our most ambitious project yet: Zeno Clash 2. We hope everyone enjoys this glimpse into our fantastic world. Check out the teaser trailer and screenshots at:

Enjoy! :)
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
You can watch a live demo of ACE Team's (creators of Zeno Clash) upcoming game 'Rock of Ages' in the following address:

(It is starting right now)
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
Zeno Clash has been chosen as the number 65th PC game of ALL TIME by <a href=>PC Gamer</a> magazine!!! (Top 100 games ever)
We're so surprised and proud at ACE. :D

February 2011 - page number 62
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
<a href=>PC Gamer</a> has chosen Zeno Clash as their Indie Game of 2009! The award appears in their March 2010 edition, at pages #66-67

This is easily one of the biggest awards Zeno Clash has ever received. Being chosen as IGOTY by such an influential and mainstream publication is pretty significant for everyone at ACE. A very big thanks to the whole PC Gamer staff for choosing our title!
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
Zeno Clash has just been nominated as one of the 5 finalists for 'best debut' in the Tenth Annual Game Developer Choice Awards!

For us this is like the "Oscars" of the industry, so we are very happy to be nominated. Some great games in the list. Torchlight is good competition. Fingers crossed for March!

<a href=>Game Developer Choice Awards</a>

<a href=>Finalists Announcement</a>
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
Mod DB is nominating the Indie Games of the year. You can help Zeno Clash by voting for it in the following link:

<a href=>Zeno Clash at Mod DB</a>

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