Oct 21, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
  • fixed crash when loading a level name that can't be displayed by the font
Oct 4, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
  • Improved ingame speedrun timer
    • It's now accurate to realtime
    • When the lvl 1 button is pressed for the first time, the current time is saved to later calculate exact speedrun times (even if game was closed -> no pause)
    • Any% and 100% will be displayed in the Statistics
  • Fixed minimum resolution display and startup bug

To have a good overview about all the speedruns, you can upload yours here:

Good luck on getting some records ;)
Sep 26, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
Yes, the rumors are true...
Find You is now moddable.
Everyone asked for it, and now you got it.

Version 1.0.2
  • You can override:
    • Textures
    • Sounds
    • Music
    • Cursors
Creating a mod is really easy, just unzip this file:
and read the instructions inside the readme.txt

Have Fun :D
Sep 23, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
  • If you finish the game without leaving a level, it's considered a speedrun
    and is displayed as such in the Statistics above your time.
    Otherwise it says "no sequence".
Sep 23, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
  • Fixed game crashing on startup
  • Fixed fullscreen bug
  • Added a hint to level 11 that displays after some time after the key is collected (for players getting stuck)
Sep 21, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
Thanks to the support of some players, I could fix two bugs :D
Essentially I just needed to port my game to the newest Monogame version (3.6).
By the way, the game is programmed in C# if anyone is wondering.

  • Ported to Monogame version 3.6 which...
    • fixed a sound bug that was not nice to people
    • fixed game not closing bug
  • Reset sound volume (undid v1.0.1.5 sfx level change)
  • Fixed offline workshop crash

Feel free to report more bugs :)
Sep 8, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
  • Fixed achievement bug: Automatically unlocking both speedrun and surivor achievement after finishing game
  • Already collected collectibles are now visible
  • Fixed workshop bug, when subscribed to more than 50 items
Sep 6, 2017
Find You - bytinggames
Hey guys,
so first of all thank you so much for playing my game and building levels, I will play every one of them :)
It really is a blast for me that I can give you this experience, and even if the game is frustrating at times, it seems to be received well, which means so much to me. I would never have imagined my first game being such a success for me - honestly.

But wait, I have news:
Just a small update:
  • Editor
    • display warning on small camera region
    • added some tooltips for level settings when hovering over the property names
    • hints are invisble when testing first of all
    • boundary visible std: enabled
  • changed lvl 15, 26
  • fixed some workshop page refreshing bugs
  • small changes and fixes

Yes that's it, have fun :D

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