Five Elements - newstargamedev
The new game mode “Microcosmic Orbit” is based on a real-world Taos meditation of the same name. A set of energy points, enveloping the body, is called the Microcosmic Orbit.

Turning energy through the Orbit, a practitioner clears, transforms, and uses energy to strengthen inner organs as a protection from negative energies and for spiritual growth.

Rules of the new meditation mode:
  1. In the center of the game field there are five nodes representing the five inner organs:
    • Fire: heart
    • Water: kidney
    • Metal: lungs
    • Wood: liver
    • Earth: spleen
  2. Every two seconds, the energy of the five nodes decreases by one. If the energy level reaches zero in any organ or the energy type is not of the correct element, the life point decreases by one (the right bar, from 0 to 100). The vital goal is to keep energy levels as high as possible.
  3. Between the five nodes there will find a ‘Bagua’. If energy in the main organs reaches a surplus, it starts to spill into ‘Bagua’ which transforms into the pure experience of enlightenment.
  4. Around the five points, there are three circles of nodes:
    • The outer circle represents the aura of the energy body. It serves as a protective shell from the intrusion of negative energies from the outer world. If not cleared in time, they will infect the whole energy system.
    • The middle circle is the Microcosmic Orbit itself. Energy flows clockwise unless changed it manually.
    • The inner circle connects the Microcosmic Orbit to the five main organs.
  5. All spells are disabled during meditation. While meditating, use the main force: the power to manage energy flow.
When players reached level 20 the new game mode is unlocked. Additionally, experienced players gain access to a fully customizable game mode. You can set up a map size, enemies, elements, spells, meditation time, and other parameters.

To help you reaching the end-game modes faster, all EXP you earn is increased by 50%!

Have a great game, Seekers of Enlightenment!
Apr 29, 2017
Five Elements - newstargamedev
To gently entice the new players into the exciting world of meditation, we changed a level progression scheme.

Now you start with only three energy types: Fire, Water and Wood.
After you mastered the control of these 3 elements, at level 5, the Earth element comes into play.

And at level 11, you will feel the true power of all Five Elements!

Tread lightly into the darkness of your mind!
Apr 20, 2017
Five Elements - newstargamedev
This is a small update:
  • A leaderboard has been added. Climb the ranks! Be the Enlightened number one!
  • A couple of bugs is fixed.

New game modes coming soon!
Thank you so much for being with us!
Apr 4, 2017
Five Elements - newstargamedev
  • An ability has been added to respect your character anytime.
  • Enemies spell casts is limited to 2 (of each spell).
  • 'Hatred's' lightning ability (every 20 seconds) is removed but the cast frequency and the power of the Storm of Lightning is increased.
  • A chance has been increased to encounter the enemy which is needed for an uncompleted achievement.
  • 'Wastefulness' is now able to cast ‘Growth’ spell and 'Anger' is not.
  • A scroll block is removed from the last trial.
  • A few bugs are fixed.
Enjoy the game!
Five Elements - newstargamedev
We have added a hint system to assist beginner players on the first levels.
Have a great playtime!

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