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Depending on who you talk to, LA Noire was either a compelling masterpiece or a grand folly. One thing’s for sure, though; its creator Brendan McNamara had an ambitious idea for a game and followed it through.

His next game seems to be taking a similar retro-tact to LA Noire. According to Kotaku, it’s “one of the great untold stories of the 20th century.” Oh yeah, it’s also called Whore of the Orient - but we’re not sure how long that name will stick before a concerned parent makes them change it to “Chinese Detective Story”.

As Kotaku points out, Whore of the Orient is the nickname for Shanghai, which could lead to a lot of sexist jokes we’re not even going to begin to make. Its huge population and dodgy quarters make it comparable to LA Noire’s vision of 1940s Los Angeles.

Of course, Brendan McNamara’s Team Bondi studios were controversially shut down after the release of LA Noire, but it seems McNamara’s got a new chum in the form of Mad Max director George Miller, whose KMM Studios are backing Whore of the Orient. It’s also more than likely that LA Noire’s groundbreaking MotionScan facial animation will return - McNamara owns Depth Analysis, the company behind it.

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